Wizard 278

Chapter 278 Miko Arian’s Paizuri Service

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 After kissing the glans, Arian opened her mouth and welcomed the glans into her mouth. In this state, she licked the glans in a circular movement with her saliva-laden tongue.

 Shinji, who feels Miko Arian’s slow and deliberate tongue work, moaned.

 ”Hah…… Hah…… Arian, you’re good…….”

 ”Chuu ……♡ Because I’ve practiced so much……♡”

 Miko Arian giggles as she sticks out her tongue in embarrassment. Normally, it’s a gesture that should be perceived as mockery, but with her sacred position as a Miko, it made her look lewd.

 Furthermore, her woman’s face was something she only showed to him.

 ”Arian, can you squeeze it with your breast?”

 ”……♡ As you wish, Danna-sama ♡”

 Shinji wanted Miko Arian’s breasts because he had never been able to genuinely enjoy before.

 The size, firmness, and sensitivity of Miko Arian’s breasts, which he didn’t know what to complain about, were now on display in front of his cock. And seeing her breasts sway with the slightest movement, Shinji’s cock jumps with anticipation.

 ”Excuse me……♡”

 With both of her breasts in her hands, she holds Shinji’s cock between them, and squeezing it from both sides. Shinji feels comfortable just being pinched and squeezed from both sides.

 ”Nnnn……♡ Nnn……♡ Fuuhh……♡”

 After wetting his glans with a lot of saliva, Miko Arian started shaking her breasts up and down with the pressure, and it made Shinji’s body relaxed.

 Because there was no reason to resist, he simply savored the pleasure of Miko Arian’s slurping.

 ”It’s trembling……♡ Does it feel good ……? ♡”

 ”It’s great…… If I’m not careful, I’m going to cum soon”

 While looking up, Miko Arian tilts her head and Shinji slowly strokes her head and she smiles happily. The pleasurable pressure of the nipple against the cock from both sides causes the pre-cum to overflow one after the other, making Miko Arian’s cleavage wetter.

 (Danna-sama…… looks so comfortable……♡)

 Miko Arian stares at Shinji as she alternately rubs her left and right breasts against his cock and rubs his cock.

 This was the first time for her to have a fully consensual paizuri, and it was different from the healing and seduction she had done in the past, so she was excited. She also couldn’t wait to see the look of pleasure on Shinji’s face, and just smelling the male cock made her vagina tingle with excitement.

 Naturally, the movement also became violent.

 Pound ♡ Pound ♡ Pound ♡ Pound ♡

 The sound of flesh hitting flesh, just as if they were slamming their hips together, caused Shinji to lean back.

 From the left and right side, the tight breasts squeezed the whole cock and squeeze the semen, but she still rubbing it up and down again and again.

 ”Arian…… Cumming……!”

 Spurt ♡ Spurt ♡ Spurrrtt ♡

 Shinji pushed his hips up in pleasure.

 And his semen was sprayed in the valley of her big breasts, staining the cleavage of Miko Arian. The pleasure was so heavenly that more semen than usual was spewed out.

 (Arian’s breasts are the most dangerous……)

 In the aftermath of his long ejaculation, Shinji found himself vaguely comparing breasts in his mind. Now, he understands that Miko Arian’s breasts are exceptional.

 ”It’s a lot of cum…..♡”

 And with Shinji’s ejaculation subsides, Miko Arian finally stops pressuring him with her breasts and opens them from side to side. The sight of the large amount of semen smeared all over her cleavage was indescribably satisfying, as if she were being dyed by him.

 ”This might be the best Paizuri I’ve ever had……”

 ”♡ I’m glad to hear it, Danna-sama…… ♡ And you’re still so strong…… It’s hard again…… ♡”


 Miko Arian, who saw his unwilting cock, squeezed it between her cleavage again.

 Her cleavage, which is slick with semen and pre-cum, is even wetter than the first time, and giving Shinji’s cock more pleasure. And once again, she rubs her breasts together and crushes his cock with her large breasts as if to check the shape of the cock.

 ”Danna-sama…… These are your exclusive breast, so please……♡ Ejaculate as many times as you want ……♡”

 Guchu ♡ Guchu ♡ Guchu ♡ Guchu ♡ Guchu ♡

 Miko Arian’s breasts squeeze inward as much as they can and shake them just to make Shinji ejaculate. Unlike before, the glans peeked out from the cleavage and her mouth sucked on the tip.

 ”Ugh…… keep it up…….”

 ”Puha…. ♡ Slurrrp ♡ Rerorero ♡”

 Shinji held back his ejaculation to his limit as the double torture of the glans and the breast squeezing his cock.

 Her tip of her tongue crawled around the entrance of her urethra, licking the glans and squeezing it from both sides. And because Shinji couldn’t stand again the pressure of her breast, finally he ejaculated.

 ”Nbu ♡ Nnnn…. ♡ Slurrpp ♡ Gulp ♡”

 Shinji poured his semen into Miko Arian’s mouth.

 He also held her head, trying not to let any semen which had an unbelievable amount into her mouth for the second time from spilling it out of her mouth.

 Miko Arian did not show any sign of displeasure. Rather, she drank the semen that was poured into her mouth. She sucked it up with her mouth to make sure there was nothing left to squeeze out, and swallowed every last drop.

 She even carefully licks off the semen from her ejaculated and sensitive cock, giving him an exemplary clean-up blowjob.

 These were all services that she had acquired with the help of the practice tools given to her by the goddess Arian, and these s*xual skills that she had learned were for Shinji, her future husband.

 Such excellent service ignited Shinji’s heart. And it made him have to s*x with Miko Arian until he was satisfied, or rather, he wanted to have s*x with her.

 ”Arian, come here”

 ”Yes …… ♡”

 Shinji tapped his knee and Miko Arian crawled out from under the table and straddled him. They connected to each other with a smooth, easy movement.

 Miko Arian’s vagina, which is a superb organ, accepts Shinji’s cock and gives Miko Arian, the owner of the body, the greatest pleasure and euphoria, unconsciously shaking her pure white wings because of the feeling.

 ”You’ve done so much for me, now it’s my turn”

 ”Ah ♡ Ah ♡ Haa~ ♡ Danna-sama…. ♡ Please love me a lot …… ♡”

 Miko Arian, smiling with pleasure and lust, wrapped her arms around Shinji’s neck and their hips began to move.

 The s*xual intercourse between the two of them continues with three vagina cumshots without pulling out, until the womb of Miko Arian is filled with semen.


 Miko Arian’s time.

 He thinks Arian has the best paizuri technique in the world.

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