Wizard 30

Chapter 30 Milis and The Irresistible Pleasure

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 The next day, after arranging a carriage at the guild, <Running Wolves> and Emily decided to leave the desert city together in two days later.

 Emily came to pick up Alvin in the morning to train him, and they went off together. Milis was also asked if she wanted to follow Alvin, but she refused, saying that she had plans for the day.

 It seemed that they would be training until the evening.

 Renka went to the monastery to tell Akane that she will be leaving town.

 She said she would have lunch with Akane, so she would return in the afternoon.

 Shinji and Milis were the only ones in the <Raging Lizard Inn>.

 In this situation, Shinji was visiting Milis’ room.

 ”Ano, Shinji…san ♡ What do you want to discuss… Don’t… ♡”

 Shinji and Milis were sitting side by side on the edge of the bed.

 Shinji’s arm and Milis’s shoulder were touching each other, and Shinji’s arm was sliding under Milis’s armpit to touch her rich breast with a gentle touch.

 Milis was confused, but unable to resist, and continued to let Shinji play with her breasts as he did.

 The experience of pleasure engraved in her body from the two times they had s*x, and the aphrodisiac spell that had been cast on her vagina by the repeated penetrations, had caused Milis to go into heat, depriving her of her ability to resist or think.

 ”What am I want to talk? …Milis must be aware of it.”

 ”… Ah ♡ What… ♡ Are you saying… ♡”

 Milis was wearing a simple shirt and skirt, unlike her usual priestly clothes. Despite only being touched lightly on her breasts, Milis felt her vagina tingle with excitement.

 ”Milis is a naughty girl. She’s such a naughty girl that she comes to my room because she can’t forget my cock.”

 ”That…that time…I was crazy… ♡ That’s no good ♡ Ah ♡ N… ♡”

 Shinji’s hand slipped inside Milis’ skirt and lightly touched her secret area from above her underwear. The vagina, which is tingling from the aphrodisiac magic, is delighted by the light touch, making the underwear damp and dripping with love juice.

 Milis also grabbed Shinji’s arm, but her resistance was only a mere move, and there was no strength in it to stop Shinji’s action.

 ”It’s important. So why did you come to my room at that night?”

 ”That’s… ♡ I couldn’t help it ♡ My body was aching ♡”

 Milis’s underwear was soaked from the constant rubbing over her underwear. The back of her vagina was tingling ♡ and Milis couldn’t wait to have Shinji’s p*nis.

 ”Are you not satisfied s*x with Alvin?”

 ”Al-kun is not bad…! Ah ♡ Don’t rub my pussy ♡ It feels… ♡ Too good… ♡ Fahh ♡♡”

 When he mentioned Alvin, Milis’s hand became stronger.

 However, when he changed the place of touch from the secret part to the clitoris and caressed it, Milis immediately lost her strength.

 (Shinji-san’s finger…feels too good…♡ Why…♡ What’s the difference between him and Al-kun… ♡)

 The increased sensitivity caused by the aphrodisiac magic, combined with Shinji’s skillful caresses, gives Milis a pleasure she’s never experienced before.

 When the fingers pinched and plucked her clitoris, Milis climaxed lightly and overflowed with more love juice.

 Milis’s face was already throbbing with pleasure.

 ”Milis just needs to use me.”


 ”All you have to do is have s*x with me and get rid of your s*xual desires. That way, Alvin won’t know you’re a naughty girl. I know that Milis loves Alvin.”

 Shinji gently pushed Milis down.

 He lifted Milis’s legs and removed her soaking wet and useless underwear. Then he took off his pants and underwear and pulled out the big p*nis that he had penetrated Milis with two days ago.

 Milis was unable to move. Her body already wanted to give in to the male named Shinji. She knew that if she stayed, she would be able to feel that pleasure again, so she had no desire to resist.

