Wizard 305

Chapter 305 How to Handle the Aftermath

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 [He just an average little villain]

 ”Well, isn’t it right? What kind of evil did Freri think the son of a village chief would be capable of…?”

 This was after Shinji had corrupted Folt and Clara had corrupted Fuukei. Even though it was still early in the morning when everyone was asleep, Shinji and Freri were talking in Shinji’s private room.

 Freri is sitting in front of Shinji on the bed, with her back resting against him, and Shinji is looking at her with a dumbfounded expression.TinyTL

 As a side note, Folt was in a state of exhaustion after being tortured all night, and Shinji had left her alone then return to his room. It was a horrible thing to do, but there was no one to blame for it.


 ”Well, I’m glad it’s only this bad. And here’s the thing. I have to decide how I’m going to deal with this”

 Shinji decided to destroy Fuukei’s scheme because he didn’t like the way Fuukei was trying to take advantage of him. It was not that Shinji was ignorant of the injustice of the situation.

 Shinji believes that his personal payback to Fuukei is over when he corrupted Folt. And the quickest way to do this was to take away Fuukei’s memory of this night and pretend that the invitation to entertain him and ask for his hand in marriage never happened.

 ”I think it would be best if Fuukei lost his memory of this night, but what do you have in mind, Freri?”

 [Nnn….. I’m a little confused. I think that’s fine, but if he forgets now, he’ll think about it again]

 ”So, next time, should I just say no?”

 This time Shinji was curious about the talk, so he just listened to what Fuukei had to say. However, Shinji was sure that next time he would just decline the offer and Alvin wouldn’t have to accept it.

 [It’s not going to ease my mind if he just forgets about it…]

 ”I’m glad you’re mad for me, though. For him, if it’s me and Alvin, it stands to reason that I’d look easier to win over than Alvin, right?”

 Shinji can tell that Freri is unhappy because she is angry that the villain thinks that he can control Shinji, but Shinji is also aware that he is inferior to Alvin in appearance, so it is understandable that Fuukei would think so. Therefore, Shinji is not angry with him.

 Freri continues to send her thoughts to Shinji, who smiles bitterly and tries to appease her angry childhood friend by rubbing her belly. TinyTL

 [There is also evidence from the ledger book. Like, Fraud and it can be used to punish him severely]

 ”I think I can confiscate the property he gets by cutting out the middleman, as long as Fuukei doesn’t interfere with the operation of the village”

 [Hmm. But it’s still no good…?]

 ”No good”

 As they talking, Shinji turned around and looked up at Freri, who tilted her head adorably, and answered her with a clear shake of his head.

 A few moments ago, when Shinji embraced Folt, he asks her about the village, about Fuukei, and about many other things.

 And the result was the village is run by two people, the village chief and Fuukei, who give instructions to their subordinates. Fuukei, who is being trained to be the next chief of the village, plays an important role in managing the funds, and in a small village, no one can replace him.

 (Worst of all, the chief may have overlooked Fuukei’s wrongdoings. Even if he is his son, would he entrust the management of his precious funds to just one person?)

 If that is the case, it means that the chief is approving it. So, it was going to get very messy, and there was no benefit for Shinji to go that deep into the village’s internal affairs.

 ”Okay, let’s take a nap. Even though today’s adventuring is scheduled to be a vacation… Renka will wake me up, and I want to get some sleep”

 With that, Shinji lay down on his bed, with Freri looked into Shinji’s face as he closed his eyes and tried to sleep.

 [Shinji, tell Hiyuri]

 Shinji’s eyes widened in surprise at this unexpected comment from Freri. When their eyes met, Shinji urged her to continue, and she sent a thought his way.

* * *

 [I’ll make sure that Fuukei and Folt follow Hiyuri’s lead so that both of them can live to work for the village, and then Hiyuri can take care of the rest]

 ”…You’re being very supportive of Hiyuri. Are you planning something like you did with Alvin?”

 […No, there is no such thing]

 From Freri’s attitude of averting her gaze, it is clear that she is thinking of a devious plan. Shinji, who saw that, pondering about it. TinyyTL

 He thinks that Freri is trying to make a favor out of Hiyuri and ask for something in return. And the only thing he could think of that Hiyuri would want in return was her body.

 ”I just got the magic from Folt, so I don’t think I need Hiyuri’s share”

 [Hiyuri, she had a nice body]

 ”That’s true. Her style is good and she looks very comfortable to hold”

 Shinji remembered Hiyuri as a ring girl during the tournament, and although he didn’t react because he was with Renka, her cleavage and fleshy thighs that were so generously exposed were a feast for the eyes.

 [If so, it’s fine, right?]

 ”It’s fine, but don’t give me any… trouble, okay?”

 Freri looked at Shinji, who closed his eyes in frustration.

 If he observes the current situation surrounding Hiyuri, there is a high probability that she will eventually have a political marriage. So even if it doesn’t turn out to be an act of cuckolding at the moment, there’s no doubt that it will become an excellent property once she has a specific partner in the future.

 If it were Shinji, he would have made his own contact with her and started training her now for the right time…

 (Shinji is no longer aggressive…)

 That fact was frustrating for Freri.

 Of course, as a childhood friend, she could congratulate Shinji for being happy with Renka, and she had no problem with him trying to take care of Renka.

 However, as a contracted succubus, Freri would like to see Shinji actively degrade women as he did before. Shinji and Renka’s love-Dovey are fine, but Freri thinks that it’s more rewarding to see him have intense intercourse that makes women fall into a state of pleasure.

 On that note, Folt’s corruption, which he had just performed, was a sight to be witnessed. And the quality of his magic must have been further enhanced by taking in the beastman’s magic, and she couldn’t help but look forward to the next time he had to do it.

 (I have to get Shinji to do more, more, and more…)

 For Shinji’s purpose. For her growth. That was Freri thought and she was thinking about what would happen after she told Hiyuri.

 ◇ ◇ ◇

 ”Shinji, Shinji, wake up!”

 Shinji woke up to the knocking sound on the door and Alvin’s voice. It was a day off and Shinji couldn’t think of any reason why Alvin would wake him up, so in a daze, he called out.

 ”What’s up…..? I still want to sleep….”

 ”Sorry! But I’m in trouble!”

 ”All right, I’ll open it”

 Thinking that Alvin’s voice was too urgent, Shinji opened the door, sparing a moment to change his clothes.

 Immediately, Alvin entered the room, closed the door, and held out a letter in front of Shinji. His hands were shaking, but Shinji’s eyes were more focused on the wax seal that had been split in two by the opening of the letter.

 It was the seal of the royal family, a very famous seal.

 In other words, it was a sign of an important letter from the country.

 ”I-it seems… I’m going to be appointed an honorary knight… and I’ve been summoned to the royal castle….”

 Alvin’s voice echoed in the quiet room.


 It’s consultation time with Freri.

 Shinji is rather satisfied since he has slept with her.

 It seems that Freri hasn’t gotten enough payback yet.

 And Alvin was finally made an honorary knight for his achievements so far!

 We’ll continue with the story.

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