Wizard 289

Chapter 289 Hiyuri’s Melancholy and the Beginning of the Incident

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 There is a mob death.


 After returning to her room inside the mansion, Hiyuri fell onto her bed and sighed loudly. Her expression was one of unhappy and upset.

 The reason for this was the incident when she was separated from Alvin and the others.

 ”I can’t believe it, he has no reaction to my beauty…”

 Hiyuri’s fluffy tail wagged as she muttered in frustration.

 Hiyuri knows that she is beautiful, and she takes pride in her efforts to be more beautiful. And thanks to her beauty, she has been able to take on the role of ring girl at the annual fighting tournament, a role that requires more than just good looks.

 It has become customary for the best looking beastmen to be given the job of ring girl.

 Beast women prefer strong men, and every year there is a fight for the job of ring girl, which allows them to see the fighting events where strong men gather up close.

 It’s no exaggeration to say that Hiyuri is the most beautiful beast woman of the year. Because the gazes of the men who stared at her as she worked on stage were so pleasing, so she felt more confident in her beauty.

 (I’m losing confidence…)

 Hiyuri wished she was at least be admired for a moment.

 She knew that Alvin had a girlfriend, she knew that Shinji had a girlfriend from the ring on his finger, and she knew that she was just blowing herself up by showing off her beauty.

 (It’s Alvin-senshu’s fault that he’s not good as his looks…)

 As is customary, the beast woman who acts as ring girl goes on to find a suitable partner at the consolation party held after the tournament, but this year the winner, Alvin, was unable to attend because he was an adventurer.

 Himeno, who had a close match with Alvin, was also an adventurer and did not participate. Because the final match left too much of an impression, Hiyuri was not at all attracted to the unmarried knights who came in third or lower.

 As a result, Hiyuri was unable to make a compromise decision on whom she would marry, and her future partner remained undecided.

 So, she thought she could return the favor, but she failed miserably.

 (And because of that, I was given a job! And I almost got hurt doing the job I was given! Haa~, I’m sick of it…)

 Her fluffy fox ears flopped down.

 She works because she has not decided whom to marry yet! But Hiyuri had no idea that the axle of the cart would break and she would be attacked by kobolds. As a result, she happens to meet <Running Wolves>.

 The images of Alvin and Shinji fighting are vividly recalled in Hiyuri’s mind. In addition, Renka and Milis were also working properly, but they have disappeared from Hiyuri’s memory.

 (It was wonderful. …If I’m going to get married, I want a strong man…)

 She can’t give up on her ideals because she is young.

 When she was thinking of Alvin and his bravery with a sloppy smile on her face, the door of the room opened without a knock.


 Hearing the man’s voice, Hiyuri’s good mood plummeted.

 ”Please at least knock, Nii-sama”

 At the end of Hiyuri’s stunned gaze, there was a young man with fox ears and a tail of the same color. He is Hiyuri’s brother and the next head of the village, Fuukei.

* * *

 ”It’s fine. If you’re back, tell me”

 ”Why? I don’t have any business with you”

 Hiyuri was not fond of her brother. She has always had a problem with him, but lately she doesn’t even want to talk to him. The reason is that ever since Hiyuri returned from the fighting tournament, he has been trying to push for a marriage.

 ”I want to talk. There’s a marriage proposal”

 ”I told you I don’t want to talk about it”

 Hiyuri turned her head away, not wanting to listen to him. Normally, Fuukei would continue to talk without regard to Hiyuri’s attitude, but not today.

 ”…Well, that’s fine. Don’t get a lover. I’ll arrange a marriage for you”

 ”It’s my business! Get out of here! I’ll decide who I want to marry!”

 Hiyuri felt a shiver run down her spine as Fuukei looked at Hiyuri’s entire body, and Hiyuri screamed in anger. Fuukei shrugged her shoulders and left the room quietly.

 ”What’s with that matchmaking…! Stupid!”

 With anger, Hiyuri threw a pillow at the door as Fuukei left. Hiyuri’s head was boiling with anger, but then a question occurred to her.

 (Normally, he would be more insistent on a marriage proposal, but …why today…)

 However, before she could think of an answer, an even bigger shock hit Hiyuri, or rather, the entire village.


 ”W, what happened!? Why the house shaken!?”

 The sound was so loud that Hiyuri thought her house had shaken. Hiyuri, who hear that, quickly ran to outside. As she arrived, in addition to her, various other residents of the village were also outside the house as they ran out of the house. Among them was her brother, whom she didn’t like, and her father, the head of the village.

 ”The mine…!”

 Hiyuri heard someone shout.

 From the corner of Hiyuri’s eye, she could see a thick cloud of dust rising from the mine’s workings in the distance, accompanied by red smoke.

 The red smoke was a symbol of the most dangerous situation, when there is an emergency and a monster is the cause. Furthermore, this smoke had never been seen before in the history of the mine before.

 Everyone, who was looking at the scene, stunned and disbelief–.

 ◇ ◇ ◇

 ”H, help m… higya!?”


 ”No!! I don’t want to die…”

 At the entrance to the mine, the miners were being attacked by a monster.

 It looked like a giant ant. It attacked the miners with its sharp teeth and killed them. It was a one-sided slaughter, because the hard outer shell blocked all the pickaxes that were wielded by the miners to counterattack them.

 ”I’m sorry…Folt….”

 In the midst of all this, the cat-beastman who had been organizing the miners picked up the explosives that had been prepared for excavation and made up his mind.

 With the fuse lit, he ran in a straight line toward the giant ants that were still coming out of the mine entrance.

 ”Run away!! I will raise a red smoke!!”

 That was the last thing the man said.

 When he jumped into the swarm of ants, he triggered a huge explosion and succeeded in blocking one of the entrances to the mine in exchange for his life.

 As a result, some of the miners succeed in escaping while their friends lose their lives. As the miners flee, red smoke rises behind them, signaling an anomaly.


 Hiyuri’s This and That

 She and her brother don’t seem to get along.

 And there seems to be a monster in the mine.

 Let’s move on with the story.

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