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C276.5 Main Character Introduction (The End of Part Seven)

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Shinji <Reliable Older Brother-like Cuckold Man>

The main character of this work. 19 years old.

He is a wizard who has a contract with Freri, the spirit of flowers.

He doesn’t want to fuck unless it’s cuckold.

He likes maid.

He likes Renka so much that he changed his original plan and made her his girlfriend.

Recently, he’s started to feel that he can get turned on by other things besides cuckolding, but cuckolding is still his favorite.

He got a lot of girls and a lot of s*x friends, so his p*nis is working at full capacity.

He was appointed (forced) to be an apostle of the goddess.

He developed function-granting magic. Now he can make even a succubus cry.

He announced his relationship with Renka.

He is the eldest son of the Valencia family, but he is no longer related to them.

He is searching for a way to travel to the other world to find the succubus couple who raised him from childhood.

He shares his secret with Renka. And after making a big mistake, he decides to change his mind and live as the son of succubus.

Alvin <Country boy Swordsman with a Serious Heart> → Alvin <Country Boy Swordsman who Awakened a Sexual Tendency toward Cuckolded>

The leader of <Running Wolves>. 16 years old.

He has short black hair and is armed with a two-handed sword.

He likes to wear light armor and is good at quick movements and bold attacks. He has a good-looking face.

His personality is rough in a good way. He cares for his girlfriend, Milis.

He likes to drink but he has never played with women or gambled.

He is Emily’s Apprentice.

He gave Milis an engagement ring.

He is happy to have rented the party house.

He realizes that he has feelings for Renka, but she is already in Shinji’s arms.

Although, he still had some regrets, but he is determined to do his best for the new happy future that Milis is talking about, where the four of them will be together as husband and wife.

Freri is showing him a lewd dream.

As a result, he is now excited by the sight of Milis being touched by Shinji.

Finally, he realizes that he has a propensity being cuckolded. So, he asks Milis to get a massage from Shinji.

He wins a fighting tournament and becomes a famous person.

Milis <Priestess of Pleasure>

Healer of <Running Wolves>. 16 years old.

She has beautiful blond hair that reaches to her waist and is armed with a staff. She is a priestess who wears a blue vestment. She has a pretty face.

Despite her short stature, she has large breasts and hips, and a body that is popular with men.

Her personality is calm and reserved. She relies on her boyfriend, Alvin. She adores Renka as if she were her sister.

As a result of being taught pleasure by Shinji’s s*x, she has developed a lewd crest.

She is Shinji’s convenient s*x friend.

She is so addicted to s*x that she actively does it behind Alvin’s back.

She loves to be fucked in the back by Shinji’s big cock.

Cheating on Shinji has become an immoral experience, and She can’t imagine her life without Shinji’s cock.

She is happy that Shinji and Renka’s relationship had become public and that they can now go on double dates.

She accepts her boyfriend Alvin’s tendency who like being cuckolded.

She also began to hope that the relationship between Alvin for her heart and Shinji for her body might become approved.

Renka <Shinji’s Girlfriend>

A scout and archer belonging to <Running Wolves>. 17 years old.

She has moderate red hair and uses a bow and dagger as weapons. A ranger in green robes.

Her face is very beautiful and well-balanced.

Her style is well-balanced. Her breasts are rather large.

She has a strong sense of responsibility and a competitive personality. She is a year older than Alvin and Milis, but she acts like an older sister and tries to protect them.

She seems to have feelings for Alvin as a member of the opposite s*x, and the fact that she can’t be honest with him and argues with him is a reflection of her feelings for him. Still, Alvin is completely unaware of this.


She is becoming addicted to s*x with Shinji.

She began to feel pleasure in serving him.

She loves to have s*x with Shinji in the face-to-face sitting position.

She becomes Shinji’s lovers.

She feels sorry about Milis’ affair, but she puts Shinji first and is an accomplice to the secret.

