Wizard 307

Chapter 307 Alvin, Thinking about Honorary Knight

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 ”I… I think I’m going to be appointed as an Honorary Knight… and I’ve been summoned to the royal castle….”

 Alvin’s voice was trembling and Shinji could clearly hear the shock and agitation in his voice. Shinji, on the other hand, is very calm, and in a calm voice he appeases Alvin.TinyTL

 ”Calm down, Alvin. It doesn’t say you have to come right now, does it?”

 ”No, no, no! What are you talking about? It’s an Honorary Knight, you know! Aren’t you surprised?”

 ”Well, apart from… that matter. I thought you had gotten that much credit for the title”

 It was only natural that the Kingdom would want to keep Alvin a part of it, since he had contributed so much to the <Oeste> town and <Este> town, and he also had achieved results in the fighting tournaments.

 And the reason why Shinji encouraged Alvin to participate in the tournament, besides for the weapons, was because he thought that a good performance would increase his chances of being made an Honorary Knight.

 This was to be expected from Shinji.

 However, Alvin remembered the conversation he had with Christina after she had pressed him before, but he did not believe that he would actually be made an Honorary Knight and it made him shaken.

 ”…Was she serious about the conversation…?”

 ”Yeah. Alvin, don’t you want to be an Honorary Knight?”

 ”No, I’d be honored, but… I’m still nervous. However, I’m not sure what to think about a commoner becoming a nobleman…”

 Alvin’s expression is complicated.

 A commoner becomes an Honorary Knight and becomes a nobleman, which is the pinnacle of any commoner’s dream of becoming a nobleman. It’s impossible not to be happy.

 But at the same time, Alvin, who has come to think about this and that as a party leader, has no idea what it means to be a noble.

 What to do, what not to do? Relationships between nobles, etc…. All he knows is that he can’t do anything about it on his own.

 Shinji smiled and reassured Alvin.

 ”It’s okay to be anxious. But Alvin, you are capable of thinking clearly and we are here for you if you need us. You may be an Honorary Knight, but you’re still a member of the party”

 ”Shinji… You’re right”

 It’s not that he’s worried about it. Because it’s a challenge too. It’s just the difference of whether it’s a battle or not. And it’s not like Alvin to give up before he even tries, he thought to himself.

 ”Okay, I’ll give it all I’ve got! I’ll be counting on you, Shinji!”

 ”Yeah, for each other. So, what else did it mention?”

 ”Okay. Well, it said that the appointment ceremony would be held next month at the royal castle and that I should get ready and be there on time”

 Alvin handed the letter to Shinji as he spoke. Shinji took a look at it and found that it said exactly what he had said.

 (I guess we have to travel to the castle for the appointment…. And we need to prepare for that)

 Shinji had left the Valencia family when he was very young, so he had no knowledge of the royal castle. Even so, he knows that they need to dress appropriately and have good manners.

 It was possible that they would be overlooked because they were an adventurer and didn’t need to know, but he wasn’t going to allow Alvin to be licked by the other nobles.

 ”…I see. As I recall, the quest at the mine was scheduled to end tomorrow. Then I guess we should head back to the party house and get ready”

 ”Right! First things first, we have to get home. I’ll go tell Mil to come back the day after tomorrow!”

 ”Oh, wait! Alvin!”

 Shinji stopped Alvin as he was about to leave the room. And when Alvin turned around, he saw the serious expression on Shinji’s face.

 ”If you’re going to talk to Milis, you might as well talk to her about Christina-sama”

 ”About Christina-sama…”

 Shinji nodded towards Alvin, who recited Shinji’s words. Alvin’s expression was so serious that he decided to listen to Shinji’s words in silence.

* * *

 ”If you become an Honorary Knight, you’ll join the nobility. It’s not surprising that Christina-sama has formally asked for an engagement…”

 ”I see….. Is it possible that this is the case?”

 Seeing Alvin like that, Shinji recalls the conversation he had with Iris a short while ago, which had caused Renka so much grief. As he was not familiar with women’s minds, Shinji did not want Alvin to make the same mistake he had made.

 ”It’s better to discuss things properly so that both of you can understand each other, although I think Alvin knows Milis better than I do…”

 ”…Okay. I’ll see what I can do”

 Shinji’s gloomy mood, combined with his serious expression, did not arouse Alvin’s suspicions, but his instincts were telling him that Shinji had offended Renka.

 (I guess sometimes Renka gets upset with Shinji too…)

 Shinji, who is usually so reliable, thought that even he can’t stand someone he’s in love with, so he felt sympathy for Alvin. Seeing so, Alvin started to speak lightly.

 ”You’ve got a lot of weight in your words. What did you do?”

 ”That’s a secret”

 ”Tsk…. Haha, I’ll see you later!”

 Alvin laughs when he sees the indescribable expression on Shinji’s face as he fights off Alvin’s pursuit. Shinji also laughed back at the bright smile, and saw Alvin off as he left the room.

 (…Well, I wonder what Christina will do in the next month or… in the meantime)

 He said that she might ask Alvin to marry her, but Shinji thinks that she is more likely to make various moves. It was obvious that she was serious about this when he thought back to Christina’s behavior.

 (Now that Alvin’s propensity has become so peculiar… well, let’s just wait and see…)

 Shinji thought about it and fell into bed to sleep again.

 In the meantime, the maids who are taking care of the <Running Wolves> in the annex have brought this news to the ears of the chief, Fuukei and Hiyuri.

 ”Alvin-san became a nobleman…”

 When Hiyuri heard this, she felt a determination in her heart.

 (I wonder if Shinji-san will listen to me again)

 She thought of Shinji, who had told her not to give up. Although they had only talked for a short time, she decided that Shinji was easier to talk to than Alvin.

 Thinking of what he can do for the village, Hiyuri sends out a message to Shinji to ask for advice.


 Alvin has decided to become an Honorary Knight.

 From a commoner to a nobleman. And now he’s even more popular (laughs).

 And what is Hiyuri planning to discuss with Shinji?

 The story continues.

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