Wizard 32

Chapter 32 Renka and Akane, a 3P service to thank him for helping them out, Part Two

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 The next day, Shinji came alone to the appointed inn.

 Alvin and Milis went out in the morning on a date together.

 Emily had been summoned by the guild and was reluctant to leave. She was probably being told a lot of things about moving to another city.

 Because they can’t afford to have someone again as good as Emily in town.

 Shinji also feels that she is not as selfish as she used to be, probably because she had a hard time working on her own after leaving Shinji. Therefore, it was easy to guess that she was being missed.

 ”So, this place…”

 Shinji found an inn with a more luxurious feel than usual.

 He opened the door with a dignified look and went inside, where an old gentleman greeted him.

 ”What is your name?”


 ”…This way, please…”

 He quickly showed him the way and pointed him to the door marked number <3>.

 When Shinji entered the door, he found it to be a small waiting room.

 There is another door opposite the one Shinji entered. The window on the top of the door was not visible from here, but it must have been made so that it could be seen from the other side.

 It was like a secret meeting place in an inn.

 Then, the door with the window opened.

 ”I’ve been waiting for you, master ♡”

 ”…Thank you for your patience, master.”

 The two who emerged from the door were Akane and Renka.

 Both of them were wearing the erotic maid outfit that Shinji had made Renka wear before.

 The design is the same, but Akane’s breasts are larger than Renka’s, and when she wears it, her breasts are more emphasized, and her magnificent cleavage is more seductive.

 ”This is a great place to stay, isn’t it?”

 ”Well, It’s a top-class inn. The price is reasonable.”

 Renka and Akane wrap their arms around Shinji, who is trying to keep his composure, and pull him close to them. Their soft breasts were pressed against his arms.

 ”I used my savings from being an adventurer! How about it? ♡”

 Akane put more strength into her arms and pressed his arms into the cleavage of her breasts.

 Her gaze sparkled like a dog that wants to be praised. Shinji was a little taken aback by Akane’s strong push, but decided to praise her.

 ”It looks good on you, of course, Renka too.”

 ”An… ♡ I’m so happy… ♡”

 ”Hmm… ♡ Already… ♡”

 Shinji stroked Renka and Akane’s thighs in a lewd way.

 In normal times, this would be a perfect form of s*xual harassment, but the two did not resist when Shinji stroked them. Rather, they let out a pleasant sound and squirmed.

 Shinji felt an unprecedented arousal at the sight of the two of them.

 Renka had a friend named Alvin, but now she was completely delighted to serve Shinji.

 Akane, who had been tainted by a goblin and had a weakness for men, had now learned the pleasures of s*x and had come to embrace him.

 Sandwiched between the two women he had changed, Shinji walked through the door where Renka and the others had been come out and went into the bedroom.

 He sat down on the bed, which was large enough for the three of them to lie on.

 ”First of all, Shinji-san, Renka. Thank you…I’m not afraid to talk to men anymore. After Shinji-san taught me how good it feels to be held, I really feel much better.”

 Akane, her cheeks flushed red, looked up at Shinji.

 Shinji felt more than gratitude, but he didn’t dare mention it.

 ”I’m glad it worked out for you, though. It could have gotten worse.”

 ”I knew if it’s Shinji, it would be fine. He’s a good pervert.”

 ”I wonder if I should be happy about that trust.”

 Shinji, who had never tried to override her latent fear of being violated, responded with a wry smile. Renka giggled and crawled her hand to Shinji’s crotch.

 Akane’s hand joined Renka’s in stroking Shinji’s erect p*nis.

 ”That’s why I thought of a way to thank you… ♡ I asked Renka how to do it, then if we did it together, you’ll be happy… ♡”

 ”You just wanted to do it again, didn’t you…? ♡”

 ”Did you get hooked after one time?”

 Renka’s and Akane’s hands skillfully undressed Shinji’s pants and underwear. Shinji also lifted his hips and exposed his lower body to them as they undressed him.

