Wizard 279

Chapter 279 Este, the City on the East

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 Alvin and the other members of the <Running Wolves> have left from Medio city as planned, and after three days of handling the expected problems, such as encountering some monster, they arrived at Este, the city on the east.

 At the entrance of the city, they passed through a checkpoint and headed towards the main street.

 Different from Medio, where they were based, or Oeste, the city on the west, the main street on here had a different cityscape.


 Alvin unconsciously shouted in admiration.

 Because the city’s main street is well maintained and clean, but it has a lot of smokestacks due to the number of blacksmith workshops that lined, and smoke rises into the sky from them.

 In addition, horse-drawn carriages carrying ore and armor were parked to load them, and strong, powerful-looking men could be seen working here and there.

 Also, the percentage of dwarves and beastmen was much higher than in Medio and Oeste. Furthermore, with the exception of what appeared to be adventurers looking for armor, half of the inhabitants were occupied by them.

 ”I guess we’ll have to find an inn first”

 Shinji who said this started walking and Renka lined up next to him, with Alvin and Milis following close behind.

 ”There are a lot of dwarves and beastmen in Este, aren’t there?”

 ”Yes. Like the dwarves, the beastmen are also very good with their hands. There are also a lot of beastmen settlements in the east, and it is said that Este City naturally developed into this situation by them until today”

 Renka mutters as she looks around.

 And as Shinji said, there are many beastmen settlements in the Eastern part of the country. This is why Este, the largest city on the east, plays a major role in exchange and distribution.

 ”I see”

 As they walked, they passed a number of blacksmith workshops with weapons on display in their forefront. Alvin’s excitement only increased as he saw the variety of attractive weapons.

 He wanted to go into one of the stores right away, but he managed to resist his desire and kept walking.

 ”Oh, Shinji-san! This wey!”

 The sound of metal clanging echoed in the air, and Shinji heard a voice calling him. When he turned to look in that direction, all the members of the <Running Wolves> saw Durin, who had noticed Shinji and the others, holding a broom in one hand and waving her free hand on the air.

 Smith’s Workshop was a first-rate workshop and had a store on this main street. And Durin, who was out cleaning up the storefront, spotted Shinji walking by at the right time and decided to call out to him.

 Shinji wanted to find a place to stay, but he couldn’t ignore the call, so Alvin and the others decided to go to Durin.

* * *

 ”Hello. Welcome, avery’one”

 When Alvin and the others approached Durin, who was standing in front of her store with a flashy sign that read “Smith’s Workshop,” Durin greeted them. Then, Shinji opened his mouth.

 ”I was thinking of finding a place to stay first, do you know any good places?”

 ”Oh, I guess a friend of’ mine runs an inn, I kin introduce ye to him if ye want”

 ”If you like, by all means”

 Aside from Shinji, who was asking for directions to the inn from Durin, who muttered, “It wasn’t that far”, Alvin was looking at the armor on display in the store with a curious look in his eyes.

 ”Alvin, why don’t you go into the store first? I’ll take care of getting us a place to stay”

 ”Are you sure? I’ll leave it to you. Mil, let’s go into the store!”

 ”Hey, Al-kun, wait! Renka, can I ask you a favor?……”

 ”No problem. Shinji and I will go there”

 Alvin was delighted with Shinji’s suggestion, so he left his luggage with Shinji and walked into the Smith workshop, calling out Milis’ name. And Milis, with an apologetic look on her face, handed the luggage to Renka and followed Alvin.

 ”I’m going to go call my husband, too. Weel then, see ye later…… ‘n’ excuse me too”

 Durin, who had bowed to Shinji, followed them back into the Smith workshop.

 Although, Durin has an indifferent and businesslike attitude, her heart is in turmoil and she is trying to control it.

 (Oh no…. Mah body…… reacts whin I see his face from close)

 After making up with her husband Smith, Durin returned home and went back to her life as usual. She thanked her family for the trouble they caused to them and went about her day supporting Smith’s life.

 However, not everything was back to normal.

 Because Durin’s body began to find s*x with Smith very tasteless and unsatisfying.

 Although, Smith was no slouch either. And he had a certain amount of experience, having had an affair with a prostitute in a brothel. But, as far as she was concerned, it was her partner’s fault.

 The foreplay, the insertion of the cock, the force of the vagina cum shoot, everything about s*x with Smith was inferior to Shinji.

 Now that she had been cheated on and her love for him had diminished, she felt less happy when she connected with the person she loved, and she couldn’t help but compare it to the s*x she had with Shinji, which felt better.

 Of course, she has feelings for him as a husband and wife. She also wanted to support him too, but apart from her heart, her body chose Shinji.

 However, Durin is rational and doesn’t do anything that would make him realize this. So, she held back and distanced herself from Shinji immediately.

 (If he wants me to hold me again…… is really nat good. Because I think I’d love him mair than my husband if he held me now)

 After hugging her aching body, Durin took a deep breath, regained her composure, and returned to the workshop.


 They have arrived at the Este, the city on the east.

 This town is full of dwarves and beastmen.

 Shinji-kun met Durin again.

 She seems to have had a great experience with Shinji after all.

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