Wizard 300

Chapter 300 Fuukei’s Request

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 ”So, what do you want to talk about?”

 After drinking the first glass of wine, Shinji looked Fuukei’s eye to continue the conversation without sipping the second glass. Fuukei, who had been smiling, gave a wry smile.

 ”Why don’t we enjoy our drinks and snacks first?”

 ”I want to get rid of my worries so that I can truly enjoy myself. It would be a shame to have all the fun and then have to turn it down”

 “Is he feeling guilty about the fact that we’re meeting in private?”, Fuukei’s smile deepened at Shinji’s implied attitude. He knew this, but the fact that he was here meant that he was confident that he could get Shinji’s cooperation on certain conditions.

 ”I’m thinking of asking Shinji-dono… to find a suitable husband for my sister, Hiyuri”

 ”A husband?”

 The image of Hiyuri worrying about the village came to Shinji’s mind.

 ”All the men from the village who went to work in the mines have died. It caused a sharp increase in the number of widows, children, and families who had lost their husbands or sons, the main income earners”

 Fuukei describes the current situation with a soothing face. These are the facts that bother Fuukei and the chief. Then, Fuukei continued, noting Shinji’s reaction.

 ”And no matter how much money we have to help these people, it will never be enough. So, I’m thinking of getting Hiyuri to marry someone and ask for financial support”

 ”Why are you asking me? I think Fuukei-san seems to have a good relationship with other beastsman”

 When Shinji asked, Fuukei shook his head.

 ”I’m afraid my connections couldn’t help us because the other village which we were planning to go to has been damaged by this disaster too. So, I’m afraid they can’t afford it”

 ”I see…”

 Shinji could tell that this was not a lie. This conversation would be risky if there was no reason to involve him, and if he was going to play any tricks, he should keep his manpower to a minimum.

 ”Shinji-dono is active in the Medio town, and Alvin-dono, the leader of the group, has won fighting tournaments too. If you have a connection with a noble or a wealthy merchant who saw Hiyuri’s appearance at the tournament, we would like your help”

 At first glance, Fuukei’s argument sounded reasonable. It is true that the village needs funds, and it seems that he is trying to do something for the village, but there is one important point missing.

 ”Does Hiyuri-san agree with this?”

 ”As she is the daughter of the chief and if it’s for the good of the village, I won’t let her say no”

 In other words, her wishes were not taken into account at all. And after hearing that, Shinji pretended to be troubled with a difficult look on his face.

* * *

 Fuukei tried his best to persuade him. Fuukei also wanted to get Hiyuri out of the village, not only for the money.

 Because if her husband with a lot of money comes for Hiyuri and the village, Fuukei will lose his position. Even if he could protect his position as the chief by claiming his lineage, Fuukei was aware that he would not be able to withstand the treatment if the actual ruler of the village became Hiyuri’s husband.

 ”If you are willing to help us, we will provide you with a reasonable reward. I will help you satisfy your desires for liquor, money, women, etc. How is it? …Shinji-dono.”

 Fuukei smiled.

 ”It is more important to fulfill your own desires than to worry about others, isn’t it? Also, Shinji-dono, don’t you want to have a good time once in a while?”

 Fuukei smiles and Shinji smiles back. With that expression on his face, Shinji sipped his second glass of wine, which he drank in one gulp, his mouth slackening as he emptied the glass.

 ”Let’s see if I can find her a suitable partner”

 ”Thank you very much…! You can drink without hesitation now”

 Fuukei understands this and asks Folt for a third glass of wine and sips it himself.

 ”What kind of liquor would you like to drink…? Hyan ♡”

 ”I want that one”

 While pointing at the bottle, Shinji stroked Folt’s ass from the top of her maid’s outfit as she came close to him. Fuukei chuckles as Folt makes a sweet, ticklish moan and Shinji smiles slightly fondly.

 (It worked. I can get the money now)

 Fuukei was in a good mood, enjoying the drinks and snacks he had prepared with Shinji, and thinking about what would happen after Hiyuri was sold.

 However, Shinji thinks about what to do with him as he plays the part of a scheming villain.

 [It’s really disgusting that he thought he could catch Shinji with this much…]

 Shinji had also informed Freri of the situation. With her quiet anger, Shinji felt the same way and recognized Fuukei as an enemy who was trying to spoil his mood.

 [Yes. It’s just a little villain. Most of them are probably draining their own pockets from the funds to run the village…]

 Shinji, who was enjoying the entertainment on the surface, could read Fuukei’s thoughts. And thinking about how to do the most damage to this man.

 Shinji and Freri had already shared the thought of destroying the guy they didn’t like because he was trying to suck up to them.

 [Freri. I’m going to corrupt this maid today, so can I leave Fuukei to you?]

 [Okay, leave it to me. I’ll explore in his dreams. And then let him forget about today]

 [Yeah, thank you. The maid is probably this man’s woman too, and I’m sure she knows a lot about him….]

 Shinji and Freri set out to destroy Fuukei, but Fuukei was in the wrong hands and didn’t realize it.


 Fuukei invites him to conspire with him.

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