Wizard 283

Chapter 283 Lovers’s Night・3

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 After climaxing from the vaginal torture, Renka was hugged by Shinji in the missionary position, and they kissed briefly and repeatedly in the afterglow.

 Renka felt the happiness of sharing the warmth with her beloved on the bed. And because of the same reason, Shinji’s cock, which was still inserted, twitched.

 ”Geez…♡ You’re moving inside me…♡”

 ”It moves when it feels good…”

 Renka, who has calmed down a bit, laughs slightly, and Shinji laughs in embarrassed disbelief because Renka’s vagina is perfect for Shinji’s cock, and it’s really felt good to be inside.

 Shinji thought it must be a psychological thing that made him feel the best when he was connected to Renka.

 If it wasn’t for that, there was no way that Renka, a human being, would be more comfortable than Freri, a half-succubus with a magical vagina.

 ”I want to continue….”

 ”Ah ♡ I understand… Chu ♡”

 When Shinji pulled his hips back to start pistoning again, Renka smiled a little bit as she thought it was cute that Shinji was asking her to continue with a begging look.

 [I love you…! Mil!]

 [I love you too… ♡ Al-kun ♡]

 From the other side of the wall, Alvin’s and Milis’s voices could be heard at a reasonable volume. And Renka blushed as she remembered that Alvin and Milis were staying in the room next door.

 ”…Ah, it’s not good, they must hear our voice”

 ”Alvin and Milis are lovers too. …So, it’s not our fault”

 ”I wonder if that’s true… Nn…”

 Shinji pulled his cock out of Renka, who was still wondering, and gently made Renka wake up. Then, he lying down on the bed.

 ”I want Renka to be on top of me and move”

 ”Hmm, that would be nice…♡”

 The first climax was not enough to satisfy Renka’s s*x drive, and there was no option to stop here.

 In addition, from the voices coming from the next room, she knew that Milis was straddling Alvin, and she felt a strange sense of excitement at the act of daring to try the same position.

 [Al-kun…♡ Please enjoy yourself ♡ I’ll do my best to make you cum ♡]

 [Ohh, Mil… that move… Oh no, oh no, that feels too good….]

 [Al-kun ♡ You’re so cute….. ♡]

 Creak, Creak, Creak, Creak

 With the sound of the bed creaking and Alvin’s reaction, Renka could picture Milis blaming him with her skillful hips as if she were dancing on top of him.

 As Milis is doing her best for her beloved Alvin, Renka doesn’t want to lose for the sake of her beloved Shinji.

 ”Shinji… ♡ I’m going to move…. ♡ Ah ♡ Haa~ ♡ Nnn ♡ Haa~ ♡ How is it? ♡”

 ”Oh… it feels so good….”

 The inside of her vagina, where Shinji had once climaxed, was overflowing with her love juices, and Shinji’s big cock was tightly pressed against it.

 And when Renka raises her hips, the folds of her vagina rub against the glans and it feels good for him, and when she lowers her hips, she gets the pleasure of being penetrated while being poked into the depths of her vagina at once, making Renka’s use of her hips more and more bold.

 Her breasts also swayed as she moved more boldly, pleasing Shinji’s eyes.

 With that, Shinji’s cock was getting hard with excitement.

 And the fact that four of them were having cowgirl s*x against a wall only made it more exciting.

 Shinji, who doesn’t want to be outdone by Renka, thrusts his hips upward.

 ”Ah ♡ Ah ♡ Shinji ♡ Stop it ♡ If you do that ♡ Ah ♡ Only I’ll be the one who cum ♡”

 The thrusts that matched Renka’s hips doubled the pleasure and drove Renka over the edge in no time at all.

 Alvin, who heard Renka’s moans grow louder and louder, thrust his hips upward, but Milis’s vagina, trained by Shinji, was strong enough to withstand Alvin’s cock. Rather, Alvin’s own movements brought on a feeling of ejaculation.

 ”It’s okay, Al-kun ♡ You can cum whenever you want ♡ I’ll take it all ♡”

 Alvin ejaculated before Milis lowered her hips vigorously to finish him off.

 [I’m cummmmming… ♡♡♡♡♡]

 It was at the same time that he heard Renka’s sweet voice, throbbing with pleasure.

 Alvin felt the presence of Shinji, who had proven himself to be a powerful man by making his girlfriend Renka completely debaucherous, while his girlfriend Milis made him cum unilaterally.

 So, it makes him feel inferior as a man. … But strangely, his cock remains erect and he shoots a lot of semen into Milis’ vagina.

 ”Nn… ♡ You’re cumming a lot… ♡”

 Alvin looked up at Milis, who was smiling happily. Although she was happy, but she was also jealous of Renka, who was in the next room being fondled by Shinji’s cock.

 [Hyan ♡ Shinji ♡ Shinji ♡ It feel so good ♡ More ♡ More ♡ Poke me more ♡]

 Unlike Alvin and Milis, who were finished, a sign of the creaking bed and sweet voices still coming from Shinji and Renka’s room.

 [Does it feel that good?]

 [Umm ♡ Shinji’s dick is big…♡ Let’s do it a lot ♡ Ah ♡ Ah ♡]

 Alvin’s cock, which was still inserted, would not become hard again. Milis realized this and leaned down and hugged Alvin, who hugged her back.

 Alvin had already figured it out perfectly.

 He knew that if he left it up to Shinji, he would definitely be able to see Milis in all her lewd glory.

 ”Al-kun …♡ I’ll do my best …♡”

 He understood what those words meant.

 ”Yes… Mil, I love you….”

 Alvin nodded and whispered words of love.


 ShinjixRenka, AlvinxMilis times.

 Al-kun is finally awakened….

 Milis also blamed Al for the first time in a long time.

 Shinji just loved Renka as usual. (It’s envying)

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