Wizard 284

Chapter 284 Report from Milis

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 The next morning.

 Alvin and the others gathered in the dining room as if nothing had happened, and finished breakfast.

 Alvin said that he would spend the morning at the Smith’s workshop assisting in the creation of swords, and in the afternoon, he would go into the Town with Milis.

 Shinji, on the other hand, says that he and Renka are going to spend the day walking around the Town and doing random things. This was something they had discussed last night during their pillow talk after s*x.

 Alvin agreed and left the dining room in time for the appointment, leaving Shinji, Renka and Milis alone in the dining room.

 After looking around, Milis begins to talk in a hushed voice.

 ”Umm, it’s about last night…”

 ”W, what is it?”

 Renka’s cheeks reddened at the mention of “last night”.

 It was fine as long as the topic was not brought up, but when it came up, Renka felt embarrassed. It was the same for Milis. Her cheeks turned red and she fidgeted with the fingertips of her hands as she continued to talk.

 ”You know, Al-kun said he wanted to see me being held by Shinji-san…”


 Hearing so, Renka’s embarrassment has faded and her expression has changed from embarrassment to confusion. Meanwhile, Shinji keeps his expression the same and listens.

 ”Well, I mean, this is a little new for us, but you don’t know about… Al-kun, do you?”

 ”Yes. So, is it like Al’s wish?”

 ”…Yes, it is”

 Milis’s story sounds unbelievable, but after hearing about the massage of the other day, Renka understands that it’s possible that his s*xual tendencies have become more complicated.

 (Al is became terrible, huh… but if I think that he was able to tell his secret because he loves and believes in Mil with all his heart, I guess Al is happy too?)

 If there is such a thing as a couple (Renka and Shinji) who love each other and understand that even though Shinji has many s*xfriend, she (Renka) is still the best, then there may be such a thing as a couple (Alvin and Milis) who still love each other even if he let his wife being held by another man (Shinji).

 Renka, who thinks so, shows a certain understanding of Alvin’s desire to become masochist and being cuckolded. Then, Renka decides to reply to Milis.

 ”…Okay, I understand the problem between Al and Mil. So, I’ll just pretend I don’t know. and I think it’s better for Al to pretend I don’t know…”

 ”Thank you, Renka-chan. Shinji-san, please ask for assistance next time…♡”

 ”Oh, I understand”

 Renka knew that Shinji had embraced Milis. If that’s what Alvin and Milis wanted, she had no intention of stopping.

 Milis was happy that her cheating s*x with Shinji had been approved by Alvin, and she was happy that she could now fulfill Alvin’s wishes.

 Shinji felt an unparalleled sense of pleasure as he listened to Renka and Milis’ friendly conversation about the highly erotic subject of sharing oneself successfully.

 From the outside, it didn’t look like anything more than a party of friendly adventurers chatting and laughing.

* * *

 ◇ ◇ ◇

 Then, on that afternoon.

 Milis was strolling through <Este> with Alvin, who had just returned from Smith’s workshop.

 Alvin and Milis, holding hands and fingers tightly together, walked slowly down the street.

 As a couple of good-looking man and woman, they naturally attracted the attention of the people around them, but they didn’t care at all and were looking at the snack shop that Milis was looking for.

 ”Oh, Al-kun”

 Milis muttered as if she remembered.

 ”What’s wrong?”

 The short Milis naturally looked up at Alvin. And when Alvin gazed at Milis, who was squinting with happiness, unexpected words came out of Milis.

 ”I asked Shinji-san and he said… it’s fine ♡”

 ”Eh… he accepts it…?”

 Milis spoke in an abstract way, but Alvin knew immediately what she meant.

 It was the ugly lust he had told Milis about last night… the unbecoming lover’s lust to see Milis in Shinji’s arms while he still making love with her.

 ”But Al-kun, you mustn’t tell Renka-chan about this…♡”

 Alvin felt sorry for Renka, but also felt a deep affection from Milis’ devotion when she reported it to him as happily as if it were his own. Perhaps he feels guilty for offering his girlfriend (Milis) to be held by Shinji, but Alvin has no idea that Milis is having an affair with Shinji.

 The only thing Alvin can do for Milis is to whisper his love to her and promise to love her no matter what.

 Unfortunately, Alvin swallowed the words, “I’m sorry”

 ”Thank you… I love you, Mil….”

 ”I love you too, Al-kun… ♡”

 The two distorted lovers walked through the Town.

 And they enjoyed a happy afternoon.


 Report from Milis-chan.

 Report to Renka and Shinji.

 Report to Alvin.

 It’s important to be careful about what you say.

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