Wizard 282

Chapter 282 Lovers’s Night・2

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 [Ahhhh… ♡ Nnn… ♡ Haaaa~… ♡]

 From the other side of the wall, Renka’s breath could be heard, conveying her deepest feelings of pleasure. And before Alvin and Milis, who had been listening closely, knew it, their distance had closed within their reach.

 Now, Milis’s hand is gently on Alvin’s cock and she starts to touch it to see how big it is.

 ”Al-kun… Why are you getting bigger….?”

 Alvin’s eyes grow impatient as Milis looks at him with an intense, accusing gaze.

 ”No, it’s not like that, it’s just that I had this weird thought in my head that if Shinji was with Mil instead of Renka…”

 ”…So that’s why you’re like this?”

 There was no hint of disapproval on Milis’s face, rather her cheeks were flushed and Alvin could see the heat of lust in her eyes, so he assumed that Milis was also excited to hear about Shinji and Renka’s affair.

 Although, Milis was more aggressive than usual, but it didn’t make him feel uncomfortable.

 Then, after seeing his panic face, Milis started to pull down Alvin’s pants and underwear, revealing his erect cock.

 (Al-kun’s is… cutee ♡)

 Even a cock that looks grotesque up closely can look lovely if it belongs to someone she loves. And although, Alvin’s cock is not as big or as satisfying as Shinji’s, but from the perspective of Milis, who is completely captivated by s*x, Alvin’s cock is her favorite object that fills her heart.

 Milis smiles at Alvin as she gently peels his glans, which is wrapped due to his foreskin. She then began to squeezed the entire rod gently and loosely.

 ”Al-kun… ♡”

 ”Haa… Haa… Mil….”

 ”Does it feel good …? ♡”

 Alvin nodded in response to Milis’ question.

 And his cock began to overflow with pre-cum.

 As Alvin gazes at Milis’s s*xy smile, Freri secretly sends him the lightest of hypnotic magic, a one-time suggestion, through Milis to guide his thoughts.

 [It’s okay to talk about your secret desire]

 Even Alvin’s mental strength could not withstand the combination of pleasure and thought guidance Milis gave him, and he finally said the forbidden words.

 ”The truth is… I wanted to see Mil being embraced and having s*x with Shinji… and just imagining it turned me on….”

 As if to repent, Alvin confesses with his head down. Alvin, who was looking down, saw Milis’s hand squeezing his cock, and the sight of her thin, delicate fingers twining around it was very erotic.

 [Ah ♡ Ah ♡ Nnn ♡ Shinji ♡ As expected, Shinji’s cock is big…. ♡ It feels so good ♡]

 From the next room, Renka’s moans could be heard as she was so engrossed in the s*x that she didn’t care that Alvin and Milis were next to the room.

 Hearing Renka moaning as she fucked by Shinji, Alvin was reminded of the big cock he had seen in his previous peeping tom. And Alvin’s mouth began to talk again.

 ”Shinji’s cock is bigger than mine. …So, I’m sure it will happen just like Renka. Maybe I’ll see

 a more erotic version of Mil…”

 [G, geez…♡ If you keep poke my inside…. ♡ I’ll cum……♡]

 In Alvin’s head, the sight of Renka moaning from the vaginal torture was replaced by the sight of Milis being made to moan by Shinji. And this also arouses Alvin’s excitement.

 And Alvin, who was almost pushed to the limit by Milis’s hand job, talked about his inferiority as a man and his desire to be hated.

 But Milis did not despise or feel bad about her lover’s shameful appearance and true feelings. Rather, she was delighted that Alvin, who usually pushed her around, exposed his weaknesses to her.

 Furthermore, the fact that her cheating s*x with Shinji, which has now become a part of her daily life, was approved by Alvin, made her feel like she was in luck.

 Milis didn’t know that it was all a matter of fate that had been changed by Freri and Shinji, but she was grateful for her good fortune and luck.

 Suppressing her impatience, Milis chose her words carefully as she spoke to Alvin.

 ”Al-kun… ♡ I love Al-kun too ♡ If you love me and make me your wife… I’ll do anything for you, Al-kun…♡”


 Milis took her hand away from his nearly ejaculating cock.

 And gently push Alvin’s chest and lay him on the back. Then, Milis straddled him and placed his cock on her private part while slipping off her underwear with her fingers.

 Alvin’s cock swells more than ever because he has been squeezed to the limit by Milis, who had accepting Alvin’s ugly desires, and whispering to him that she loves him more than ever.

 ”I love you…! Mil!”

 ”I love you too…♡ Al-kun ♡”

 Nupun ♡ Spurttt ♡

 Alvin ejaculated after Milis lowered her hips and inserted his cock into her vagina.

 Her body feels insufficient, but Milis’ heart is filled with Alvin’s love.


 From ShinjixRenka to AlvinxMilis.

 Alvin has reached the point where he can’t stop.

 Milis is so deeply in love with Al that it doesn’t matter if his hobbies are strange.

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