Wizard 280

Chapter 280 At Smith’s Workshop

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 According the directions given by Durin, Shinji and Renka went to the inn and rented two rooms for two people. Then, they went to their room to drop off their luggage after receiving the key at the counter.

 Shinji went into the room first, thinking that the rooms would be separate for men and women as before, but when he saw Renka following Shinji into the same room, he tilted his head to the side and looked at Renka, with a slight blush on her cheeks as he put down his own luggage.

 ”You know, I thought we could share a room as lovers”

 Looking back again, Shinji realize that all of his adventures after he made his relationship with Renka known, he just stayed in a single room in a temple or a high-class inn. Because of this, it was difficult to act at night without a private room, but now there was no problem of having to act without sneak around behind the scenes.

 ”Well, I don’t mind, and if Alvin and Milis agree, we can make this room sharing as lovers”

 ”Yeah! I’m sure Mil and Al will agree”

 Renka smiled happily at Shinji’s agreement. Seeing her smile, he stepped closer to her and wrapped his hands around his adorable girlfriend’s waist and gently held her close.

 ”But if we share a room, we might not get much sleep”

 ”G, geez~…Shinji…”

 Renka smiled shyly as she swayed in her lover’s arms and looked up at Shinji.

 Even Shinji was expecting to be in the same room with her, but when she asked him about it, he was both happy and embarrassed. No matter how many times they lay on top of each other, embarrassing things are still embarrassing.

 Shinji was tempted to push her down right now, but he held it back, and after making Renka turn her body around, he lightly pushed her back and started to walk out of the room with her.

 ”We’ll meet up with Alvin first”

 ”Yes…. Have they started yet?”

 ”Maybe… And don’t you remember Smith when he came to our house?”

 The image that comes to Shinji and Renka’s mind is of a very excited Smith. So, they thought, when they saw him, he would have started making weapons right away.

 ”I’m sure he’s already started”

 ”We’d better hurry too”

 Shinji and Renka smiled at each other and headed to Smith’s workshop.

 ◇ ◇ ◇

 On the other side, Alvin and Milis walked into the Smith’s workshop and looked around at the ready-made armor, which to Alvin’s eyes looked to be of good quality.

 And then, Alvin picks up a one-handed sword.

 The weight was well balanced and the sword was sharp. The sword was beautiful, and he was observing every inch of it with no complaints.

 ”That’s th’ one that my apprentice made. Isn’t it good?”

 ”Yeah… As expected, it’s different from one of those generic swords that I have seen…”

 After putting the sword back in its place, Alvin turned to Smith who had called out to him and extended his hand.

 ”Ye have arrived, Alvin! I’ve been waiting for ye”

 ”Sorry! From today on, please take care of me!”

 Smith, who is also smiling, extends his hand and makes a fist, just like Alvin.

 Smith lightly bumps his fist into Alvin’s fist from below, then Alvin bumps his fist into his fist from above, and finally they both lightly hit each other with their fists directly in front of each other. This fist-bumping behavior is a custom that dwarf men do when they meet someone they are particularly close to.

 Alvin knew about this custom when he talked with Smith at the party house.

* * *

 ”I have a’ th’ materials! Let’s go to my workshop ‘n’ stairt working! C’moan, this wey!”


 Smith started to walk towards the back of the store, and Alvin followed behind him. Alvin’s enthusiasm for his new weapon was too much for Milis to keep up with, and she felt completely left out.

 ”Hah~… what should I do now…?”

 As there was nothing to do even if she followed Alvin. Milis decided to wait for Shinji and Renka to come back.

 And just then, Durin came in with a pot of tea.

 ”I’m sorry aboot my husband. …When he gets carried awa’, he didn’t pay attention to his surroundings. Would ye like some tea?”

 ”Thank you, Durin-san”

 Milis took the teacup, and smiled at Durin, who raised her eyebrows apologetically. She took a sip of the tea and her mouth watered at the taste.

 ”It’s delicious”

 ”I’m glad ‘twas to yer taste. Maybe Alvin-san won’t be back fur a couple o’ hours, if that’s my husband usual pattern”

 ”It takes time, huh…”

 Milis was surprised that it would take so much longer than she had imagined, because she had thought they would just talk for a while.

 ”This time it’s special, because we’ll mak’ it from scratch juist for Alvin-san ‘n’ in order to increase th’ efficiency o’ th’ transfer o’ magic power, we have to add Alvin-san’s magic power to th’ material afore processing it, so it takes time”

 Durin’s explanation was easy to understand, and Milis could not help but be convinced that a few hours were a reasonable amount of time to allow the magic to permeate the material.

 ”I believe it takes two days, right?”

 ”Yeah, that’s right. Th’ material that wull be used tomorrow will be infused wi’ his magic, so ye will have to come back tomorrow morning”

 ”I see…”

 Milis pondered what to do while she waited. Seeing this, Durin decided to give her some suggestions on where to spend her time in the Town.

 ”If ye want, I can give ye some suggestions in th’ commercial district”

 ”Oh, I’d love to”

 After learning the location of the stores from Durin, Milis thought about where to go first with Shinji and Renka.


 They would have to find a place to stay and Smith’s workshop in the meantime.

 This is the first time they’ve ever taken a room with a pair of lovers.

 Couples stay in rooms next to each other… Yeah, nothing should happen to them!

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