Wizard 304

Chapter 304 Fall Overnight

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 In a room with soundproofing magic. Shinji was lying on his back with his legs spread out on the futon. Above him, Folt was shaking her hips up and down.

 Folt’s clothes had been stripped off and she was completely naked, exposing her naked body as she enthusiastically moved her hips to make Shinji feel better. This position was chosen by Folt in order to serve him, but Shinji’s p*nis hit her in the right spot and she climaxed over and over selfishly.

 ”Haa~ ♡ Haa~ ♡ I know where Fuukei-sama keeps his ledger book…. ♡ And ♡ Receipt of the money ♡ Oh ♡ Ah ♡ There’s also… ♡”

 Shinji listens to Folt’s confession and thinks about it as he watches her continue to cum.

 (Back taxes, illegal money laundering. Is it really just a series of small corruptions that he does? It seems the story of getting Hiyuri to marry and getting the financing is also related to money…)

 After thinking so, Shinji grabs the tail that is wagging in front of him. That alone was enough to make her tail jump and her vagina tighten. It seems that her tail is one of Folt’s weakness, and she shakes her body while making sweet noises. The increased sensitivity also caused Folt to climax lightly when her tail was grabbed.

 ”Do you know if Fuukei has any weaknesses that could ruin him?”

 ”I don’t know ♡ Fuukei-sama is a man who likes money regardless ♡ But if it’s in the ledger ♡ Nnn, there might be something there ♡”

 ”Can you take the ledger out?”

 ”I can’t ♡ Only Fuukei-sama has the key to the vault”

 Hearing Folt’s words, he smiled bitterly, wondering if it was really that easy. Shinji also wondering if she was being dishonest and was at least being cautious of him.

 (Now, what to do? Suppose I exposed his ledger book. Perhaps the punishment would be confiscation of the illegal money collected and not being allowed to manage the money in the future? Well, it might be good revenge…)

 Shinji though that it is enough to think of it as payback for being underestimated, but somehow it doesn’t feel right for him. Anyway, he only got the information from Folt, and the real information from Fuukei is yet to come.

 (Well, I’m just going to finish this maid, I’m sure Freri can handle it)

 Thinking of his trusty partner Freri, Shinji grabbed Folt’s waist and started to fuck her again.

 ◇ ◇ ◇

 The time goes back a little.

 Fuukei, who had left the room under the impression that he had some business to attend to, was waiting to see what had happened. In fact, there was no urgent business, and he was just making it easier for Shinji to enjoy Folt.

 And after seeing the soundproof magic casted in the room, Fuukei was happy, and he went back to his room, thinking that Shinji would be excited to find a wife once he got a taste of Folt’s good body.

 (For now, I’ll wait for Shinji-dono to contact me. Until then, I should do what I can… I can’t let Hiyuri be the only one who has a favorable impression)

 The residents love to see Hiyuri taking the initiative to go around the village. Although Hiyuri had no ulterior motives and was genuinely trying to help the people in need, it was not good for Fuukei to see Hiyuri’s reputation rise.

 Hiyuri’s behavior was similar to the current Fuukei’s in that she would just do the job she was asked to do before the disaster, but after going to the Este town to ask for help and return to the village, Hiyuri started to move around a lot more.

 (Seriously… Why did she suddenly get motivated? I don’t know what kind of change of heart occurred…)

 Fuukei, who couldn’t understand Hiyuri’s change of heart, walked into his room with a puzzled look on his face.

 And due to the amount of alcohol he had consumed while meeting with Shinji, Fuukei felt sleepy. Usually, Fuukei would have no problem drinking, but due to the emergency, he was exhausted and could not seem to stand the drowsiness. As he had already done what he needed to do today, there was no reason for him to stay awake, so Fuukei decided to sleep.

 Not realizing that there was a succubus waiting for him to fall asleep.

* * *

 ◇ ◇ ◇


 As he looked up, he saw the face of a beautiful woman he had never met before.


 He tried to speak, but could not. It’s not surprising, because Fuukei and Clara don’t know each other.

 Fuukei’s position is so-called lap-pillow, with Clara smiling down on him. Of course, she wasn’t just lap-pillowing him, she also cast Freri’s <Charm> magic and <Hypnosis> magic on him as he slept.

 As a result, even though Clara is clearly a suspicious person in Fuukei’s eyes, he is not wary of her, but rather has a feeling of love for her.

 Moreover, because of the hypnotic magic, he perceives Clara as a beastman, and he sees golden fox ears between her beautiful black hair.

 The hypnotic effect of “Look like your favorite type” boosted the beauty of Clara’s appearance, and the effect of <Charm> brought her to a situation where it was almost love at first sight for him.

