Wizard 277

Chapter 277 Report To the Goddess

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 On the night before he left to <Este>, the city on the east.

 Shinji had been summoned by Goddess Arian and was alone in the Miko’s room at the far end of the temple. Goddess Arian, who had borrowed Miko Arian’s body, was sitting in front of Shinji on a chair, drinking tea with an elegant gesture, while Flair was standing beside Goddess Arian and Marie and Sylphy were standing behind Shinji.

 Shinji was afraid to drink tea in the presence of a goddess, but he couldn’t refuse the invitation.

 ”Apostle Shinji, your progress seems to be going well”

 ”Yes. The reeducation of both Apostle Shizuku and Apostle Hayate has been somewhat successful”

 Goddess Arian smiled with satisfaction as she placed her teacup on the serving plate, and Shinji felt a sense of relief.

 ”I heard from Marie and Sylphy. Shizuku chose to live as an apostle and Hayate chose to live as a normal human. I’ve also heard all about what the apostle Shinji has done for that purpose. It seems that Eve has already done a good job too”

 Goddess Arian’s voice was full of good mood.

 ”As I thought, it was the right decision to leave them in the hands of Apostle Shinji. Although I’m going to put you through a lot of trouble, please don’t let your guard down until the end”


 Shinji responded to Goddess Arian’s words with a bow.

 After the conversation was over, Flair carefully poured another cup of tea into Goddess Arian’s teacup, and the delicious aroma of tea drifted into the air.

 Seeing that Shinji had not yet taken a sip, Goddess Arian urged him to do so, and he quenched his thirst with the slightly cooled tea.


 ”‘Fufufu, it’s my favorite. Only the Apostle Shinji and a few others who have had it in this world. Because it’s from a world where spirits live”

 Goddess Arian smiled softly at Shinji’s unintentional comment. Her soft smile enhanced the mysterious beauty of Miko Arian’s body, and Shinji couldn’t help but stare at Goddess Arian’s face.

 As Goddess Arian looked at Shinji, she raised her hand lightly, and Flair and the others could tell that this was the signal for her and Shinji to end their private conversation.

 Immediately, Flair joined the conversation.

 ”The way to brew it is also important, Shinji”

 ”I know”

 When Flare joined the conversation, Shinji’s expression softened as he realized that the seriousness of the situation was over. Marie also approached Shinji from behind and pulled a chair over to sit next to him.

 ”Flair-chan~, I want some too~”

 ”If you move away from Shinji, I’ll make you a cup~noja!”

 ”Flair, can I have some too?”

 The Miko’s room immediately became noisy.

 The three of them are talking happily to each other. Marie and Sylphy are chatting with Flair, who is making tea, and Goddess Arian is watching the scene with a smile.

 ”Umm~, that’s nice~. Flair-chan is our friend, so we can get it whenever we want, right~?”

 ”I don’t do that very often either~noja!”

 ”Rarely means occasionally, right?”

 While Flair makes a cup of tea just for Sylphy, Marie, who dares to lean her head on Shinji’s shoulder, smiles teasingly, and it made Flair gets angry. Meanwhile, Sylphy sits down on a vacant chair and takes the teacup, grumbling at Flair’s words.

 Shinji, who didn’t seem to care, continued to drink his tea. He wondered when he could leave the room.

 But suddenly, Shinji felt a gaze on him from the side and turned his head to find Miko Arian looking right at him as Goddess Arian was giving her back control of her body.

 She was staring at Shinji with a soft smile on her face without doing anything. It was not a benevolent smile like Goddess Arian’s, but an affectionate smile at the man she loved.

 ”……Arian, are you finding this funny?”

 ”No. ……I’m just …… looking at Danna-sama’s face…… ♡”

 Miko Arian, who was embarrassed by the sensation of being watched without saying a word, continued to stare at Shinji with a smile, and Shinji could not help but feel tickled by Miko Arian’s affection.

 ”I heard…… you’ll be away from the city again……”

 ”We’re going to go get some weapons made, and then we’re going to head straight to the upper-level dungeons”

 ”Danna-sama…… I pray for your safety……”

 Miko Arian, who has big breasts, folded her hands in front of her breast, and when she did this, her breasts squeezed up and Shinji’s gaze swept over her breasts.

 Before he knew it, Marie, Flare and Sylphy, who were supposed to be entwined in his arms, were gone and Shinji and Miko Arian were alone. Of course, it goes without saying that this is because Goddess Arian has ordered the spirits to leave.

 It’s a perfect example of a mother who makes perfect arrangements for her daughter.

 ”Danna-sama…… You don’t have to hold back……♡”

 Noticing the gaze of the man she loves, Miko Arian hooks her fingers on the collar of her robe and moves it slightly. Shinji is not so dull that he does not know what it indicates.

 And by remembering Miko Arian’s exquisite body, Shinji decided to follow his own desires.

 ”Arian, can you please……?”

 ”Please leave it to Arian…… Danna-sama……♡”

 Occasionally, Shinji doesn’t want to have s*x to corrupt a woman, or to be rewarded for his work. Rather, he just wants to give himself over to Miko Arian’s service to enjoy pure pleasure.

 And now, after being asked by Shinji, with a hint of red in her cheeks, Miko Arian leaves from the chair, folds her wings, and crawls under the table. Then, peeking out from between Shinji’s knees, she rubs her cheeks against his fully erect cock, with an eager look on her face.

 ”Danna-sama is strong…… ♡ I will serve you …… ♡.”

 As Miko Arian’s hand reaches to his belt.

 She undone his belt and lifted Shinji’s hips up so that his pants and underwear were pulled down by Miko Arian’s hands.

 With her lips, Miko Arian’s touched the glans of Shinji’s cock lovingly.

 Chu…… ♡♡ The kiss sound echoed, and Shinji’s cock trembled with pleasure.


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