Wizard 31

Chapter 31 Renka and Akane, a 3P service to thank him for helping them out, Part One

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 After the s*x, this is what came out of Shinji’s mouth.

 ・Keep it a secret from Alvin and Renka.

 ・Give priority to each other’s personal matters.

 ・Don’t force her to do it.

 ・The above information must be kept secret from the others.

 This was very convenient for Milis.

 Milis was not going to tell anyone, and it was not something she could talk about.

 By giving priority to personal matters, she would not be interrupted in her meetings with Alvin.

 Milis was most relieved that she would not be forced.

 She was so addicted to the pleasure that he said he would be her s*x friend, but when she got rid of the tingling and cooled down, her heart was filled with guilt.

 But with this rule, she can refuse unwanted intercourse. Milis decides to keep a strong heart.

 The last rule suggests that Shinji has no intention of breaking this rule either.

 However, this was a rule in Shinji’s favor.

 Shinji also wants to keep their physical relationship secret.

 He said he would not force her to have s*x with him, but if he strengthened the aphrodisiac spell, he had placed in Milis, he could make her come into heat whenever he wanted.

 By not talking about it and not consulting with her, and with as little outside interference as possible, the only thing left to do was to slowly corrupt her.

 Milis doesn’t even realize that she’s already in a mud…

* * *

 In the evening, Emily and the rest of <Running Wolves> were having dinner together.

 ”Well, Alvin has a lot of talent. He understands my points immediately.”

 ”It’s because Master’s method of teaching is easy to understand!”

 ”Sensible geniuses…”

 Emily and Alvin seemed to feel a solid connection to the day’s training and were completely on the same page.

 In the past, Shinji had asked Emily to teach him, but she had given up, so he could only laugh at the difference between him and Alvin’s understanding of Emily’s methods.

 ”I think it would be useful if I could use it too.”

 ”There are times when we in the rearguard need to move fast, too.”

 ”Let’s practice together next time. I’ll teach you well.”

 Emily invited Milis and Renka to join her, and they both nodded.

 Shinji also said he would participate as a supporter, and Alvin said happily, “We’ll all train together when we get back!”

 Alvin said happily.

 Alvin was very satisfied with the outward appearance of a party of adventurers with smooth sailing.

 So, it never occurred to him that his beloved lover was being embraced by Shinji three times, and he never realized it. ……

* * *

 After a pleasant dinner.

 Shinji was reading his daily routine in his room when there was a knock on his door.

 ”Shinji, is this a good time?”

 ”It’s okay. The door is open.”

 Shinji closed his book and looked up at Renka, who had just entered the room.

 ”What’s wrong?”

 ”Shinji… do you have any more plans for tomorrow?”

 The expression on Renka’s face was not good as she closed the door and approached him.

 He was checking the availability of his schedule, but Shinji could sense that she wanted him to have plans together.

 ”Not particularly. I’ve already done the greetings today.”

 ”Oh, well… You see, Akane? You know, she wants to thank Shinji for what he did for her. So, she wants you to come to her…”

 ”That’s good, but… What are you hiding?”

 Despite the fact that she seemed to have a hard time saying it, the content was quite normal. That means she’s not telling us everything…

 Shinji asked Renka with a smile.

 ”It was just a conversation. We got involved in a little bit of s*x, didn’t we? So, we were talking a little bit about s*x. I told her about the last time I wore a maid’s uniform, and Akane said we should do something together that would make Shinji happy…”

 Overwhelmed by her smile, Renka gave up and started talking.

 She looked very embarrassed because of the content. Shinji couldn’t help but laugh at the content.

 ”You couldn’t say no?”

 ”Don’t laugh at me…! It’s a fact that I induced her to have s*x with you even though I said I would only show her. That’s why I wanted to promise Shinji that I would only listen to him and that we would not owe each other anything!”

 ”I’m sorry. I just thought it was cute how embarrassed Renka looked.”

 Shinji continued to laugh, and Renka’s face grew redder with shame.

 ”So, if that’s the case, I’ll invite her over. Oh, but…”

 Shinji got up from his chair and put his hand on Renka’s head, who looked at him with a frown and answered in the affirmative.

 Renka thought that Shinji was a lecher, but…

 ”I think I would have refused if it was just Akane. But since you’re with me, I decided to take it.”

 When Renka heard those words, she looked at him for a moment, unsure of what she had said. However, the moment she understood what was being said, her face instantly turned bright red.

 Shinji implicitly told Renka that she was special, and this made her vagina tingle and she wanted to be embraced by him immediately.

 ”D, don’t say something stupid…”

 ”It’s the truth, you know. It’s not that I want embrace anyone.”

 Then, Shinji took his hand away from Renka’s head.

 Renka felt sad that Shinji’s warmth was gone, but she couldn’t do anything that would make too much noise. Because Alvin was next to this room.

 ”So, I’ll see you tomorrow”

 ”I understand… Hey, Shinji.”

 To conclude the conversation, Renka grabbed Shinji’s arm as he was about to read again.

 ”Can I talk to you for a while longer?”

 ”Sure. Let’s talk over a cup of tea then.”

 Shinji smiled and agreed to the modestly sweet Renka.

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