 (How beautiful …)

 (His eyes are heart-shaped~♪. Now, I have to find out what Sensei told me~♪)

 Clara, who had confirmed that the magic she had been taught was having an outstanding effect, spoke to him with a look of delight.

 ”Hey~, tell me your secret…♡”

 A lusty voice echoed in Fuukei’s ears. Since Clara had given her permission, Fuukei was now able to speak. Because as long as he was in a dream, the control was in the hands of Clara, the succubus.

 ”My secret…? Why…?”

 ”I want to know about you…♡”

 The sweet words of the beautiful woman shot through Fuukei’s heart at once. As soon as he started to talk about himself, he started to talk about his personal hobbies and interests, which were not important to Shinji and Freri.

 He seemed to be unconsciously thinking that he had to hide his dark thing, and Clara couldn’t sense any sign of him talking about any his wrongdoings.

 However, Clara’s sad face interrupted Fuukei’s attempt to continue talking about himself.

 ”Is that only your secret…? Isn’t there a bigger secret…?”

 ”That’s… That’s….”

 Fuukei felt his heart tighten at the sad expression of her, but he couldn’t bring himself to tell her because he knew he was doing something wrong. Moreover, her charm and hypnosis magic were still in its infancy and her powers of enchantment were not that strong.

 For this reason, Clara decides to use female weapons instead of just magic.


 Fuukei’s pants and underwear, which were supposed to cover her lower body, disappeared in the blink of an eye. In a dream, it is possible to make the other person’s clothes disappear without having to take them off by hand.

 Fuukei’s p*nis was fully erect in front of the woman he fell in love with, but Fuukei’s p*nis seemed to be a cute size.

 And a soft hand begins to play with his p*nis.

 ”‘Oh… ♡ Haha ♡ Ahh … ♡”

 ”*Rub* ♡ *Rub* ♡ *Rub* ♡ *Rub* ♡”

 She gave Fuukei’s p*nis a gentle squeeze, as if she was used to giving hand jobs as a prostitute. Her big breasts swayed in front of Fuukei’s eyes as she repeated the gentle up and down motion with her thumb and middle finger.

 Fuukei, who saw it, felt his crotch harden and grow hot, making him feel like he was about to ejaculate.

* * *

 ”I’ll stop if you don’t talk…♡”

 Clara encouraged Fuukei, who began to thrust his hips up and down pathetically, trying to get some pleasure out of it, but there was nothing for her to feel with a p*nis that was so crude compared to Shinji’s. The calculated, clumsy hand job was more than enough pleasure for him.

 As the speed of Clara’s hand slowed down, Fuukei shouted in panic.

 ”Ha, haa~! I’ll talk to it, don’t stop it!!”

 ”Okay ♡ (He’s weak. But it’s nice that there is no trouble, still it’s too crunchy and small fish dick)”

 Clara smiles at Fuukei, who has no pride or shitty attitude, but secretly thinks he’s an idiot. Without realizing it, Fuukei finally divulges the secret he’s been keeping.

 He embezzles the village’s funds, bribes his way into favor, tries to sell his sister Hiyuri, and more. The stories were all about money and dirty things.

 The content of the story flowed directly from Clara to Freri, but Freri’s reaction was not so good.

 [Too small and boring]

 [Hahaha… Well, even if you say so…]

 Clara smiled back at Freri, who looked bored from the bottom of her heart. And then, Clara decided to clean up the mess, as she and Freri were no longer thinking about what to do next.

 ”Come ♡ You can let it out, okay ~♡”

 ”O-Ohhhhh! I’m going to ejaculateeeee~!”

 As Fuukei’s hips thrust upward, Clara’s hand comes down to continue squeezing. For him, the timing of the hand job gave him more pleasure than ever, and there was no way that Fuukei, with his small dick, could withstand it. The small amount of ejaculation was not very vigorous, and the semen fell on Fuukei’s body.

 Fuukei, who had been completely defeated by the succubus, was unable to move or even think straight in the aftermath of her climax. The hypnotic spell of <Forget this dream> was applied to Fuukei’s brain, binding him tightly.

 And so, there was no more use for this man.

 [Nnn, well then. How was it, Sensei?]

 [It was good. Clara, you can now call yourself an accomplished apprentice succubus]

 [Really? Yay!]

 Clara was very happy with the content of Freri’s thought. She had been told that she was still a succubus, so the fact that she was finally recognized by Freri made her very happy.

 [Keep up the good work]


 Clara felt Freri’s gratitude in her short words.

 Thus, in just one night, Fuukei and Folt both fell. There was no one to console them, though they could only say that it was the wrong person to mess with.


 There is no way that a normal person can defeat a succubus. (Even if she’s an apprentice succubus, she’s pretty good)

 I will continue the story.

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