Wizard 294

Chapter 294 Those who Worry About the Village and Those who Defile the Village

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 The meeting between <Running Wolves> and the other parties to investigate the mine went off without a problem.

 The four parties, all of which were based in the <Este> town, were all upper-intermediate to upper-lower rank beastmen, but they accepted Alvin and the others who were strangers without any hostility. This was a strange thing to Shinji, but from the point of view of the people living in the Este town, the situation of not being able to use the mines was a matter of life and death, and everyone wanted an immediate solution.

 It was no wonder that Alvin was even more excited than usual because he has become their perfect example of an upper-ranking adventurer who loved their town and put the town’s needs before his own self-interest.

 And at this moment, Alvin and the others were having an early dinner to prepare for their early morning departure but Hiyuri appeared in the dining room.

 Shinji noticed Hiyuri and their eyes met. Hiyuri smiles and bows to him without averting her gaze, and he knows that she has something to do with him and the others.

 Shinji, who was the only one who had finished eating, said a few words to Renka and left his seat to go to Hiyuri.

 ”Hiyuri-san, what’s wrong?”

 ”Umm…. I’d like to thank you again…. for bringing me safely to see the “

 Shinji concluded that the meeting with the Lord had gone well, given the twitching fox ears and the fact that she had taken the trouble to thank him.

 ”I’m glad to hear that and are you returning to the village tomorrow?”

 ”Yes…. with the people the Lord will send and I’m sure the village will be well protected….”

 Hiyuri’s expression was not cheerful despite the fact that one problem had been solved. This was because the biggest problem was still unresolved: many of the men who had been working as miners had died, and the number of widows in the village had increased considerably.

 His father, the chief, was also troubled by this and wondered what to do. Even before Hiyuri left the village, there was no answer.

 ”Is there still a problem?”

 ”….Well, we’ve lost a lot of men in the village….”

 ”Oh…. I see”

 Shinji knew that a family that depended on the father for income would not be able to survive. Furthermore, because the men that supported the main industry of the village were gone, it would be severe for the village. No wonder, Hiyuri could not help but feel weak.

 But there was nothing Shinji could do to help her. Because Shinji was only an adventurer, so he could not offer any suggestions or consolation, but only sympathy.

 ”I know it’s hard, but please don’t give up…..”

 ”Yes….thank you very much…..”

 Don’t give up instead of doing your best. These words strangely touched Hiyuri’s weakened heart.

 And as there are still things she must do, Hiyuri reconsidered her decision to work with her father for the village, and bowed to Shinji.

* * *

 ◇ ◇ ◇

 On the same time in the chief’s mansion in the village.

 Fuukei, the eldest son of the chief, was having a maid serve him on his bed. The maid, with her cat ears hanging down and her tail wagging, sits on top of Fuukei and shakes her hips lewdly.

 ”Haa~ ♡ Haa~ ♡ Fuukei-sama ♡ Nnn ♡ How is it? Do you like it….♡?”

 ”That’s good…. Keep it up, Folt”

 While enjoying the lasciviousness of the maid in the cowgirl position looking up from below, Fuukei was collecting his thoughts.

 (Good grief….Hiyuri is lucky. If she is injured, I could force her to marry my acquintance)

 Fuukei’s plan was to reduce Hiyuri’s value by making her injured, whether or not she already had a future partner, and to force her to marry the next chief of a neighboring village.

 This was because when Hiyuri was chosen as the ring girl for the beastmen’s representative, a man who was on friendly terms with Fuukei wanted Hiyuri.

 Although she had been chosen as the ring girl for the beastmen, the engagement would be annulled if she was injured. But the man wanted Hiyuri even if she was injured, and he promised to pay Fuukei a lot of money in return.

 (The plan was to tamper the cart, attract the kobold with fruit, and injure her. And an Intermediate adventurer would not have been able to protect Hiyuri from a pack of Kobolds unharmed….)

 However, his plan to use the wound as an excuse to lower the fees to the adventurer’s guild, force Hiyuri to marry her off, and get money for Fuukei was shattered by the upper adventurer.

 Although he was frustrated for a while, Fuukei thought it was a good thing that the monster outbreak had occurred.

 (If I could marry off an unharmed Hiyuri, I would be able to obtain a large amount of money. There are many reasons to force her such as help the widows’ families, and hiring miners. And Hiyuri can’t say no if she wants to help the village)

 ”And then just cut out the middleman from the aid I get, that’s a good idea”, Fuukei grins at the thought.

 Fuukei, Hiyuri’s brother, is a man who is greedy for money to any extent. The maid, Folt, who served him, was a woman with a similar nature.

 She uses her body to get into Fuukei’s clutches, and as his mistress, she receives money from Fuukei. However, she wants the status of future chief, but Fuukei didn’t know it because Folt is too cunning to let him know it.

 ”Fuukei-sama ♡ I love you ♡ I love you ♡”

 ”Oh, cute girl…. I’m going to ejaculate!”

 Fuukei ejaculated inside Folt’s vagina, who adorably cried out for love. With the cat’s tail twitching, Folt gazes at Fuukei with an enraptured expression.

 Fuukei looks satisfied with the scene. But it’s really hilarious that he didn’t notice that Folt was pretending to cum, and he didn’t realize that Folt was laughing at him inside.

 ”It was very good…. ♡”


 Fuukei is lying on his back and Folt is sitting on him.

 There are those who are deeply concerned about the village, those who wish to do something for the village, and those who can only see their own greed.

 The night dawns in the village as various thoughts swirl around.


 About Hiyuri’s surroundings.

 The truth behind her trouble.

 How will Hiyuri’s fate turn out?

 Let’s move on with the story.

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