Wizard 303

Chapter 303 Corrupting Folt

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 Folt, who had become Fuukei’s lover, believe that men were easy creatures. Because if she whispered her love to Fuukei while caressing his p*nis and making him ejaculate, he would feel better and give her something in return.

 And because of that, Folt, who was a maid, able to quickly acquire goods that she could barely afford with months of her savings, not including living expenses. Perhaps she thought it’s not bad for her, a mere village girl who knows nothing of luxury, has a lover relationship with Fuukei, the son of the chief.

 But now she has to pay the price in the form of being raped by Shinji and having a clear hierarchical relationship with him.

 ”I want to say, why you came just by being inserted? Did it feel that good?”

 ”Oh no…… ♡ It must be a lie…. ♡ Why am I like this…. ♡ Hyiii ♡ Don’t poke me ♡”

 When Shinji pressed his glans against the back of Folt’s vagina, she leaned back and shook her head.

 ”Where’s your answer?”

 ”Yes~ ♡ I just came ♡ I just came~ ♡”

 Folt, who was on all fours, was unable to resist Shinji as she could only scream in pleasure. And upon hearing her reply, Shinji stopped his vaginal torture and began to move his hips back and forth.

 ”Look, move your hips. It’s a maid’s job to serve, right?”

 ”Nnn ♡ I understand, I understand ♡”

 Before she could feel the humiliation of being treated like a s*x toy, the pleasure of the p*nis occupying her vagina took away her sanity. Naturally, Folt moves her hips back and forth as her body seeks pleasure.

 Her body, which had been made sensitive by the aphrodisiac magic, succumbed to the pleasure and her vagina quickly expanded to the size of Shinji’s. Her vagina also began to tighten as if to flirt with his big p*nis, and Folt recognized Shinji’s big cock as her master.

 (This is so good ♡ it makes me moan ♡ I’ve never known s*x like this ♡ more ♡ more ♡ I want more ♡)

 Unconsciously, her cat’s tail tangled around Shinji’s arm.

 Shinji was merely grabbing her hips and not exerting any force, but Folt was voluntarily shaking her hips to please him.

 Pound ♡ Pound ♡ Pound ♡ Pound ♡

 The sound of hips and asses colliding echoed through the room. Folt, who supporting herself with trembling hands, was shaking her hips in rhythm, but suddenly Shinji matched her timing and thrust his hips forward.

 ”Uuuuuuuu ♡ Cummmmming ♡”

 Folt climaxed while supporting her upper body with her elbows, even though her hands lost their strength and she collapsed. When on that position, she feels a numbing sensation from her womb being pushed up by his glans.

 ”Just now…… ♡ It’s great…… ♡”

 ”What’s stopping you?”

 Shinji lightly slapped Folt’s ass while she was drooling and basking in the afterglow of her climax. Her body, which should be humiliated by the spanking, is transformed into pleasure by the heat of her body.

 Spank ♡ Spank ♡

 ”I, I’m sorry ♡ I’ll move right away ♡”

 After being spanked, her shapely ass become red slightly. However, Folt apologized and resumed shaking her hips, but the momentum she’d had earlier was gone as she watched Shinji. Naturally, the pleasure was weaker, but Shinji was not going to let her get away with her unworthy use of her hips, so he slapped her ass again.

* * *

 ”Hyinn ♡ Haa~ ♡ Ah ♡ Uh ♡ Ah ♡”

 Recognizing that the spanking was a silent protest, Folt increased the speed of her back-and-forth movements. And by seeing Folt shake her hips obediently without complaint, Shinji’s mouth twisted.

 ”I can’t believe you had to be reminded. You’re a bad maid……!”

 ”I’m sorrrry ♡ Nnn~~~~ ♡♡”

 While Folt still apologizing, Shinji pushed up his cock to Folt’s vagina again and Folt climaxed again while squirting. Even though she was treated roughly, she didn’t have the energy to rebel and her vagina was twitching like it felt good.

 (He keeps…… pounding me ♡ Even though I don’t want to be pounded…… ♡ But his dick is so good ♡)

 Her thoughts were filled with a feeling of being dominated by the inserted p*nis and made her thought that his dick was not a weakness. Her instincts also told her that she was no match for a real dick.

 While Folt thinking so, Shinji slapped Folt’s ass again and again to see how well she was doing.

 ”It’s about time……”

 ”Fueehh ♡ What time…… ♡ Ahh ♡ Ah ♡ Hii ♡ Ah ♡ Cumming ♡ I’m cumming ♡ Ah ♡ Ah ♡ No ♡ Don’t do iiiit ♡”

 Satisfied that she was no longer resisting, Shinji began to shake his hips vigorously, and Folt, who was completely exhausted from his two attempts to cum twice, could only brace her trembling elbows on the bed and accept Shinji’s thrusts.

 As Folt climaxed in rapid succession, she sobbed and squirmed in pleasure. She was in a daze as the pleasure kept coming, and she was intoxicated by the euphoria of the continuous climaxes.

 (I’m become crazy ♡ This person ♡ Shinji-sama ♡ Shinji-sama’s dick is great ♡ It’s very great ♡)

 With hypnotic spell was applied to Folt’s deep consciousness and imprinting the idea that her master was Shinji, made her understand that she should obey Shinji, who gave her such happy pleasures, rather than Fuukei, her lover.

 After thinking so, a lewd crest appeared on her vagina, shining mysteriously. Then, Shinji’s p*nis trembled and Folt, who senses that he was about to ejaculate, cried out.

 ”Shinji-sama ♡ Please cum inside my vagina ♡ Please do it inside ♡ Pleaseeeee ♡”

 ”I’ll do what you want……”

 ”Ohhhhhhh ♡ Ah ♡ Ah ♡ It’s…. greeeeeat ♡♡♡”

 Shinji ejaculated into her vagina to establish the lewd crest that has been emerged.

 And the large amount of semen that was poured while the glans and cervix were kissing was so good that it made Folt’s mouth make a vulgar and charming sound.

 (This is real climax ♡ And it’s really felt so goood ♡)

 There was such a difference in the volume and force of the semen that it would be rude to compare him to Fuukei. And while Folt was in a daze with a look of ecstasy on her face, her lewd crests were imprinted perfectly.

 ”Well, then……”

 ”Nnn ♡”

 After finishing his ejaculation, Shinji pulls out his p*nis. Then, he flipped Folt over on her back, which made her moan sweetly.

 Folt’s arms and legs are spread out, and she exposes her entire body to Shinji.

 As if to show her obedience, Folt licks and cleans up the semen and love juices that are still stuck to the glans with her tongue.

 ”Folt, will you help me?”

 ”Chu……♡ Yes, Shinji-sama……♡”

 Folt nodded her head in response to Shinji’s question with a sloppy smile on her face, no longer fearing her own destruction.

 In this way, a maid whose thoughts had been distorted by Shinji’s hypnotic and aphrodisiac magic was created.

 In the shortest time possible, she fell.

 Well, this is about as far as an ordinary maid can go.

 Let’s get on with the story!

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