Wizard 33

Chapter 33 Renka and Akane, a 3P service to thank him for helping them out, Part Three

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 ”Renka, come here.”

 Finished stroking Akane, Shinji moved from the edge of the bed to the center and sat down. He tapped his knee and called Renka close to him.

 When Renka got close to Shinji, she straddled him and sat down.

 Renka gazed into Shinji’s eyes as she fingered her underwear under her skirt and placed Shinji’s still hard p*nis at the entrance to her private parts.

 ”Hmm… ♡ Ah…… ♡ Hah… ♡”

 Shinji put his hands on Renka’s hips and Renka lowered her hips again.

 Shinji’s p*nis is slowly inserted deep into Renka’s vagina.

 The p*nis reaches the back of the vagina, and Renka breathes heavily in ecstasy.

 Having her virginity broken by Shinji, and having been taught the pleasures by him, Renka’s vagina was a perfect fit for his p*nis.

 Even though Shinji holds many women in his life, he found Renka’s vagina to be exceptionally pleasurable.

 ”I’m moving…”

 ”Yeah… ♡ Ah ♡ Ah ♡ Nh ♡ Fah… ♡”

 When Shinji started to move his hips gently, Renka started to shake her hips as well.

 Renka had come to like the face-to-face sitting position the most. Hugging and rubbing her body against the dependable Shinji.

 (Shinji…I love you…♡)

 Renka had no intention of putting her feelings into words. At least not yet.

 However, her feelings were evident in her attitude.

 The way Renka was kissing him over and over again, shaking her hips in a loving way, was nasty but beautiful, and even Akane, who was watching from the side, could feel her love for Shinji.

 Shinji and Renka’s movements gradually became more and more violent.

 They both know how to make each other feel the best, and the timing of their thrusts and swings of their hips is perfect.

 ”I’m cumming…!”

 ”Cumming… ♡♡♡ Hmm ♡♡ Chu… ♡ Chu… ♡ Rero… ♡”

 They both climaxed at the same time.

 Renka’s arms and legs wrapped around Shinji’s body and brought them into close contact with each other. She gave Shinji a long kiss as she surrendered to the warmth and mind-numbing pleasure of the semen spewed repeatedly from his p*nis deep inside her vagina.

 The kiss continued until the waves of Renka’s pleasure receded, and then they slowly parted their lips.

 ”…That felt so good ♡”

 ”It felt good for me too.”

 Embarrassed, Renka smiled and slowly stood up on top of Shinji. Shinji’s semen overflowed from Renka’s clit, soaking her crotch.

 ”It’s dripping… ♡ It’s too much ♡”

 ”I can still do it, though. Come here, Akane.”

 ”…Yes ♡”

 Renka sits down next to Shinji and protests with her glossy face, but it’s just words and she’s happy that she’s getting so much cum in her.

 Shinji invited Akane, who had been looking at him with a dazed expression.

 Akane straddled Shinji’s body as he invited her to do. Shinji rolled over and lay down on his back.

 ”Akane, practice your cowgirl position.”

 ”So, grab it gently with one hand… put it in and sit down… ♡”

 ”Yes… ♡ Faaa… ♡ I knew it so big …… ♡♡”

 As Shinji and Renka told her, Akane guided Shinji’s p*nis into her vagina and slowly lowered her hips.

 It’s not like the first cunnilingus, where it was completely swell, but rather it was a voluntary penetration. The vaginal passage is filled with her love juices, and Shinji’s p*nis penetrates the inner part of her vagina, pushing it open and wide.

 She was not in any pain, and her body trembled with the pleasure of having her vaginal walls rubbed.

 ”Put your hands on my chest and raise your hips and lower them repeatedly.”

 ”Yes… ♡ Nuu… ♡ Ah ♡ Fah… ♡ Nah… ♡”

 Placing both hands on Shinji’s chest plate, Akane begins to shake her hips in an unfamiliar way.

 She moves a few times as if to check and then seems to get the hang of it and her movements become smoother.

 Her large breasts bounce up and down as she swings her hips, making Shinji’s p*nis harder and harder.

 ”…Muu, I wonder if Shinji likes large breasts…”

 ”Hyan ♡ Renka… ♡ Don’t rub it… ♡ Ah… ♡”

 When Renka felt Shinji’s nasty gaze on Akane’s big breasts, she stood beside Akane and began to rub them.

 Akane’s body trembled, and her hips suddenly fell, and she climaxed lightly when Shinji’s p*nis gouged the back of her vagina.

 ”Isn’t it wrong if the maid comes first?”

 ”Fan ♡ Master ♡ I’m sorry ♡ Ah ♡ Ah ♡ Don’t move ♡ Please ♡ I’m moving ♡♡”

 ”Hyan ♡ Ahn… ♡ That place… ♡ It feels so good… ♡”

 Shinji grabbed Akane’s hips with his right hand and applied pressure to the back of her vagina, while his left hand reached on Renka’s clitoris and rubbed it.

 Akane resumed shaking her hips to escape Shinji’s vaginal torture.

 Akane’s vagina that had once climaxed tightened on its own to accommodate Shinji’s p*nis, and the pleasure of rubbing against the vaginal walls led her to a second climax.

 Renka’s clitoris is rubbed by Shinji and she is immersed in pleasure.

 When Shinji’s finger was inserted into her vagina and stroked the bumpy spot on her vaginal wall, a sweet feeling of pleasure hit her.

 ”Master ♡ Hah ♡ Hah ♡ My inside feels good… ♡ Does it? ♡”

 ”Yeah…it feels good. I’m about to ejaculate…”

 ”Ah ♡ Ah ♡ Me too… ♡ I’m cumming… ♡ Cumming… ♡”

 Shinji thrusts his hips up matching the timing of Akane’s lowering.

 Shinji thrusts deep into her vagina again and again to ejaculate into her womb.

 Akane drools from the corner of her mouth in pleasure and continues to shake her hips in unison. Guchu ♡ Guchu ♡ the love juice foamed and made a nasty water sound, which made Akane even more absorbed in the act.

 Renka also shakes her hips in time with Shinji’s finger movements.

 A mixture of semen and love juices flowed out of her vagina, staining the sheets.

 The three of them climaxed at the same time.

 ”I’m cumming ♡ Master ♡♡ Faaaaah ♡♡♡”

 ”Me too… ♡ I’m cumming too… ♡♡”

 ”I’m going to cum…!!”

 Akane climaxed as Shinji ejaculated into her. She arched her back as she felt the pleasure of her vagina being filled with warm semen. Renka also shuddered in ecstasy as Shinji’s fingers made her cum.

 Shinji grabbed Akane’s waist with both hands and slowly pulled his p*nis out.

 The Semen that couldn’t be held in Akane’s vagina dripped down and soaked her crotch….

 ”It felt so good… thank you, Renka, Akane-san.”

 Renka and Akane hit their arms in turn, and when they realized what was happening, they put their heads on Shinji and snuggled up to him.

 ”You’re welcome… ♡”

 ”I won’t do this again…♡”

 Akane hugged Shinji and pressed her large breasts against his body, but Renka, who had cooled down a bit after climaxing, told her. Renka also hugged Akane and pressed her body against Shinji’s to share the warmth.

 It’s not surprising that Shinji’s p*nis starts to grow again as the attractive naked women on either side of him come into close contact.

 ”Are you sure you don’t want to…? ♡ Renka ♡ Master seems to be fine ♡”

 ”…J, just a little bit more ♡”

 ”Since we’re here, let’s have some fun until the very end.”

 Renka and Akane’s hands reached for Shinji’s p*nis.

 Shinji received a full hour of their services.

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