Wizard 299

Chapter 299 The Beginning of Entertainment

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 Every day, Alvin and the other members of the <Running Wolves> travel to the mines. And, in order to shorten their journey, they did not return to <Este>, but instead headed to the village.

 At first, they thought of renting a vacant house, but the chief didn’t like the idea of letting Alvin and his friends, who were his benefactors, sleep in a shabby house, so they decided to rent a private room in the separate annex.

 ”It has been almost a week….”

 After dinner, Shinji was resting alone in his assigned private room.

 Ever since he had flooded the monster’s nest with hot water, he had been visiting the mine every day, but now he felt that the end was finally in sight. The monster carcasses had been moved or disposed of, and all the ore that had been lying deep in the nest had been transported. To be honest, the situation has calmed down to the point where they can just leave everything in the hands of the adventurer’s guild staff and walk away. And there was no reason for them to keep paying Shinji and his team to do the job too.

 (What reason do they have for wanting me to stay in the <Este> town……?)

 He can’t come up with a good reason, which makes Shinji feel uneasy and want to leave from the town, but Alvin, who has been involved in this mess from the beginning, insists that he wants to finish it.

 Although, Shinji can make enough money on this job, but without a clear reason, he can’t ignore his feelings. However, Shinji still doing it because he likes Alvin’s straightforward nature.

 (Though his s*xual orientation has taken a turn for the worse……)

 Shinji smiles at the image of the party’s leader becoming aroused by the thought of his lover being caressed by someone other than himself. And just happened that he was thinking of something else, wondering if Alvin would call on him once this matter was settled.

 The door was knocked lightly.

 ”Excuse me. May I?”

 The voice was a woman, and it sounded familiar.

 ”Okay, I’ll open the door”

 Shinji opened the door.

 There stood Folt, the maid who worked at the mansion, just as Shinji had imagined. He met her every day, and she was the one who took care of all the details of preparing meals and bathing for the <Running Wolves>, who stayed in the annex.

 ”Shinji-sama. Fuukei-sama would like to have a drink and talk with you……”

 ”Not at a party, but privately?”

 ”Yes, how would that be……?”

 Shinji blinked at Folt’s unexpected invitation.

 Because since he goes to the mine during the day, he never sees Fuukei. Even if he returned to the annex, he would not see Fuukei, who lived in the main building and whom he only knew as a passing acquaintance, having greeted him briefly on the first day.

 It was obvious to Folt that Shinji’s reaction was not good. Still, Folt had to get Shinji out of there at all costs.

 If Fuukei’s scheme did not succeed, Folt would not be able to get her hands on the money.

 ”Fuukei-sama would like to talk to Shinji-sama, who has been particularly active…… I am also grateful for the fact that you have exterminated the monster that killed my father…… So, please”

 Folt looks up at Shinji, as if pleading for aid. In addition to her protective stare, she puffed out her breasts slightly to show Shinji her enormous breasts. There is also a tinge of heat in her eyes, and she acts as if she has a heartbeat. This was the kind of performance that could have fooled any young man.

 However, Shinji had already seen through this, but he decided to take the offer.

* * *

 ”Well, if that’s the case…….”

 Then, Folt led Shinji, who reacted as if he had no choice but to accept.

 (Well, I don’t know what he’s going to talk about. According the way he acts, it doesn’t sound like much of a talk, but if it harms the…… party, sure it)

 Shinji, who is walking behind Folt, chuckled.

 Without realizing it, Folt led Shinji to Fuukei’s waiting room.

 ”I apologize for bothering you. Thank you for coming”

 ”You have invited me. So….. it’s fine”

 Folt led him to a room where Fuukei was sitting in a chair waiting for him. She then pulled out a chair next to him, and Shinji sat down.

 The table was already set with colorful snacks and various bottles of liquor, and he knew at once that they were going to have a night of drinking.

 ”How about a drink? One drink for starters”

 ”Thanks for the drink”

 Shinji accepted Fuukei’s empty glass and Folt poured the chilled wine into it. The glasses then filled with the beautiful grape-colored liquid and they clinked against each other.


 Shinji sipped the wine without hesitation. After all, if it was poisonous, Freri would have warned him, but since there was no such warning, Shinji simply enjoyed the taste of the wine and drank it down in one gulp.

 ”It’s good to see you drinking so well, Folt, his glass is empty”

 ”Would you want the same one? or would you like me to change it to something else?”

 Folt was looking at the bottles of different brands of liquor. It would be a shame not to try them out, but…… Shinji can’t really enjoy them yet. Because he doesn’t know what they want.

 ”The same thing is fine”

 ”I understand……. I’ll pour it for you……”

 The same wine was poured into Shinji’s glass.

 And so, the entertainment by Fuukei began.


 The entertainment begins.

 Let’s move on with the story.

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