Wizard 290

Chapter 290 Running Wolf Return to the Village

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 Shortly before the abnormalities occurred in the mine.

 Alvin and the others had left the village and were on their way back to the <Este> Town.

 ”Unexpectedly profitable….”

 ”It’s better not to be so adamant. Let’s just say you’re doing them a favor”

 Shinji said to Alvin, who had an indescribable look on his face. Because Alvin was helping out of the goodness of his heart, not because he was looking for a reward. – TinyTL

 ”Yeah, I know… I spent a lot of money on this, you know”

 ”That’s right, Al-kun. Anyway, I’m surprised to see the girl who was hosting the event”

 Milis smiled at Alvin as he tapped the hilt of his blue-colored sword, and Renka nodded in agreement as they continued their conversation.

 ”Yes. She was beautiful from afar, but she’s even more beautiful up close”

 ”Yes. Her fox ears are also cute…. ♪”

 The reason why Renka and Milis can openly praise Hiyuri’s looks is because Alvin and Shinji didn’t pay any attention to Hiyuri’s beauty.

 If either one of them had fawned over her, it would have never been brought up.

 ”The beastman’s ears are good, aren’t they? They’re so popular that there are even fake ears for costumes”

 Shinji looked at Renka as he said this, and Renka’s cheeks flushed as she noticed the anticipation in his gaze.

 ”I’m not gonna wear it, okay?”

 ”Haa~, it’s a shame…”

 When they were exchanging light words like that.


 A thunderous sound echoed.

 Immediately, Alvin and the others put their hands on their weapons and took a low, alert posture.

 ”It’s explosion…! Where is it coming from?”

 ”Probably from the mine”

 Shinji responded to Alvin’s shout, and Renka immediately used her <Eagle’s Eye> magic to get a bird’s eye view of the direction of the mine.

 Renka saw that the entrance to the mine had collapsed and was filled with a cloud of dust and red smoke. Not only that, but there was also the horrible sight of a giant ant monster attacking the fleeing miners.

 However, even one of the entrances to the mine was collapsed, the ant monsters still coming out from the other entrances.

 It was an emergency situation, and they could only think that monsters had suddenly appeared in the mine.

 ”Monsters are overflowing out of the mine!”

 ”Renka! What about the monsters that overflowed?”

 ”They’re attacking the miners… and some of them are moving down from the mine!”

 Alvin listened to Renka’s words and thought.

 Where do these monsters go when they go down from the mine? It is obvious that they are going to target people, and it will be cities and villages. In <Este> Town, in addition to adventurers, there are also soldiers, and there is a magnificent wall that prevents the monsters.

 However, the only adventurers in the village they had just been in were the <Blue Sharp Fang>, and the walls that prevented the monster were little more than wooden fences. – TinyTL

 But they were still in the vicinity of the village. If that’s the case…

 ”Let’s go back to the village! There should be fewer forces than in the Town!”

 Alvin chooses a place where he needs more strength.

 He knows that if he wants to play it safe, it’s best to rush to the <Este> Town, but he feels that if the village is destroyed, he’ll have regrets.

 ”Yes! Let’s hurry back!”

 ”Right. It’s not good if the monster finds the village”

 Milis and Renka felt the same way. Although, their s*xuality may be warped, but their essential goodness has not changed.

 ”Yeah. We’ll do our best”

 Shinji nodded after the three of them.

 He believed that this party, which had survived the toughest battles and reached the upper ranks, would be able to find a way to win against any monster.

 Thus, Alvin and the others decided to hurry back to the village.

* * *

 ◇ ◇ ◇

 When Alvin and the others returned to the village, they found a full of restless beastmen and seeing the smoke rising from the mine, they did not know what to do and were not able to respond quickly enough.

 Although red smoke was rising to warn them of the presence of a monster, the beastmen never dreamed that the monster was heading for this village.

 Because of this, the chiefs of the village were talking about whether or not to request <Este> Town to investigate the mine. And whether or not they should go and check on the miners.

 ”Is the chief here?!”

 The beastmen’s gazes were drawn to Alvin’s voice as he stepped into the village square. While most of the beastmen, including the chief, looked at him quizzically, Hiyuri shouted.

 ”Otou-sama, these are Alvin-san and the other adventurers who helped me! Please listen to what they have to say!”

 Hiyuri’s words were met with a nod from a mature, male fox-beast, who remembered that Alvin and the others were upper-ranking adventurers.

 ”How are things going?”

 ”I checked the condition of the mine with magic. Monsters are overflowing from the mine and moving down from it. The sooner we set up an alert, the better”

 After Alvin spoke to the chief, he was stunned by what he heard and squeezes out the words in a shaky voice.

 ”The miners….”

 ”Most are….”

 Alvin shakes his head. The chief is devastated by the stark reality of the situation, but he knows that lamenting will not make things better.TinnyTL

 ”Alert the vigilantes… and tell the residents to return to their homes ….”

 ”Al! Some of them are coming!”

 ”What! We’ll go out first! In the meantime, keep the village safe!”

 The chief’s instructions were halted by Renka’s warning, and Alvin ran off without waiting for a reply, thinking that he should give priority to dealing with the approaching monsters rather than the frozen chief.

 When the <Running Wolves> went out of the village, a giant ant monster over two meters long appeared in front of them.


 Confronting a mountain monster.

 The adventure part (the story) will continue.

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