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Chapter 306 Leisurely Talk・Conditions for an Honorary Knight

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 A few days before Alvin rushing into Shinji’s room.

 At the royal castle in the capital town <Nord>, just north of the <Medio> town, where the <Running Wolves> is based. A meeting was being held in one of the rooms to decide whether or not to appoint Alvin as an honorary knight.

 ”This is the report from the Adventurer’s Guild….”

 The person in the room receiving the report was the Kingdom’s Prime Minister, Adamos Materov. He was over fifty years old, but his eyes were sharp as he looked over the report in his hand while receiving the report from the adventurer’s guild staff.

 ”It seems he’s doing remarkably well”

 ”Yes. He has a good personality. I’m sure he’s not too proud to take credit for his accomplishments”

 ”He saved <Oeste> the western town, and supported the front line in <Este> the eastern town. And yet, he also has the personal ability to win an arena tournament. I can say that he is a person who can be appointed as an honorary knight”

 The adventurer’s guild staffs who gave the report also nodded to the Prime Minister’s words.

 The appointment of an honorary knight requires a number of recommendations. It is not publicized to the public, and only a few nobles know about it.

 One of the requirements is a recommendation from the Adventurer’s Guild.

 And the Adventurer’s Guild is in a position to make the most of its relationship with the target adventurer, and it is responsible for assessing whether or not he or she is capable of being an honorary knight.

 Whether or not the adventurer is sincere in fulfilling requests, and whether or not they are unreasonable to other adventurers. An honorary knight is required to work diligently to defeat monsters, so he must have the character to work diligently even if he receives an annual salary.

 In this respect, Alvin has no problem at all and the Adventurer’s Guild was able to recommend him with confidence.

 Another condition was that the candidate must have outstanding personal skills.

 This condition was also met by winning the fighting tournament. In addition, he defeated a knight in the service of the state, and it made the Prime Minister approve his skill.

 ”…Good. I will accept the recommendation from the Adventurers Guild. Thank you for your time”

 ”Ha~, please excuse me!”

 Relieved by the Prime Minister’s words, the Adventurer’s Guild staff bowed and left the room. And then, one man comes into the room in turn.

 ”Prime Minister-dono, I see that you have accepted my request without problem”

 ”Really…. Your timing was perfect, Beltz-dono”

 Noah Beltz, the head of the Beltz family, the nobleman from <Oeste>, the eastern town. The Prime Minister greeted Noah with a wry smile as he entered the room with a good-natured smile on his face.

 ”It’s for the sake of my lovely daughter”

 ”I see. This man is the love interest of Beltz-dono’s beloved daughter…”

 Noah and the Prime Minister have seen each other many times at night meetings, so their relationship is not bad.

 ”That’s why I’m going to recommend him as an honorary knight”

 ”Yes, that’s good. His quality is not a problem. And there have been no honorary knight appointments in the past few years, so there is no problem. I also think that he is worthy of being part of the Kingdom”

 The number of honorary knights cannot be increased carelessly because they need to be paid an annual salary, and it was customary not to appoint another for several years after appointing one.

 In this regard, the Prime Minister is aware that the last appointment was made five years ago and that there is no problem.

* * *

 ”I have the same view. I am glad to hear that Prime Minister-dono has the same opinion too. If we had differed, I would have raised an objection”

 ”…Don’t be so hard on me. His Majesty will approve it first”

 Feeling a hint of chill behind his good-natured smile, the Prime Minister replied to Noah with a wry smile.

 ”Even so, that was quick. Is it a coincidence that the adventurer’s guild sent you? Or are you keeping an eye on this man (Alvin)?”

 ”It’s not really monitoring. I was just checking around a bit”

 When Christina fell in love with Alvin and followed him to <Medio>, Noah sensed that his daughter was serious.

 Therefore, he was investigating Alvin’s past, his lifestyle, and his relationships with women to see if he was worthy of being his daughter. Of course, not only the past, but also the present was important.

 He was actively gathering the present information on where Alvin and the other <Running Wolves> were going, what kind of work they were doing, etc. until the incident at the mine occurred.

 And when Noah heard the story of the <Running Wolves>’s success in that incident, he predicted that Alvin would be recommended as an honorary knight. Sure enough, the secret agent who had been watching the headquarters of the Adventurers’ Guild informed him that a messenger had come to the castle.

 And because the adventurer’s guild rarely contacted the prime minister, Noah was convinced that it was about the honorary knight and came to the castle in a hurry.

 ”I see…”

 ”I’m sure he’s monitoring this”, that’s the Prime Minister thought. There is no need to poke a snake out of a bush because this is one of the ways of getting information.

 ”Then I’ll go to see my daughter”

 ”Yes. Then I will notify all the nobles as soon as I receive His Majesty’s approval. There is also an Honorary Knight’s Appointment Ceremony… Then excuse me, Beltz-dono”

 The Prime Minister left his seat to obtain the King’s approval, which was the last condition. And it’s not long before the Prime Minister, who had parted ways with Noah, received the King’s approval.

 Thus, it was decided that Alvin would be made an honorary knight and a letter would be sent to him from the Kingdom. The appointment of the new honorary knight was notified to all the nobles in the Kingdom, and they were instructed to gather at the royal castle for the appointment ceremony.

 Among them, there was one noble who was the first to move.

 Of course.

 ”I have to help Alvin-san to avoid being embarrassed at the royal castle”

 Christina, the daughter of the Beltz family, prepared a letter to be sent to the <Running Wolves>’s party house.


 It talks about the requirements for an honorary knight.

 They have to have great achievements, be well-behaved, and very strong.

 These are the requirements. It sounds easy, but I think it’s a pretty difficult requirement.

 Christina has started to act.

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