Wizard 287

Chapter 287 Running Wolves Help Other Adventurers

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 ””Thank you so much for your help…!””

 The three beastman adventurers and the fox beastman bowed deeply to Alvin and the others.

 With Shinji’s gravitational magic and Alvin’s slashing, the Kobold hordes lost all momentum and fled in a flash.

 As the purpose of the encounter was to rescue people, Alvin and the others decided not to chase the Kobolds, but to protect the adventurers and beastmen who were surrounded by them.


 Milis healed the beastman adventurers who had been wounded by the kobolds, one by one.

 Meanwhile, Alvin and Shinji disposed of the bodies of the Kobolds they had defeated, gathering them in one place and letting Shinji burn them with Flair’s help.

 Then, both Renka and Freri keep a close eye on the area to make sure the Kobolds don’t come back.

 Without saying a word, they do what they have to do to each other.

 This fluid action was proof that <Running Wolves> were an upper-ranking adventurer party, and that they had done these many times before.

 The beastman adventurers, who were watching Alvin and the others’ movements, made a passionate eye on their eyes as Milis tended to them. It was not only the beastman adventurers, but the fox beastman as well.

 But in her case, she was only looking at the two of them, Alvin and Shinji. Beastmen have a custom of being attracted to strong men, and this is because beastmen women tend to like strong men.

 Alvin, who was active in the fighting tournament, and Shinji, who was in the same party as Alvin and killed many Kobolds together.

 She fell in love with the different strengths of the two of them.

 Then, after cleaning up, the beastman adventurer and the fox beastman thanked them again.

 ”Just when I thought it was over…”

 That’s what Pard, the dog-beastman swordsman and leader of the intermediate-intermediate rank adventurer party <Blue Sharp Fang>, said.

 ”The carriage was broken… and it overturned, and the fruit fell and we were attacked by kobolds attracted by the sweet smell….”

 The archer, Ranian, the dog-beastman with drooping ears, said that.

 ”And I was surprised that <Running Wolves> helped us!”

 The priest-warrior Bellman, the dog-beastman, gazes at them with sparkling eyes.

 They are a party of three dog beastmen. And with no wizard/witch in their party, naturally, they had no way to deal with the pack of Kobolds at once, so they had a hard time.

 ”I’m glad we got here in time. It was just a coincidence”

 Alvin nodded his head in a respectful, mature manner. Milis looked at him with an expression that said, “I can’t help it”, and Shinji and Renka decided to continue the conversation.

 ”We’re not going to let the sweet smell lure the monster again. Let’s move on everyone”

 ”But the axle of the carriage… and that fruit is the client’s goods”

 Pard said with a troubled look at Renka’s words.

 Pard’s gaze also landed on the fox-beastman, the woman who had acted as ring girl in the fighting tournament.

 The fox-beastman was wearing a plain brown robe instead of the more revealing and flamboyant attire she wore at the tournament, but her beauty was not diminished by her plain attire.

* * *

 ”Yes… I want to return to the village with as much fruit as possible…. This fruit is the food that everyone in the village is looking forward to eating. …Can’t you do something about it…?”

 ”But the axle is damaged…”

 The beautiful woman asked Pard to help her with an apologetic look, but the reply was not good. Some of the fruit has been eaten, but there is still so much fruit on the box that no one can carry it all.

 On the other hand, if they left the goods here and went to the village to call for help, it was obvious that the fruit would be destroyed in the meantime.

 Alvin and Shinji were listening to the conversation and their eyes met. The look in his eyes said it all, and Shinji nodded with a wry smile.

 ”We’ll help you if you want. We happened to be on our way to that village too”

 ”Are you sure!!”

 She raised her fox ears and squealed with delight at Alvin’s offer.

 ”But, can you pull the carriage in return?”

 ”Yes…? But the carriage won’t move, right…?”

 Shinji tapped Alvin lightly on the shoulder, who tilted his head. Then, he moved toward the carriage.


 After Shinji cast his spell, Alvin grabbed the broken axle of the carriage and was able to lift it up with ease, making it almost weightless thanks to Shinji’s magic.

 This surprised both <Blue Sharp Fang> and the fox beastman.

 ”And now, all you have to do now is to walk while pulling the cart with human power”

 ”I understand! Thank you very much!”

 Pard and the others immediately began to move.

 They did what they could to get the horses off the back of the carriage, sorted out the overturned fruit boxes on the back of the carriage, and took over the role of supporting the carriage from Alvin.

 ”Well then, we’ll leave when you’re ready”


 The fox beastman nodded at Alvin’s words. But she clapped her hands as if she had forgotten something important.

 ”I’ve never told you my name. My name is Hiyuri. It’s nice to meet you”

 Hiyuri then smiled.

 In this way, <Running Wolves> moved towards the beastman village with Hurley and <Blue Sharp Fang>.


 The fox beastman, Hiyuri.

 They will head for the village with the adventurers they saved.

 The <Running Wolves> has become well known enough to be admired. The fighting tournament is a big deal.

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