Wizard 286

Chapter 286 Before Trying Out New Sword

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 After leaving Smith’s workshop, Alvin and other members of <Running Wolves> stopped by <Este> Branch of the Adventurer’s Guild. Then, they decided to accept a permanent request that they had researched the day before.

 The request was to “Thin out the road to the mine”

 It was a request to keep the road to the mine, which supports the blacksmithing industry of <Este> Town, safe by reducing the number of monsters on and around the road.

 This request can be accepted by Lower ranking Adventurer if it’s just for the road, and by Intermediate ranking Adventurer if it’s to go off the road and hunt the monster around.

 Although the rewards are low, the request can be taken as many times as needed in a day, and it was a request recommended by the adventurer’s guild when someone asked if there were any requests suitable for testing a weapon.

 ”No encounters so far, huh…”

 Alvin blurted out a few moments after they left <Este> Town, and since they were halfway between the two cities, they decided to take a break.

 They sat down on the side of the road and continued talking while each of them took a drink of water.

 ”After all, this is the road to the mine, the lifeline of <Este> Town. So, it’s well maintained, and the monsters seem to be well reduced enough”

 Alvin, who was unable to fulfill his original purpose, stared at Shinji with half-lidded eyes as he nodded admiringly.

 ”I’d be in trouble if there were no monsters…”

 ”I know, I know. So, let’s take a side road and go from here. There should be monsters around here”

 Shinji looked away from the path that Alvin and the others had been taking to get to the mine, and looked at a side road. The side road was narrow, but it seemed to be used as a daily route, and there were traces of carriages on the ground, clearly indicating that people had come and gone.

 According to the information Shinji had received from the adventurer’s guild, there was a beastman village at the end of this side road. Moreover, there were many people working in the mines in the village, and this side road was within the scope of the request to “thin out the road to the mines”.

 However, most of the adventurers who were heading toward the mines, they went there without turning off onto the side roads because the possibility of encountering monsters was greater on the side roads.

 ”Alright. Let’s move on then”

 ”Al, be careful of your surroundings, okay? I’ll be on the lookout too…”

 ”Yeah, I know!”

 Alvin stood up quickly after rehydrating, and Renka, Milis, and Shinji followed him, but Renka warned Alvin not to get carried away.

 At first glance, Alvin looks like he’s having a good time, but he’s listening to Renka’s warning, and Shinji knows that, so he decides to stop talking and calls Freri to help him guard against the monsters.

 ”Freri, can you tell me if there are any monster approaching?”


 The summoned Freri nodded and lined up next to Shinji.

 They formed the same line as they had in the dungeon, starting with Renka, Alvin, Milis, Shinji and Freri, and proceeded down toward side street.

* * *

 ◇ ◇ ◇

 ”This sword is amazing!”

 A short time after entering the side road, they found monster’s reaction located close to the mountain. As they were close to it, they encountered a Kobold, a large dog that walked on two legs, and Alvin was able to test out the weapon.

 Even though he had just received it today, Alvin was able to handle the new great sword as if he had been using it for years.

 ”It’s really incomparable. Isn’t a Kobold enough to test it out?”

 ”It seems….not enough and it looks like your sword will be able to take you to the top dungeons in no time!”

 ”That’s encouraging”

 Alvin, who is feeling a definite response, says so in a state of excitement. In addition, Alvin’s expression was full of confidence as he became convinced that he could fight stronger monsters by simply changing to a special weapon.

 ”Al-kun, tomorrow it’s Renka-chan’s turn to use the bow, okay?”

 ”I know, I know. …Renka?”

 Renka, who would normally have a few words to say, was silent. Her expression was serious, and she nodded at him with her eyes, listening carefully.

 [Shinji, there’s a monster up ahead. The carriage is being attacked]

 ”It looks like someone’s being attacked up ahead!”

 ”What! Let’s go, everyone!”

 Alvin shouted when he heard Renka’s words. If it’s a dispute inside the Town, Shinji, who is ostensibly a good guy, has no reason to stop it but if it’s a monster outside the Town, it’s different.

 Shinji also shouted his approval, feeling that Alvin had grown up enough not to rush out suddenly and speak to them first. Of course, so did Milis.



 ”Let’s go!”

 The first one, Renka, starts running. Every single one of them boosted their leg strength with <Body Strengthening Magic> and ran down the path at once.

 And what was ahead of them?

 There is an overturned carriage and a number of foodstuffs scattered on the back of the carriage, and a flock of kobolds eating on the sweet-smelling fruit.

 And at some distance from the carriage, surrounded by the kobolds, were a group of beastman adventurers who appeared to be guarding the carriage, and a group of beastman who appeared to be non-combatants being protected by them.

 The most striking among them was a fox-eared beastman that Alvin and the others had seen on the stage of the arena.

 As the Kobolds were about to pounce on the adventurers, an invisible force suddenly crushed them, sending them crashing to the ground in a heap.

 ”Crush – <Gravity Manipulation>!”

 Shinji pointed his staff and unleashed a spell.

 In the meantime, Alvin was slashing at the rest of the Kobolds crowding the carriage.


 The weapon was tested.

 And the fox girl reappeared.

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