Shinji imprinted her to believe that it is natural for him to have a s*x friend, but she knows that she is the only one who is loved by him. In fact, Shinji may flirt with Renka, but not with Milis.

She is very happy to be living with Shinji.

She’s even happier to be able to make their relationship become public.

She learned all of Shinji’s secrets.

She and Shinji discussed how they should be as a couple and she reaffirmed her love for him.

Charlotte <The Future Innkeeper Lady who has Fallen>

The signboard girl of <Hidden Dragon Inn>

She has light brown hair. She has a pretty face and large breasts.

She has a boyfriend named Morse.

When Morse asks her to marry him, she accepts, but has no intention of ending her relationship with Shinji. She is so addicted to him.

She agreed to Shinji’s request to conceive his child.

She married Morse.

Currently pregnant with Shinji’s child.

Nanaka <Married Woman>

A former member of Shinji’s party.

Her purple hair is tied back in a ponytail.

Her breasts are small in size, but she has an attractive, plump lower body.

Her husband is Haruto. Her daughter is Hana.

Now that Hayate is helped her, she has more freedom in her life.

She is pregnant with her second child after being conceived by Shinji.

Emily <The Mad Warrior who Falling in Love>

A former member of Shinji’s last party.

She has shoulder-length blond hair. She has a very pretty face.

She is short in height and has a child’s figure.

She has a crush on Shinji. Very strong.

She became Alvin’s Master and act together

She awakens to the pleasure of being dominated by Shinji when she has s*x with him.

As a result, she has become a mad warrior of love who does whatever Shinji wants.

She doesn’t have a favorite position (she’s happy and comfortable in any position with Shinji).

She is being taught s*xual techniques by Freri, who she has become good friends with.

Thanks to her, her skills have improved tremendously, especially her blowjobs are first class.

She also has a genius sense of s*x.

Akane <The Erotic Maid who Manages the Party House>

A former adventurer from the same hometown as Alvin and the others.

A nun with dark red hair.

Her party was destroyed, and she was saved by <Running Wolves>.

She left her hometown and is now a nun in a desert city.

She hides her big breasts with Sarashi.

Her phobia of men has not been alleviated by Shinji, but rather she has been taught the benefits of s*x and has become addicted to s*x with him.

She feels dependent on Shinji.

She is hired as a maid to manage <Running Wolves> party house.

She is a super maid who can do all kinds of household chores, but her priority is Shinji, and she makes sure to remove all traces of s*xual activity from the premises.

Freri <Shinji’s Contracted Spirit> (full name is undisclosed information)

A girl with green hair and skin, wearing a white dress and with a pretty face.

About the same height as Milis.

Her body shape is not bumpy. Her face also looks young.

Follows Shinji’s instructions precisely. She doesn’t talk much. She doesn’t talk at all.

Her green hair blooms when she’s happy.

She is not a pure spirit, but a half-succubus, half-spirit. Her mother was a succubus and her father was a flower spirit.

She is very compatible with Shinji’s magical power. She is one of the few girls who can play with Shinji using her mother’s magical s*xual skills.

As she grows up, she becomes a beautiful girl who is both young and beautiful.

Her hair is still green, but it has grown to reach her shoulders.

Her pale green skin is now whiter, perhaps closer to a whore than a flower.

Her breasts had grown larger than before and were now just the right size to be squeezed with both hands, while her hips had narrowed and her ass had become rounder and more feminine.

She’s messing around with Alvin and she enjoy it.

She succeeded in implanting the cuckold masochistic attribute in Alvin. She and Shinji are childhood friends.

She is currently working to make Eve and Clara into full-fledged succubus.

Flair <Fire Spirit> (Flame Aria Rioneia)

A high-ranking spirit who had a contract with Minato. She is currently free since Minato is dead.

A beautiful woman with wavy black hair, brown skin, and good style. She is a highly skilled fighter with fire magic and physical skills.

She was raped by Shinji, who imprinted a lewd crest on her, and even made her declare her defeat.

