Wizard 293

Chapter 293 Running Wolves Becomes the Leader of the Four Parties

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 Alvin, the other members of <Running Wolves>, and Hiyuri, the chief fox daughter of the village, hurried to the <Este> town. As a civilian, there was no way Hiyuri could run fast enough, so she was carried by Shinji on his back.

 Alvin couldn’t carry her because both of Alvin’s hands needed to be free to wield his weapon, so it was inevitable that Shinji would have to carry her. However, even as a wizard, Shinji’s running speed is comparable to that of a normal person because he has his body trained regularly and it has the effects of <Body-Strengthening magic>, especially carrying an adult woman on his back, he must do it well. If anything, Hiyuri was the one who had to endure that speed.

 Along the way, they kicked away the Kobolds that appeared to stand in their way, and finally, Alvin and the others arrived at the Este town.

 ”T, thank you very much…”

 Hiyuri’s hair was disheveled and ruffled as she came down from Shinji’s back. Hiyuri also didn’t forget to send a gratitude to Shinji for bringing her here as she touches her formal dress underneath her plain robe to make sure it was intact.

 ”You’re welcome. I hope they send help soon”

 ”Y, yes. …I’ll be sure to thank you for this”

 Before the monster attack, she was disappointed that her beauty was not taken seriously, but now is not the time to worry about that. In fact, Hiyuri’s impression of him has only increased because he has not made any strange demands in the midst of this confusion.

 However, Hiyuri knew that her role as the daughter of the chief would take precedence over anything else right now. Therefore, as soon as she thanked him, she hurriedly ran towards the Lord’s mansion.

 Alvin and the others also hurried to the Adventurer’s Guild before they had time to see her off.

 ◇ ◇ ◇

 As soon as Alvin and the others entered the Adventurer’s Guild, there was a great commotion in the guild. Alvin led the way to the reception counter. Then, one of the receptionists, whom Alvin recognized, hurriedly came out of the counter.

 ”Everyone from <Running Wolves>! We’ve been waiting for you! Where have you been?”

 ”We’ve been fighting off the monsters that attacking the villages near the mines…”

 ”Is it true!? So, how’s the village? …”

 ”It’s safe. The defense after that was left to the vigilantes”

 The receptionist breathed a sigh of relief at Alvin’s reply. It’s a good thing for the receptionist that the neighboring villages were not destroyed by the monsters.

 ”Thank you very much…. So, can you tell us about the current situation…?”

 ”The only thing I know is the monsters have been coming out of the mines”

 Hearing Alvin’s words, the receptionist nodded. Then, she presented Alvin with the request form she was holding in her hand.

 ”Okay, and because the reason of the monsters coming up from the mines still unknown, the Adventurer’s Guild has been requested by the Lord to investigate it. So, we would like you to join us in this investigation!”

 Alvin was taken aback by the unexpected request from the guild. Because until now, <Running Wolves> had been the ones begging to be allowed to participate. But now they were being asked to participate in an emergency situation. This made Alvin unbearably happy.

* * *

 Alvin remembered his parents challenging <Hateyama> to collect herbs that could be used as medicine for incurable diseases.

 Alvin later heard from his parents’ former companions that their challenge to <Hateyama> was at the request of the parents of a child with an incurable disease. It is sad that they are dead, but Alvin is proud of his parents for being kind to him.

 The realization that he could become a great adventurer like his parents, someone who someone could rely on, gave Alvin joy.

 ”Of course, I’ll take it!”

 Alvin saw the nods on Milis, Renka and Shinji’s faces before replying. If his friends agreed, there was no reason to refuse.

 ”Is this a nomination request?”

 ”Yes. The Lord said that he wants to appoint an “excellent adventurer” and then, the mine will be investigated by four parties, led by <Running Wolves>”

 ”I see…”

 “Leading other party, huh?” Shinji muttered.

 Right now, they are in the same position as Emily was when they went to defeat the unique individuals. This means that they will be in charge of the most dangerous parts of the mine, and he can guess that they will be going deep into the mine.

 And another dangerous factor is that there is no information about the monsters in the mines that will be a major factor in this investigation. Because this type of monster is not found in the Adventurer’s Guild’s archives, and its biology is unknown.

 (This might be the toughest adventure we’ve ever had)

 Not only Shinji who heard the words directly, but also Alvin, Milis, and Renka who were listening beside him seemed to feel the same way, and all of them had a determined look on their faces. The receptionist felt relieved by this tense atmosphere and continued to guide them.

 ”The 4 parties have already been selected. They are scheduled to leave early tomorrow morning, so please arrange meetings and replenish supplies by the end of the day”

 ”Where are the other parties? I’d like to have a meeting with them”

 ”I’ve asked the leaders to gather. Right this way”

 When Alvin asked for a meeting, the receptionist went to the back of the Adventurer’s Guild, and Alvin and the others walked behind her.

 This is how they prepared as much as possible to enter the mine.


 Alvin and the others have accumulated enough achievements to be called the top of the line.

 Let’s continue the story.

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