 ”It’s cheating… ♡ It’s bad… ♡”

 ”It’s not cheating because your real love is Alvin. Maybe it’s s*x friend… or maybe you don’t need this cock anymore…?”

 ”Sex friend… ♡ A brilliant relationship… ♡ Ah ♡ Already rubbing it… ♡ N.. ♡ N… ♡”

 The glans of Shinji’s p*nis rubbed against Milis’s secret vagina. Every time the strong p*nis rubs against her again and again, a sweet numbness hits her, and the back of her vagina starts to tingle as if urging her to accept the insertion.

 It is not possible for Milis to endure this.

 ”I’ll never do it again if you don’t want me to. So, what do you want…”

 ”I want ♡ Your cock, Shinji-san ♡ I’ll be your ♡ Sex friend ♡ Please insert your cock ♡♡♡”

 ”Fufu, okay”

 ”Faaaaaahhh ♡♡♡”

 Milis begged for mercy as if to cover Shinji’s words.

 Shinji with a smiling face is rubbing his p*nis against the entrance of the secret part and inserting it at once.

 Milis’s vaginal passage, which was expanded to Shinji’s size two days ago, felt the pleasure of the forceful insertion. When the glans of the p*nis reaches the back of the vagina, Milis climaxes and her vagina tightens up.

 ”Milis was able to cum easily… she is a very s*xy girl after all”

 ”Don’t say it… ♡ Please don’t say it…♡”

 Milis’s vagina tightens up at Shinji’s teasing words.

 As with the first time, it seems that Milis has a bit of a “M” in her, and shame seems to be a pleasure for her.

 ”I’ll keep it secret, so don’t worry.”

 ”Ah ♡ N.. ♡ Ah ♡ It’s reached to the back… ♡ Konkon… ♡ It’s good… ♡”

 Shinji repeatedly pressed his p*nis against the back of Milis’s vagina, where it felt the best. Milis’s body slumped back in pleasure as he swung his hips and stimulated the back of her vagina in between pistoning motions.

 ”Milis likes to be fucked in the back, doesn’t she…”

 ”Because…♡ Ah ♡ Ah ♡ Shinji-san’s…♡ It’s too big…♡ I… ♡ I had never known before… ♡”

 With drool dripping from the corner of her mouth, Milis seemed to be completely captivated by Shinji’s cheating cock.

 It was the first time Shinji’s p*nis had ever swelled with excitement.

 The sound of hips slapping against hips echoed through the room, and Shinji’s p*nis trembled as he tried to get into the ejaculation position.

 ”I’m about to ejaculate…”

 ”Hmm ♡ It’s strong ♡ I’m cumming ♡ Cumming ♡♡♡”

 Shinji grabbed Milis’s waist and gave her a last spurt for ejaculation.

 He mercilessly penetrated her vagina, and even when Milis climaxed, he did not quit shaking his hips and continued to thrust.

 Milis climaxed again and again, her mind going blank. It just feels so good. The one-sided s*x without any consideration for Milis tickled her taste for torment and increased her pleasure.

 ”Ahhhhh ♡♡♡ I’m cummminnnggg ♡♡♡”

 The p*nis was thrust into the back of her vagina and she ejaculated. The Semen fills Milis’s vagina.

 Milis climaxes as she stretches out her legs after receiving the ejaculation. The warmth of the semen that fills her vagina is unbearably comfortable…

 (Al-kun… I’m sorry…♡)

 Milis apologizes to her lover in a daze.

 Contrary to Milis’s intentions, her body was stretched out, her legs tightly clasped around Shinji’s waist and pulled him close, her arms wrapped around his back and hugged him with all her might, pressing her plump breasts against his chest plate.

 When she had squeezed every last drop of semen out of Shinji’s p*nis, she finally broke free and let Shinji’s body go…

 ”Keep up the good work, Milis.”

 Shinji stroked Milis’s cheek as she surrendered to him.

 ”… ♡”

 Milis couldn’t answer anything.

 However, she did not brush away his hand….

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