Her favorite position is sleeping facing down. It seems that the two of them go well together, and although she never tells him how she really feels, Shinji’s penetration is so good that Flair’s pride is overshadowed by Shinji’s cock.

Under the direction of the Goddess Arian, she becomes Shinji’s personal spirit.

When Shinji was nice to her, she softened her attitude. So easy.

She’s regretting that she squeezed too much out of Shinji during the harem s*x she had with Marie and Sylphi.

Lila <The Eldest of the Three Elven Sisters>

The eldest of the three elven sisters. Her role is that of a scout.

Her character is quiet and timid. A beautiful woman with long blond hair tied back. She has very large breasts.

She was enslaved for a long time by Minato’s charm, but now she has been freed and is starting over as an adventurer with her sisters, forming a new party called <Green Travelers>.

She feels indebted to Shinji for saving his sisters.

She’d like to have s*x with him again because she felt so happy when she had s*x with him to break the spell.

Her body is completely corrupted, and she lewdly squeezes Shinji’s semen to make him her captive. Her potential is as great as Freri’s, so she could be dangerous if Shinji not careful.

She confesses her love to Shinji, but is rejected.

Instead, she becomes his s*x friend after he carver her with a lewd crest, but he promises to impregnate her with his child.

Lili <The Second Sister of the Three Elven Sisters>

The second sister of the three elven sisters. Her role is that of a shield.

She has a cheerful personality and is not shy. Small breasts. Her hair is blonde and tied in a side-tail on the right.

She was under Minato’s Charm Eyes, who used to do whatever he wanted with her body, but now she is free and has formed a new party named <Green Travelers>, with her older and younger sisters to start over as an adventurer.

She was forcibly raped by Shinji, but he saved her, so she has no ill feelings towards him.

Although she was under Shinji’s magic, she can’t forget how good it felt to be pistoned by his cock.

Once again, she and Shinji became s*x friends.

She was surprised to find out that her older and younger sisters were ready to conceive Shinji’s child.

Lilu <The Third Sister of the Three Elven Sisters>

The third of the three elven sisters. Her role is attacker.

She has a cheerful personality and is not shy. Small breasts. She has blonde hair tied up in a side-tail on the left side of her head. She is a boyish girl.

She was under the Minato’s charm eyes, who used to do whatever he wanted with her body, but now she is free and has formed a new party with her sisters named <Green Travelers>, and is starting over as an adventurer.

She was forcibly raped by Shinji, but he saved her, so she has no ill feelings towards him.

She was under Shinji’s magic, but she can’t forget how good it felt when he came inside her.

Once again, she and Shinji become s*x friends.

She is the one who made the promise to Shinji that he would impregnate all of her sisters.

Arian <The Miko of the Goddess Arian>

A miko of the goddess Arian who belongs to the temple.

She is a winged race with a mystical beauty.

She has pure white wings that grow out from her back and beautiful white hair that reaches her waist.

She wears a white gown that exposes an excessive amount of skin.

When she meets Shinji for the first time, she has a good impression of him, and at the suggestion of the goddess Arian, she begins to have s*xual relations with him under the guise of healing him.

It seems that the Goddess has given her the exclusive right to push Shinji as hard as she wants.

After asking for a favor from the goddess, she was able to marry Shinji.

She’s very happy to have been accepted by her Danna-sama.

Goddess Arian <The Guardian of the World>

A goddess who manages multiple worlds.

The appearance of the main body has not yet been confirmed.

She is an enigmatic goddess who works busily every day, giving oracles and possessing miko.

She has a sense of humor and is rumored (?) among her followers to have a hobby of messing around with spirits, miko, and apostles.

She was busy fighting the enemies of the outside world during the succubus riots.

Gildeo <The Guild Learder of the Medio Branch Adventurers’ Guild>

A human man in his late fifties. He is a man who never tolerates injustice.

