Wizard 301

Chapter 301 Folt’s Entertainment

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 Fuukei’s welcome dinner passed in a calm atmosphere with casual conversation, drinking liquor and eating snacks. And just when the drinks and snacks had been consumed to a certain extent, the door to the room was knocked modestly.

 ”Excuse me… I’m very sorry, but there’s an urgent call for Fuukei-sama…”

 After hearing the butler’s voice, Fuukei placed his glass on the table.

 ”Shinji-dono, I’m sorry to interrupt your visit….”

 ”No, don’t worry about it. Please do”

 ”Thank you. Please excuse me and I hope Shinji-dono will continue to have a fun. Folt, I’ll leave it to you”

 ”Certainly… Please leave it to me”

 With that, Fuukei got up and left the room. As the door closed and Fuukei’s footsteps began to fade from the room, Shinji placed his glass on the table.

 It was obvious to him what Fuukei meant by “Fun”. And just as Folt was about to begin to entertain Shinji, because she had already made a deal with Fuukei, Shinji opened his mouth.

 ”So, let’s get to the fun part, shall we?”

 With a determined attitude, Shinji puts his hand on the belt of his pants. Folt, who saw him, thought it was obvious that Shinji had little experience with women, and that he was trying to enjoy the few opportunities he had.

 ”Yes… let me serve you with my mouth first”

 Folt’s smile deepened as she underestimated Shinji and thought it would be easy to satisfy such a person. And without realizing it was Shinji’s acting, Folt kneeled in front of him in the chair and looked at his crotch.

 Shinji took another look at Folt’s appearance.

 Folt, a cat-beastman, had gray hair, ears and tail, and was a beautiful woman with a beautiful face. Her hair is long and reaches to her waist, and her long-sleeved top and long skirt give her the appearance of an innocent maid. Her breasts were big and her hips were shapely and well-fleshed, making her the perfect partner to enjoy s*x with while being corrupted.

 Then, as soon as he took off his pants, Shinji’s p*nis was exposed. The p*nis has been erected, and it was thrust out in front of Folt’s eyes with great force.

 (Eh… what is this… It’s so big…)

 It was the first time Folt had ever seen a p*nis as big as Shinji’s, much bigger than Fuukei’s, her lover. Shinji also cast an aphrodisiac spell over Folt’s body as he took off his pants, and Folt began to think that her heart was racing just by looking at it.

 ”I’d like you to do it quickly”

 ”‘Oh, yes… I’m sorry. It was too big and I was surprised…♡”

 Folt looked up at Shinji while admiring his p*nis to make him feel better. Folt was flustered by his big cock, but she managed to regain her mental composure after Shinji’s urging, which showed his lack of composure.

 ”It’s really great… ♡ And fantastic… ♡ Well then, if you excuse me… ♡ Lick ♡ Lick, lick ♡ Lick, lick ♡”

 (I was surprised, but… it’s so cute that he’s so eager. Fufu, I’ll take my time to lick it and make you cum)

 Folt’s tongue, full of saliva, began to lick up the back of his p*nis. Shinji once heard that the tongue of a feline beastman is extraordinary, and the rumor seems to be true.

 The rough tongue gave him a unique sensation that he couldn’t feel with women of other races. The moderate friction created by the large amount of saliva entangled in her tongue gave him a strong sense of pleasure.

 ”Hamu ♡ Nmu ♡ Slurpp ♡ Nnn ♡ Lick ♡ Chu ♡ Chu ♡ Lick ♡ Nnn ♡”

 Not only she licks, she also welcomes the p*nis into her mouth.

 It took her a little while to get used to the size of it, but Folt used her tongue to lick all over the p*nis while moving the head back and forth.

* * *

 ”Ohhh… It’s good… keep going for it…”

 ”Nbu ♡ Nmu ♡ Nnn…♡ Nn ♡”

 For some reason, Folt couldn’t resist Shinji’s request. Her face also turned into a flushed expression as she sucked his cock deep into her throat.

 And thanks to Shinji’s aphrodisiac magic, her body was thirsting for a man. In addition to that, Shinji also started to cast a hypnotic spell in his pre-cum and now, it’s invading Folt’s body. With this, the more carefully she sucks his cock, the more easily she will be hypnotized.

 Unaware of this, Folt continues to suck and suck. However, it was becoming difficult for her to continue sucking Shinji’s big cock. So, in order to make him ejaculate, Folt starts to suck harder and harder.

 There was no reason for Shinji, who is unequaled, to hold back, so he just shot his first load of thick semen. And when he did, he added one more word.

 ”Drink it all…!”

 The hypnotic spell, which had affected Folt’s will, changed her behavior and forced her to respond Shinji’s request.

 ”Nbu! Npu… G, gulp…. ♡ Fuuh~ ♡ Fuuh~ ♡ I drank it all…♡”

 Usually, Folt didn’t want to take a semen.

 Therefore, when she gives a blowjob, she doesn’t swallow the semen and just lets it out, but for some reason she swallows Shinji’s semen. Although she almost frowned at the unique scent and taste, she managed to keep her expression and maintain a submissive attitude.

 Shinji’s semen was thick and abundant, completely different from Fuukei’s semen, and if Fuukei had spit out this much semen, his p*nis would weaken and droop with no effort, but Shinji was unequaled man. So, she was surprised to see that his p*nis was still hard as it was before she took it to her mouth that made her couldn’t take her eyes off of his erect p*nis.

 And until now, Folt had only been aware that the p*nis was a man’s weakness, but this was the first time she had seen a man with such a strong p*nis. However, this was the first step to made her give in, but she didn’t realize it.

 ”It felt good, but it wasn’t enough…”

 (It’s amazing… ♡ However, don’t be amazed, it’s not over until he’s satisfied. But my mouth is already tired… Let’s use the next room then)

 Looking at the dissatisfied Shinji, Folt opened her mouth.

 ”You’re still good… ♡ There’s a futon in the back… Let’s go ♡”

 Shinji nodded to Folt, who tilted her head in a cute way and invited Shinji to the room’s resting area.

 The night had only just begun.


 Folt’s service

 First, she played with her cat’s tongue. She seems to know her strengths well. She is under a spell and can’t escape.

 The Folt episode continues.

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