 ”I wanted you to teach me more… ♡”

 ”Akane, you’re so naughty… ♡”

 ”I think Renka is responsible for that too…”

 Akane looks back at Renka, who laughs teasingly.

 Shinji’s usual kindness is gone, and he gives off the air of a male giving himself over to his desires.

 ”If that’s the case, you can learn from Renka. First, start with a fellatio.”

 ”Yes… ♡”

 ”I can’t help it… ♡”

 The two women who had been held by Shinji before had no choice to resist.

 They positioned themselves between Shinji’s legs and brought their faces close to his huge p*nis.

 ”First of all, lick it properly… ♡ Rero… ♡ Rero… ♡ Rero…♡”

 ”Yes…♡ Rero…♡ Rero…♡ Rero…♡”

 Renka’s tongue comes from the right side and crawls around his p*nis.

 At the same time, Akane’s tongue also crawled over his p*nis from the left side, making Shinji’s p*nis wet with saliva as the two tongues writhed wildly.

 ”Chu…♡ Pero…♡ Mmm.. Mmm…♡ Rero…♡”

 ”Rero…♡ Rero…♡ Chu…♡ Chu…♡ Pero…♡ Nn…♡”

 Renka put her lips on his p*nis and sucked on it, squeezing and chomping it. Akane, who saw Renka carefully caressing his p*nis from the tip of the glans to the base, followed suit and caressed it in the same way.

 Shinji watches with pleasure as they caress the back of his cock, his ball sack, the glans, and every other part of his body.

 The caresses of the two girls made Shinji feel like he was about to ejaculate.

 It’s not only the caresses that feel good, but more importantly, the desire to conquer the two of them to serve him makes the pleasure doubled.

 ”I’m going to cum…!”

 ”Fa ♡ Hamu…♡”

 ”Oh, Renka…”

 Shinji’s p*nis trembled greatly, and Renka sucked Shinji’s p*nis into her mouth. After ejaculating in Renka’s mouth, Shinji continued to release his thick semen.

 Renka swallowed Shinji’s semen with an ecstatic look on her face.

 ”… ♡ Hmm… you have to drink it like this at the end ♡”

 ”I get it…♡”

 After drinking the last bit of Shinji’s semen, Renka removes his p*nis from her mouth.

 Renka opened her mouth and showed Shinji that she had drunk all of it.

 Shinji’s p*nis did not wilt from the ejaculation and remained firm.

 ”It felt so good… Next time, both of you give me a paizuri”

 ”Already… ♡”

 ”Paizuri… ♡ I’ve got the advantage with my big tits… ♡”

 Sitting on the edge of the bed, Shinji lies down on his back.

 Two breasts were pressed against his towering p*nis from both sides.

 ”Ah ♡ Ah ♡ …Uh ♡”

 ”Hah…♡ Hah… ♡ This… ♡ The nipples… rubbing each other… ♡”

 The breasts pressed against the p*nis, slippery with saliva, continue to press against each other and change their shape. The two of them move up and down, their nipples occasionally rubbing against each other as they continue to squeeze each other with a look of pleasure on their faces.

 ”I’m about to…. ejaculate, Akane…!”

 ”…. ♡”

 ”Ah ♡ Yes… ♡”

 Renka pulled back and Akane stepped forward so that his p*nis was tightly trapped in the valley. She sucked the glans into her mouth as she slumped her body down and held it between her cleavage.

 Shinji ejaculates into Akane’s mouth.

 Dopyu!! Akane is surprised to see that this is the second time he has ejaculated with such force, but she does as she is told and swallows the semen.

 After the ejaculation subsided, Shinji slowly pulled his p*nis out of Akane’s mouth. Akane’s mouth opened, and showing it to Shinji that she had swallowed it all.

 ”Well done…”

 Shinji stroked Akane’s head as she took her first swallow.

 Akane rubbed her head against Shinji’s hand as if she was enjoying it.

 It was as if she was a well-loved dog.

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