Wizard 29

Chapter 29 Alvin becomes Emily’s apprentice

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 Shinji carried Milis while she was unconscious. He dressed her and laid her on her bed.

 It was easy to cast a hypnotic spell on someone who was unconscious and defenseless, and make her forget about the s*x scene she had seen tonight between Shinji and Renka.

 Shinji laughed as he stroked the cheek of the sleeping Milis.

 (Now all I have to do is to slowly corrupt her.)

 Thinking about the future, Shinji continued to laugh silently.

* * *

 The day after the party, in the early afternoon

 Shinji, Milis, and Renka were waiting at the inn’s dining room for Alvin, who had been called by the guild.

 ”Guys! We’ve reached the upper ranks!”

 Alvin, who was supposedly dazed and hungover on his way to the guild, came running back to the inn in perfect spirits.

 ”Really!? We did it, Al!”

 ”Finally, advanced… that’s good”

 Renka and Milis took Alvin’s hand and shared their joy. The three of them were so excited that Shinji also looked at them happily.

 Alvin approached Shinji, smiled and put his fist out in front of him.

 ”You did it, Alvin.”

 ”Yeah! Keep up the good work!”

 Shinji also made a fist and lightly smashed it against Alvin’s fist.

 ”But a promotion. I’m sure it’s thanks to that quest. I thought we needed a few more achievements.”

 ”It seems so. It seems that the unique individual was more dangerous than we thought and they evaluated us highly.”

 ”In fact, if it weren’t for Emily-san and Shinji-san’s coordinated techniques, I think we would have struggled even more…”

 Milis murmurs as he recalls the blue light emitted from Emily’s spiked iron rod.

 As if he remembered, Alvin asked Shinji.

 ”That’s right! Shinji, what was that?”

 ”Well… We are now on the upper ranks, so let’s talk about it. Will you all sit down?”

 Shinji urged the three of them to take their seats as he accepted his upper ranks adventurer’s card from Alvin.

 Alvin and the others took their seats quietly.

 ”I’ll explain in order. You know that special magic is available at upper ranks, right?”

 ”Yes, I do. Dangerous magic is called special magic and the adventurer’s guild regulates it.”

 ”I’ve heard it’s for public safety because before the restrictions, it was often misused.”

 ”So, does that mean Emily’s magic is special magic?”

 ”Yes, it is. It’s called <Magic Blade>, it turns magic power into blades.”

 Before the regulations, it was used by everyone from street fighters to assassins, he added, turning over his adventurer’s card.

 The upper ranks adventurer’s card has three indentations that were not present on previous adventurer’s cards.

 ”In these indentations place a magic stone that contains a special spell. The owner can then use special magic. Choose a spell from the magic list and apply to the Adventurer’s Guild. The guild will lend it to you, so be careful not to lose it.”

 ”There three ranks of special magic. First is lower-rank magic, second is middle-rank magic, and third is upper-rank magic.”

 ”There’s also a reading room dedicated to special magic, so I want to go there again with everyone.”

 There was no hint of the man Shinji who had held them last night in his arms.

 Shinji’s look at Renka and Milis, who seemed to be on good terms with each other, was also gentle, and it would never have been thought that the three of them were having a physical relationship.

 ”But wasn’t the magic of <Magic Blade> supposed to slash for several meters? I’ve seen other adventurers use it before, but it was completely different for Emily”

 ”Well, as with the movement method, Emily is good at specializing in one point. I think that was a one-point specialization in range. But the blade is extremely thin and lasts only a moment. In return, she’s able to slice through targets that are that far away.”

 ”I can’t really copy that,” Shinji chuckled.

 ”But yesterday was a non-standard version that she used without regard to fuel consumption because she absorbs my magic power. It can be used without <Mana Link>, but I think it’s more enough.”

 ”Is that so… but it’s still amazing…”

 Alvin muttered and fell silent.

 Shinji clapped his hands lightly as no questions came up.

 ”That’s it for the story. So, Alvin. What time are we coming back?”

 ”If we don’t get ready soon, the schedule will be past 1 month.”

 There’s no more use for this city now that they’ve reached the upper ranks.

 Upon hearing Shinji’s question, Milis also tilted her head to look at Alvin’s face.

 ”I’d like to say goodbye to Akane in a couple of days, if that’s okay with you.”

 ”I’ve got some unfinished business to attend to, so let’s leave it at that. Is that okay with you, Shinji and Mil?”

 ”It’s okay, Al-kun.”

 ”Okay, but… unfinished business? What’s left to do?”

 ”I’m here to play~♡”

 The moment Shinji sensed a bad premonition and was about to ask Alvin about it, Emily slipped into the dining room. With that momentum, she took a seat next to Shinji and ordered an ale.

 ”You still drink a lot on your days off…”

 ”Thank you for your hard work yesterday, Emily-san.”

 ”Huh… good work.”

 Shinji looked at Emily with a dumbfounded expression and half-looked at her.

 Milis greeted Emily with a smile, while Renka looked as if she wanted to say, “You’ve come again?”

 Emily sipped the ale that had been brought to her and sipped it, then set the mug down on the desk and opened her mouth.

 ”I’m sorry〜♪ So, what were you talking about?”

 ”Well, we’re now at the upper ranks. So, we’re talking about leaving the city soon.”

 ”Oh, really? Congratulations everyone!! Congratulations ♡”

 ”Thank you very much. But I don’t want to go out drinking.”

 ”But, I can do it every day…”

 ”Don’t try to throw a party every day for some reason~ Listen, not everyone is as good as Emily when drinking…”

 Emily’s words made Milis and Renka’s cheeks twitch slightly.

 Shinji began to talk some common sense into Emily’s suggestion of a daily drinking session. Emily was being lecture by Shinji, but she listened quietly with a grimace on her face.

 (It’s been a while since Shinji lectured me… ♡)

 It seems to be a reward for Emily, who thinks that a lecture from someone she likes is not so bad. Shinji finally noticed Emily’s condition and let out a sigh, deciding to drop the ineffective sermon at once.

 ”Anyway, there will be no drinking today, okay?”

 ”Okay Okay, I get it~”

 ”Let’s do it some other time…?”

 ”Emily… no, Emily-san!”

 When the conversation had come to an end, Alvin, who had been silent until now, suddenly stood up.

 At this point, Shinji sensed that Alvin had left something undone. The next one that comes out is Alvin’s mouth.

 Milis and Renka were startled by Alvin’s loud voice and stared at him unconsciously.

 ”Please make me… your disciple!”

 (I knew it~…)


 Alvin lowers his head as hard as he can.

 Shinji put his hand to his face and looked up to the sky, while Milis and Renka shouted in surprise.

 Emily smiled and rose from her seat with a nimble movement, standing in front of Alvin with her arms folded in a proud attitude.

 ”My training will be tough. Do you think you can keep up?”

 ”Yes…! I’ll do my best!”

 ”Good! …Then I’ll go with you, so I’ll get ready. Thank you for your continued support, everyone.”

 Emily smiles good-humoredly.

 ”Mil, I’m going to be strong!”

 ”Yes, good luck, Al-kun!”

 ”I’m sure you’re good at it…”

 ”Hmm… I wonder what will happen. From now on…”

 Each of them reacted differently, but they accepted Emily.

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