Wizard 292

Chapter 292 Running Wolves After Defense

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 ”Oh! How’d it goes over there, Shinji?”

 ”No problem”

 When Shinji returned to the village square, Alvin and the others were already there. The square was buzzing with activity before they went out to defend the village, but now most of the residents have gone back to their homes, and there are only a few beastmen, including the village chief in here.

 ”Are the monsters have been reported?”

 The chief nodded at Alvin’s words.

 ”Yes… it was fortunate that the vigilantes were able to handle the situation, but the miners were not able to do anything about it…”

 The captain of the vigilantes told the chief that if several members of the vigilantes responded to each monster and used walls and bows for support, there would be no problem in continuing to defend.

 And after examining the shell that Alvin had brought back, the chief found that the hardness of the outer shell made it impossible to penetrate without the reinforcement of magic power, making it impossible for an amateur combatant to deal with. Because of that reason, he came to the painful conclusion that the miners in the mine were unlikely to survive.

 ”Now, the vigilantes will be able to handle the monster attack… Thank you, adventurers… If we had been taken by surprise, there must have been a great deal of damage to this village…”

 ”I was just doing what I could as an adventurer. So, I’m glad I could help”

 Alvin smiled at the village chief, who bowed deeply, but the chief, with a pale face, left the square with the remaining beastmen, saying he had other things to do.

 ”It seems the miners didn’t escape to the village……”

 Milis muttered to herself as she stared on the direction of the mines, feeling sorry for them. It is obvious that the loss of the men who are proud of their strength to work as miners is quite painful for the village.

 ”Why would the… monsters come out of from the mine?”

 ”Well…. The factor can’t be known without investigating the cause, and because the mines didn’t operate properly, it’s probably a matter of life and death for the <Este> Town”

 No one can give Alvin a definitive answer. But it is also true that they can’t just leave it like this. However, as adventurers, Alvin and the others could not go to the mine on their own.

 The mine was under the jurisdiction of the <Este> Town, and it would be unreasonable if the <Este> Town did not take the lead in investigating the cause.

 So, in order to figure out how to proceed, Shinji sent a thought to Durin.

 [Durin, have you visited the guild?]

 [Yes! Ye were right, they are going to send an investigation team to th’ mine!]

 Before Shinji returned to the square, he asks Durin to go to the Adventurers’ Guild in the <Este> Town to gather information.

 Based on the ant monster that had attacked the <Este> Town and the condition of the mines confirmed by <Eagle Eyes>, the Adventurer’s Guild had learned that something unusual had occurred in the mines. As a result, it was agreed that the guards would take care of the Town’s defense, while the adventurers’ guild would investigate the mine, confirm the safety of the several villages around the mine, and provide relief.

* * *

 [Also, they were waiting fur yer party to come back. Th’ reason was is ye are th’ most skilled adventurer in Town right now and I think they want ye to help organize th’ investigation team]

 [Well, the adventurer’s guild must know that we’re taking a day trip for a request… But our party is the best in the Town now, huh?]

 After listening to Durin’s story, Shinji smiled inwardly to prevent Alvin and the others from finding out. It was precisely because of this unusual situation that a strong party of adventurers could be counted on, and opportunities to accumulate achievements would naturally arise.

 It can be said that their efforts and achievements have paid off so far.

 [All right. Thank you, Durin. I’ll try to get back to <Este>]

 [It’s fine. If th’ mine is destroyed, we’ll be in trouble too and please solve this as soon as ye can!]

 As Shinji was having a thoughtful conversation with Durin, Alvin and the others were discussing the possibility that it would be better to stay in the village, and Shinji joined in.

 ”I think it’s better to go back to Este than stay here. Because I’m wondering how we’re going to deal with the mine. If we’re going to protect it, we need to know how long we have to”

 ”Hmm, I see. …Sure enough…. But I’m still worried about this village…”

 Certainly, they can’t stay on standby to protect them forever. Still, Alvin could not make up his mind when he thought of the monsters that might attack.

 Then, it happened as Hiyuri showed up.

 ”Everyone from <Running Wolves>! If you’re going back to <Este> Town, I’d like to come with you!”

 Hiyuri, who had heard the talk about whether or not to return, shouted, “I can’t miss this chance”.

 The reason Hiyuri wants to the <Este> Town because she received a letter from her father, the chief, asking for reinforcements from the Lord of the <Este> Town, so, Hiyuri needed to get to the Town as quickly as possible. Alvin, who heard the situation, decided going back to the <Este> Town.

 ”It’s decided! Let’s all go back!”

 They responded to Alvin’s declaration in their own way.

 Thus, Alvin and the others returned to <Este> with Hiyuri.


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