He is a former high-ranking veteran, and is well supported by the adventurers.

Iris <The Witch in Love with Shinji>

A witch from the same hometown as Alvin and the others. She ran away from home after an argument with her father, Galleo.

A twin-tailed girl with blue hair tied up with a white ribbon. She wears a robe and a pointy hat. Also, she wears a miniskirt and knee socks. Her body is slender and she has beautiful breasts.

She fell in love with Shinji after he saved her from a dangerous situation.

She starts to approach Shinji to become his second wife.

She refuses Shinji’s proposal and advises him against it. Later, after a discussion, she tells him that she will continue to love him.

She was almost corrupted by Shinji, who was concerned about the strength of her will, but she was able to endure.

Shizuku <Apostle of the Goddess>

Reincarnated by the Goddess Arian. She has long black hair that reaches her back. She wears thin-framed glasses and has pale blue eyes.

She wears neat work clothes, and has a well-balanced body. She is in love with Hayate.

She is useless as an apostle and is entrusted to Shinji by the goddess Arian.

Due to her inability to acquire magic, she becomes impatient and performs a magic ritual and has physical relations with Shinji.

After three times of s*x, her body is being corrupted. She is even more impatient because Hayate has fallen in love with another man at first sight.

She hates Shinji, but during s*x, she can’t resist the pleasure and will do as she is told.

Hayate <Apostle of the Goddess>

Reincarnated by the goddess Arian. Her black hair is tied back in a short ponytail. She is a former JK with medium-length hair that reaches just below her shoulders.

She wears swordsman-style clothing and a miniskirt. She has a beautiful face, a good figure, and large breasts.

Since she is useless as an apostle, she is being rehabilitated by Shinji.

She works as a clerk at <hHeliotrope> and is learning the basics of being an adventurer, and is satisfied with her current situation.

She has a lover named Shizuku, but she falls in love with Alvin at first sight.

She asks Shinji to help her break up with Shizuku. Afterwards, she confirms that Christina has feelings for Alvin and gives up.

She was hypnotized and had to pay Shinji back with her body. She wants to be dominant during s*x, and is now comfortable with s*x, having been misled by Shinji’s performance.

Marie <Water Spirit>

A high-ranking spirit of water. She has made a contract with the apostle Shizuku by the order of the goddess Arian.

She wears a blue dress of the same design as Flare. She has an attractive body and face that resembles Flare’s, so it’s easy to say that they are sisters. Her skin color is white and her body temperature is low.

She is temporarily under Shinji’s command because Shizuku, with whom she has a contract, has become Shinji’s custodian.

She has a physical relationship with the apostle Shinji. She is very happy to have had s*xual intercourse with Shinji, and hopes to continue to do so in the future.

The harem s*x she had with all the spirits reaffirmed their compatibility.

Sylphy <Wind Spirit>

A high-ranking spirit of the wind. She has made a contract with the apostle Hayate by order of the goddess Ariane.

She wears a light green dress of the same design as Flare. She has a very similar body and facial features to Flare, so it’s easy to say that they are sisters. Her skin color is white.

She is temporarily following Shinji because Hayate, who is under contract with him, is now in his custody.

She doesn’t know that Marie had a physical relationship with Shinji, but she is seriously monitoring Hayate.

She has a physical relationship with Shinji. Although she thought she was insensitive to s*x, but when Shinji found her anus, she had her first s*xual orgasm. She also feels bad for squeezing out too much semen during harem s*x.

Evil Priest <The Captured Heretics>

A priest who followed the gods of the outside world. She was captured by <Running Wolves>.

She was wearing a priestly uniform that exposed a lot of skin.

Her breasts are big, her hips and thighs are firm, her skin is soft and white, and her face is beautiful.

After Shinji’s interrogation, she was put into a hypnotic state and brought back to the Goddess Arian.

Christina Beltz <The Daughter of the Beltz Family>

Christina Beltz is the daughter of the prestigious Beltz family of Oeste.

