Wizard 281

Chapter 281 Lovers’s Night・1

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 ”I’m so sorry!”

 ”It’s okay, I had fun with……Shinji-san and Renka”

 The first night in <Este>, the East Town.

 Alvin and Milis were in the same room where they would be staying. In the room, Alvin is apologizing to Milis, and Milis is smiling.

 During the day, Alvin was in the Smith workshop all the time. The original time limit was about three hours, but he was so fascinated by the blacksmith’s weapon making process that he forgot about the time.

 So, Milis, who had been left alone, decided to go around the commercial district with Shinji and Renka, but when they returned to the Smith’s workshop three hours later, Alvin had not returned from inside the workshop, and they gave up on inviting him to have fun.

 And after three more hours of fun, Shinji, Renka and Milis came back to the inn before dark. Alvin also came back while they were thinking about what to do for dinner.

 And now they have dinner.

 ”Tomorrow, I’ll back! So, let’s go into the Town then!”


 Alvin’s earnest apology and regretful attitude made Milis stop her angry pose. In fact, Milis was not that angry.

 Because she had enjoyed walking around the Town with Shinji and Renka, and she hadn’t promised Alvin that she wants to go with him to look around. But it would have been nice to have a word with him before he got carried away, though.

 ”Al-kun, tomorrow is your treat, okay?”

 ”I, I know. Is there somewhere you want to go?

 ”Yes! I found this store today when I walked with Renka and the others……”

 The sun was down and the room was lit only by a lamp.

 But Alvin and Milis’ happy voices still echoed in the slightly dimly lit room as they made plans for tomorrow. And the atmosphere had returned to normal, and they were having a good time.

 But now, their conversation was interrupted.

 [Hyan…… Ah ♡]

 On the other side of the wall.

 A small sweet voice came from the room where Shinji and Renka were staying, making both Alvin and Milis freeze.

 [W, wait a minute, Shinji…… Nn…… ♡ They’re still talking on the next room…… ♡]

 [It’ll be fine if you keep your voice down]

 [G, geez~…… Nn…… Chu…… Chu…… ♡]

 A whisper between Shinji and Renka can be heard in the silent room. Alvin and Milis’ who have their gaze meet each other, nodded and gently placed their ears against the wall and began to listen.

 Renka, who has no idea that Alvin and Milis are listening on the other side of the wall, kisses Shinji aggressively, trying not to let her voice leak out.

 ”Chu……N, Nnn…… Chu, rero, slurp ♡”

 But Shinji was doing it with the intention of making his voice heard. The purpose of doing so was to further nurture Alvin’s desire to be cuckolded and become masochist.

 Because, at the moment, Alvin is now in a state where he manages to hold on to the line between crossing it or not when having Milis massaging by him.

 Shinji also saw Alvin’s reaction when he touched Milis in her bathrobe, but he couldn’t sense any sign that Alvin was going to cross the line. If Alvin was a normal person, he would have fallen into the deep end, but Shinji have to say that Alvin has a very strong will.

 So, with the idea of making him listen to the sound of Renka being held by Shinji, it will made him thought that if he let Shinji hold Milis, he would be able to see her moaning and lusting just like in his dream.

 [Shinji will continue doing it, and Milis, you will…… touch Alvin’s cock and blame him when it gets big]

 Of course, this evening’s event was the idea of Freri, who was responsible for instilling Alvin’s desire to be cuckolded and become masochist.

 ”Renka, I’m going to undress you”


 Shinji unbuttoned the front of Renka’s nightgown, exposing her breasts, not wearing any underwear to cover them, and touched them directly with a lustful smile.

 ”I can’t believe you’re not wearing any underwear”

 ”Because……♡ We’re staying in the same room together, you know……♡”

 After say a word, he carefully squeezes her breasts with both hands. He alternates between squeezing with his fingers and rubbing up and down, taking his time to enjoy her breasts as if they were sucking on his hands.

 ”Haa~ ♡ Haa…… ♡ Hyan ♡”

 The caresses from Shinji made Renka felt so good that Renka blushed as he pinched her hardened nipples and made sweet noises.

 ”Oh, Shinji……♡ It’ll leave a mark……♡”

 While pinching her nipples, Shinji sucks on Renka’s breasts. He also leaves a mark on Renka’s skin.

 ”It’s not visible”

 ”That’s true, but…… ♡ It would be embarrassing for me when Mil sees me in the bath…… ♡ An ♡ Please don’t do that…… ♡”

 The fact that Shinji had given her a mark didn’t make her feel bad, rather it made her feel happy that he was marking her.

 As Shinji started to suck her neck as well as her breasts, Renka decided to return the favor and put a mark on his neck as well.

 ”Haha, this might tickle”

 ”Right? ♡ But more importantly…… You’re already like this ♡”

 Renka’s knees moved, brushing against the cock that was erected and pressing against Shinji’s pants. Renka turned to Shinji with a look of anticipation and lust at the feel of his stiffly erect p*nis.

 ”I want to insert it……”


 They both took off their pants and underwear.

 Shinji opened Renka’s legs, which were wet from the caress of her breasts, and inserted his p*nis in the missionary position.


 Freri’s plan.

 It seems that she is trying to further promote Alvin’s cuckolded and masochism.

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