Wizard 285

Chapter 285 Completion of the Sword

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 The day after the report from Milis.

 Alvin and the others visited Smith workshop early in the morning. For one reason and one reason only.

 ”Smith! I’m here!”

 ”Alvin, I have been waiting fur ye!”

 Yes, it was to receive Alvin’s finished great sword.

 Because when they gathered in the cafeteria in the morning, Alvin already looked restless and anxious.

 So, today, after receiving the sword, they had planned to go to the area around the Town to try out the sword on some stray monster. That’s why they all decided to rest quietly last night.

 ”My sword has finished!?”

 ”O’ coorse! It’s my masterpiece… ‘n’ wait a minute! I’ll get it right away!”

 Smith grinned and walked to the back of the store, talking loudly. When he came back, he had in his hand a very beautiful great sword with a pale bluish color.

 The beauty of the sword is emphasized by the fact that it has no unnecessary ornamentation, and Shinji, Renka, and Milis are all taken aback by it.


 Milis muttered, and Alvin staggered to a halt.

 ”I’ve ne’er seen such a stunning blue color in my life, which proves that Alvin’s magic is weel integrated into th’ sword”

 Smith smiled confidently as he held out the great sword and offer it to Alvin.

 As the great sword in Alvin’s hand, it felt so comfortable that he could hardly believe it was his first time of holding it. The weight of the sword was almost the same as that of his old sword, which was also one of the reasons.

 Then, Alvin, who is still holding the sword, used <Body Strengthening magic>.

 ”This… this sensation…!”

 Alvin could not hide his surprise at the completely different sensation from his previous great sword.

 Because until now, his great sword which he used to swing around using the power enhanced by <Body Strengthening Magic>, he could feel the weight of the sword firmly in his arms.

 However, this is not the case with this new sword, because after <Body Strengthening Magic> permeates the great sword, he can feel as if the sword and his arm are becoming one. Moreover, with this mysterious feeling, Alvin was both puzzled and excited, because he did not feel the weight of the great sword at all.

 ”Wow…! It looks like it can cut through anything…!”

 ”Let me know if ye have tried it out ‘n’ I’ll mak’ some minor adjustments”

 ”Oh…! All right!”

 Alvin took the scabbard from Smith after release <Body Strengthening Magic> and put it away.

 ”Th’ next one is Renka’s bow. I’ll prepare th’ materials, so can ye come back tomorrow? I don’t think I’ll be able to do it t’day”

 ”Okay. I’ll come back tomorrow at the same time”

 ”Please do~”

 Looking at the results of Alvin’s great sword, Smith’s skill was once again evident, and Renka’s cheeks naturally relaxed as she looked forward to seeing how her new bow would turn out.

 ”Durin-san, here’s the money for the great sword”

 ”I accepted it~…”

 On the other hand, Shinji was paying Durin for the new sword at the checkout counter away from Alvin and the others.

 Durin carefully checked to make sure she hadn’t miscalculated because of the amount of money involved. Of course, there was no way Shinji could have made such a mistake, and the amount was correct.

* * *

 (He’s pure precise… ‘n’ there’s no bargaining, which is great fur us)

 Thinking about this, Durin put the money she received into the safe and locked it up. While she was doing this, Shinji kept his eyes on Durin. The mere fact that he was looking at him made Durin’s heart beat faster.

 ”W, what is it?”

 Durin’s cheeks flushed, and she looked around cautiously, but no one was paying any attention to Shinji and Durin.

 ”Nothing, see you tomorrow…”

 ”Ah….Okay. See ye tomorrow! I’ve got laundry to do too!”

 Shinji stepped back and distanced himself, and Durin couldn’t help but let out a few words of regret. As if to make up for it, Durin said goodbye and hurriedly retreated to the back of the store.

 (Oh no…. I want it again even though I must not… ♡)

 Last night, Durin had s*x with her husband, Smith. The reason was that they had reconciled, and now that the big job was over, the ban on having children was lifted.

 Smith was very happy having s*x with her, but Durin was still not satisfied. Because of this, the flames of lust have been smoldering deep inside her body.

 (Only once again… I want to do it juist one more time…♡ After my husband finishes making weapons… afore he leaves this Town, just once again… because this is th’ real last time…♡)

 Durin was already completely in the throes of it, but she was unable to confess it. If she confessed it, she might even want to have children with him.

 (Tomorrow, when he come to th’ store again, I’ll ask… for it… ♡)

 As Durin washed her clothes in the laundry room, her eyes were filled with lust, but there was no one to point it out.


 Alvin’s sword is complete.

 His s*xual tendencies and fighting strength have increased.

 It seems that Durin is nearing the end of her patience.

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