She is a beautiful young lady with long blond hair. She was educated as a noble lady and is a straightforward aristocrat. She has a beautiful body with white skin and no stains, because she basically stays indoors. She is well-balanced and has grown up in a good way.

She is in love with Alvin, and has moved to the villa in Medio.

Her body is being developed and trained in her dreams.

Eve and Clara <Former Human Novice Succubus>

Formerly the number one and number two high-class prostitutes in Oeste, they are now former humans who have become succubus.

Eve has white hair and white skin, while Clara has dark hair and brown skin, making them a contrasting pair. Both of them are quite stylish, with large breasts and well-fleshed asses, and have bodies that make men lust after them.

They’re both apprentices under the direct authority of the Goddess, and are training to become full-fledged succubus under Freri.

At Shinji and Fleri’s suggestion, Eve took the false position of Apostle Apprentice and corrupted Shizuku.

Himeno <Samurai-style Dragonman who Wanted to Fall in Love>

A dragonman from the village of Dragonmen in the valley. She is the leader of the upper-ranking adventurers, <Dragon Horn>.

She is neither tall nor short, and has a slender figure. Her characteristic feature is a pair of dragon horns sprouting from between her light pink hair. She wears a kimono and hakama. Her weapon is a katana.

An adventurer who came to Medio to participate in a fighting tournament.

She genuinely likes to fight. All of her party members are her attendants, including Ichiro, Jiro, and Saburo.

She has a fiancée named Mitono, and after being honest with herself, she realizes that she has feelings for him.

However, Shinji takes advantage of her childish mind, and she gives him all kinds of her first time.

Thanks to Shinji’s education, her s*x skills are at a high level. In addition, she has a lascivious body that Shinji approves of, and is very easily aroused.

After learning about s*x, she returned to her hometown, hoping to be with Mitono soon.

Durin <Wife of an Expert Blacksmith>

The Wife of Smith, the owner of Smith’s Workshop in Este City. She is a dwarf.

She has a small physique and a toned body, with no unevenness in her style. Her skin is a healthy light brown. She has long, beautiful gray hair that she has braided behind her head. She wears an off-the-shoulder navel-baring shirt and pumpkin pants.

Her husband, Smith, cheated on her, so she ran away from home as a pretext. She meets Shinji when she’s out drinking.

With hypnotic magic and sweet words, she has s*x with him and succumbs to the pleasure he gives her.


The order of Boobs size, the biggest is from the left.

Miko Arian = Evil Priest (G) ← Milis = Lila (G) ← Akane = Eve & Clara (F) ← Charlotte = Hayate (F) ← Renka = Flair = Freri = Marie = Sylphy (E) ← Christina (D) ← (The person who can do Paizuri start here) ← Shizuku (C) ← Nanaka = Iris = Himeno (B) ← Lili = Lilu (A) ← Emily = Durin (AA)


・People who know that Freri is half spirit and half succubus

<Goddess camp> Goddess, Miko, Flair, Marie, Sylphy, Eve and Clara

<Shinji camp> Emily, Lila, Lili, Lilu

<Running Wolf> Renka.

・People who know Shinji is an apostle of the Goddess.

<Goddess camp> Goddess, Miko, Flair, Marie, Sylphy, Hayate, Shizuku, Eve & Clara, Evil Priest

<Shinji camp> Freri, Emily, Lila, Lili, Lilu

<Running Wolf> Renka

・People who know that Eve and Clara are alive.

<Goddess camp> Goddess, Miko, Freri, Marie, Sylphy

<Shinji camp> Freri, Lila, Lili, Lilu

<Running Wolf> None

・Lewd crest/hypnosis

<Lewd Crest> Milis, Emily, Akane, Lila, Lili, Lilu, Shizuku, Durin, Iris

<Hypnosis> Renka (Sex Friend OK), Himeno (Sex Practice Partner), Hayate (Thanking with her Body)

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