Wizard 302

Chapter 302 Interogating Folt

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 Once they entered the room with the futon on the back of the room where Shinji was being entertained, Shinji immediately hugged Folt from behind and started to grope her body.

 Shinji also pressing his erect p*nis against her soft ass. Folt, on the other hand, felt his lack of experience and comfort from Shinji’s touch, and let out a sweet moan.

 ”Shinji-sama… ♡ Ah ♡ Don’t be in such a hurry… ♡”

 (I was surprised by the size of his dick, but he’s… so cute and eager)

 Folt, who has regained her mental composure due to the room change, presses her ass against his p*nis and stimulates his p*nis gently while shaking it from side to side.

 In response, Shinji’s hand grabbed Folt’s beautiful breast. And yet, Folt felt a numbing sensation of pleasure different than usual.

 (Eh ♡ W, why… ♡ Am I like this? ♡ Just being rubbed by him ♡ Ah ♡)

 Folt’s body, heightened by Shinji’s aphrodisiac magic, reacts to even the simplest caress and Folt’s nipples were tingling from being squeezed so hard that made her wants a stronger stimulation.

 So, just when Shinji looked back at her, Folt’s eyes were began to moistening with the flames of lust. Her ears were twitching and twitching unconsciously, and her movements seemed to Shinji to be a silent begging.

 ”Ah ♡ Shinji-sama… ♡ Please don’t do it ♡ I should be the one who serve you ♡”

 ”That’s fine. You’re already so wet too…”

 While talking, Shinji unhooks her long skirt with one hand and slides it skillfully down to the floor. Then, his hand touches Folt’s private parts. Folt, who feel the pleasure of the Shinji’s hands on her, had no time to think about how skillfully he undressed her.

 Kuchu kuchu ♡

 ”Nnn, Ah ♡ It’s really nasty…… ♡ Shinji-sama ♡ Please forgive me ♡”

 ”You’re easily wet and it made you nasty maid, are you being disciplined by Fuukei-san?”

 Folt, who is being held from behind, cannot escape or resist. And as long as she was being asked to entertain, she couldn’t take any action that would make Shinji feel uncomfortable. So, when she was forced to remove her underwear and easily inserted his middle finger and scratched her vagina, she could only gasp in pleasure.

 Folt had to answer Shinji’s question in the affirmative. But as she stared into Shinji’s eyes, Folt could not bring herself to lie. Folt had no way of knowing that this was the result of hypnotic magic, so she told him what she was thinking in her heart.

 ”No, I’m just following Fuukei-sama’s lead ♡ Fuukei-sama is just pretending to discipline me ♡”

 ”Really? Fuukei’s not very good at it, is he? He can’t satisfy such a sensitive maid?”

 ”Yes ♡ Even when I have s*x with Fuukei-sama ♡ I haven’t been able to cum from foreplay lately ♡”

 Not only his middle finger, Shinji also inserted his index finger, and the two fingers violently tortured Folt’s vagina. Folt’s hips were shaking and before she knew it, she was resting her back against Shinji, and her heart fluttered more than it should have as the adventurer’s toned arms embraced her.

 There is no reason for Shinji to go easy on Folt, so he applies spells one after another without mercy repeatedly like hypnotic spell, which makes her difficult to defy words and the aphrodisiac spell that increases estrus and sensitivity.

 ”Do you serve such a master?”

 ”After all ♡ I have a contract with Fuukei-sama ♡ And he pays me too ♡ If I beg him something, he’ll buy it for me ♡ Hyinnn ♡”

 Folt, who still talking, suddenly leaned back, with her tail and ears twitching as Shinji rub her clit with his fingers. Still, Shinji continued his interrogation, gently rubbing Folt’s lightly climaxing breasts as he supported her body.

 (Amazing…… ♡ Just with his finger…… ♡ I cummed…… ♡)

 Folt, who thought Shinji’s reaction was cute earlier, didn’t have time to regret it or feel sorry for himself. This is because, even though it was only foreplay, it quickly melted her thoughts into mush of pleasure and magic.

 ”Are you just a lover for s*x?”

 ”Nnn… ♡ No…. ♡ I cooperate with him in many ways… ♡ And today he asked me to serve you with money in advance…♡”

 Despite climaxing, the heat from Folt’s body did not cool down.

 And with his softly rubbing hands, Shinji prolonged the aftermath to buy a time for the heat to return to her body with the estrus magic.

* * *

 ”If so, then you know a lot of dark things”

 ”Yes… ♡ Kyaa”

 ”Then, would you like to help me ruin Fuukei?”

 Shinji pushed Folt’s back towards the futon. And with sudden push caused Folt to fall back onto the futon, screaming in surprise.

 The impact made her head cool down, but only a little.

 Realizing that she had just said a lot of bad things, she broke out in a cold sweat. She was told to ruin Fuukei, and Folt felt she had to get out of there.

 ”Get down on all fours”

 Shinji’s voice rang out as she sat up to escape. However, Folt’s body couldn’t resist the words, so she did as she was told and got down on all fours.

 Naturally, Folt was very confused and shouted.

 ”W, why? Fuukei-sama! Fuukei-sama! Please do something about this man!”

 ”It’s no use. I’m already using soundproofing magic, and Fuukei thinks we’re having fun”

 While saying this, Shinji positioned himself behind Folt and grabbed her hips tightly. Folt tried to resist, but her body stayed on all fours and she couldn’t move. The magic that had been poured from his fingertips during her climax was now soaking into Folt’s body, strengthening the suggestion of hypnotic magic even more.

 ”I can’t cooperate! Because If Fuukei is ruined, then so am I, his lover! And the money that Fuukei will pay to me!”

 ”Well, I guess”

 ”Why are you saying that? …Ah ♡”

 Before Folt continues her words, the glans has pressed against her wet, sopping pussy, and then the glans slowly entered the entrance of her vagina.

 Folt’s eyebrows lowered in pleasure as she squealed, with her tail and ears hanging down from her head. Her resistance and rebellion were instantly broken.

 ”Let’s have s*x that feels so good that it doesn’t matter. Then Folt will want to hear what I have to say”

 ”N, nooooooo ♡ Kuuuuuhhh ♡♡♡”

 Shinji’s p*nis is inserted deep into Folt’s vagina, rubbing up and down the vaginal walls, while expanding.

 Folt climaxes, screaming with pleasure, but Shinji is just getting started.

 Shinji looks down at Folt’s back as she sticks out her tongue and shivers and tries to hold on.


 He interrogated Folt-chan.

 Shinji-kun awares that she’s enemies, so he’s using both hypnotic and aphrodisiac magic. There is no way a normal maid can win….

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