Wizard 276

Chapter 276 Alvin’s Sex Life as a Serious Adventurer

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 After winning the fighting tournament, Alvin’s surroundings changed considerably.

 First of all, when he went out on the town, he was approached by a lot of people of all ages regardless of gender.

 He was congratulated and asked to shake hands with people who had come to watch the tournament, people who knew him from before, and people from his favorite restaurant. He responds them generously, yet his attitude remains the same as before he won, so he is recognized as a humble person who is not proud of his achievements.

 Although the subject matter is a bit similar, the number of young women who approached him also increased significantly.

 And even Alvin has worn a fake ring, the residents of the city can easily tell that Alvin is only dating Milis and didn’t have a second wife. Therefore, the fake ring has no effect at all, and he is being asked out for tea, body-touching, and seduced with explicit s*xual gestures.

 Alvin, who has always been devoted to Milis, was never tempted, but it was true that he was quite exhausted during these three days.

 ”It’s has been three days, but I’m a little tired of being pestered so much……”

 In two days, they would leave the city and go to Este. Alvin thought that he would feel a little more relaxed after being out from the city for a while.

 As Alvin was lying on his bed in his room, pondering, there was a knocking sound at his door.

 ”Al-kun? Can I come in?”


 Alvin replied to Milis’s voice, and then the door opened and Milis came into the room.

 ”Excuse me~”


 ”Al-kun, what are you doing?”

 Milis approached Alvin, who was lying down with one hand raised. And because it was already late in the day, and Alvin had already had dinner and a bath, so all he wanted to do was sleep.

 Alvin had closed his eyes but when he heard Milis’ voice, he opened his eyes, turned his head and saw Milis coming into the room.

 ”……Why are you in a bathrobe?”

 It is a man’s nature that when he looks up from below, and saw the size of Milis’s breasts which was stand out even more, made his gaze naturally drawn to them. Perhaps she had just bathed, but her cheeks were flushed and her hair slightly wet, and Alvin couldn’t help but choke up.

 ”Uhm…… I came to attack my lover when he was still sleeping……”


 Alvin’s eyes blinked as Milis fumbled with her hands and muttered in embarrassment.

 ”Because Al-kun have been approached by a lot of women……. and I don’t want you to look away from me……”


 Alvin feels loved by Milis’s adorable jealousy. But Alvin has no idea that his girlfriend, who is very possessive and invites him to have s*x with her, is having an affair.

 On the contrary, he loved Milis even more for accepting the unusual habit of letting someone touch her body.

 ”Al-kun, can you do it……?”

 Milis sits on the bed and tilts her head. The fluffy scent of Milis is a nice scent, but Alvin’s expression is clouded by the fact that his p*nis is not responding well.

 It was a world of difference compared to the time Shinji had touched Milis’s body not too long ago and had gotten a nice erection.

 ”I’m sorry, could you wait a moment……?”

 Alvin’s body, which had gone off the rails once, wanted the excitement of letting Milis be touched again. It was the sweet poison of cuckolded that, once known, could never be forgotten.

 Although he already knew that Milis would accept what he wanted, Alvin was nervous and opened his mouth to ask Milis what her feelings were.

 ”…………Do you mind if I call Shinji again?”

 ”……Yes, I’m okay. But he’ll be able to touch my…… skin directly because of this outfit”

 Slender arms and shapely legs stretching from the bottom of the bathrobe. Alvin, who thought of Milis’s bare skin being touched, felt his p*nis harden.

 (Oh no…… I really shouldn’t do it. I have to stop doing this…… But why do I get so excited……?)

 Alvin’s face was distorted by negative emotions such as guilt and anguish. But he could not retract his statement.

 Because Alvin had jumped out of bed, walked past Milis and put his hand on the knob of his room door.

 ”I really…… love you”

 ”I know it…… Al-kun. I love you too ♡”

 As he walked out of the room, Alvin didn’t notice that Milis had a woman’s face on her face as she watched Alvin’s back.

 (My body can’t be satisfied without Shinji…… But I love Al-kun……♡ Even if Al-kun’s s*xuality has changed, my heart will never change……♡)

 When Shinji about to come.

 Milis, who is filled with anticipation, lies face down on Alvin’s bed and waits for them.

 And a few moments later, she heard footsteps.

 It was the sound of two people’s footsteps. Milis, who heard them, felt her heart pound and her vagina tingle with excitement.

 ”Suddenly, calling me…… Well, it’s fine”


 Shinji and Alvin come into the room. Shinji seems a little annoyed, but Alvin apologizes. It’s not like they had an appointment like before, so it’s understandable that Shinji was taken aback by the sudden call.

 Then after entering the room, Shinji found Milis lying on the bed in her bathrobe. Because of her outfit, Shinji reminded her that he would touch her skin directly, which was different from the last time.

 ”Are you sure you want to do this again?”


 Alvin nodded at Shinji’s words.

 ”That, please, Shinji-san…… ♡”

 ”All right”

 Milis, who was staring at Shinji’s reluctant acceptance, seemed to want a massage. Alvin immediately realized that the last massage must have felt good.

 (Don’t worry, it’s just a massage. ……If it turns out to be more than a……. massage, like in my dream…… dream, will……Mil accept it? I wonder if…… she will accept it)

 Alvin’s mind is filled with his dreams as he stares at Shinji and Milis in silence, but the thought of Shinji and Milis having s*x is enough to make his heart ache.

 Although, it hurts him, but…… he can’t help but be curious. Because if he got so excited with just a massage, would he get even more excited with that?

 (No. ……What if I end up regretting it?……It’s not a problem if only a massage…… But more than a massage is bad……)

 ”Haa~ ♡ ……Nnn, haa~…… ♡”

 Alvin fought against his evil curiosity as he stared at Milis, who was beginning to let out sweet breaths.

 Alvin has accepted the twisted s*xuality of him being cuckolded and he became masochist, and is steadily walking the path of depravity.


 This is the end of Alvin’s story.

 Part 7 has been full of changes, especially for Shinji and Alvin.

 It’s hard to find the right balance between adventure (battle) and s*x, cuckold and non-cuckold.

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Edited by Kanaa-senpai.

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