Wizard 309

Chapter 309 Hiyuri Takes the Bad Wizard’s Hand

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 Hiyuri’s anger was now dissipated by Shinji’s mysterious vibe, and she sat back down quietly. Shinji, upon seeing Hiyuri’s calmed state, decided to repress the intimidation he had been radiating.

 ”Now, the village requires funds, and it will soon be able to replenish some of its resources. Do you understand that?”

 ”…It’s impossible that my brother would give any money”

 Hiyuri understood what Shinji was trying to say, but denied it with a dark expression. There is no way that Fuukei, with his persistent personality, would be willing to give up the money that he has been illegally making.

 ”It is possible to make Fuukei do as you wish, just as Folt does to me”

 ”That’s not acceptable….”

 ”But Fuukei is necessary to the operation of the village, right? If you mention his wrongdoings, you can recover the funds, yet you can’t escape punishment”

 Shinji had a point.

 Hiyuri didn’t think she could take the place of Fuukei, who had run the village with his father. The amount of money that Fuukei has been pocketing from the ledger books has accumulated to such an extent that he will certainly be expelled from the village if it is exposed.

 However, if Fuukei’s illegal money could be recovered as operating funds, they would be able to live for two years without any problems. Instead of rushing to find a husband, it would be better to take two years to carefully evaluate the partner and find the best match.

 ”The least I can do is change his personality. I’m going to make sure that the dirty part that cuts out the middleman is totally clean, and I’m going to make him give up his back taxes to the village. I’ll have to play with the memories a bit, though”

 Shinji lightly slapped Folt’s ass as he beckoned her to his side.

 ”Kyan ♡”

 ”Folt will work for you as a loyal servant. You’re not his lover anymore, and you’ll work diligently for the village, okay?”

 ”Yes, of course ♡”

 Folt’s tail wagged as she replied happily, and Hiyuri gazed at him with an indescribably complicated look. Folt’s devotion to Shinji was obvious at a glance, and Hiyuri wondered how she could be like this, but she also felt selfishly confident that she would not betray her.

 At this point, Hiyuri knew what Shinji’s proposal was.

 ”My suggestion is that Hiyuri, with Fuukei and Folt in tow, should rebuild the village”

 It wouldn’t normally be forgiven to allow Fuukei and Folt, whose personalities had been changed by magic, to follow her. Because it was an inhumane act, and Hiyuri must appeal to Shinji to bring them back, as it should be.


 However, the proposal was very attractive to Hiyuri.

 Originally, Hiyuri had a strong desire to work with the villagers to rebuild rather than marry somewhere else. But she had suppressed this desire because of financial difficulties, but if she accepted Shinji’s proposal, her wish would come true.

 Yes, if she sacrificed the two personalities, she could do it….

 Hiyuri gulped down her saliva involuntarily.

 ”I’m going to transfer some of the power of magic to the two of them. That way, the two of them will never be able to defy you again. This is undoubtedly a bad thing, but … they were the ones who tried to sell you out first”

 That said, Shinji laughed.

* * *

 ”Someone has to be sacrificed. Whether it’s Hiyuri or Fuukei and the others. If it hurts your conscience, you can forget about today and marry someone else. But if you want your happiness more than the two of them, I’ll support you”

 That smile was very wicked. It showed that Shinji was a bad person who knew exactly what he was doing. Therefore, Hiyuri could not believe that he would help him without any reward. There must be a price to pay for the devil’s contract.

 ”…..What’s your benefit? Because there is no benefit in helping me”

 ”Yes, there is. To transfer magic, I need to pour magic power directly into you. In other words, I need to embrace you, Hiyuri”

 The word “embrace” made Hiyuri flustered. As a commoner, Hiyuri doesn’t necessarily have to be a virgin, but she thought it would be her lover or husband who would do such a thing.

 ”For me, being able to hold Hiyuri is more important than Fuukei’s personality. After all, I’m a bad wizard”

 ”…Really, you’re a terrible person… Fufu”

 Shinji’s statement, as if it were nothing at all, made Hiyuri laugh involuntarily. He could not help but laugh at how refreshing his words and actions were.

 ”But I’m a horrible woman to take the hand of someone like that”

 Hiyuri affirmed clearly with a laugh.

 ”Okay, I understand. Please take care of me, Shinji-san. I will restore the village. So please embrace me”

 A strong, cunning, and wicked person. Hiyuri was certainly happy that she could charm such an evil wizard. She also felt that her efforts were not in vain, as she had polished her beauty.

 Hiyuri’s hand was gently held out to him, and he could sense that she was prepared to sacrifice her brother and do whatever it took to restore the village.

 [As expected, Hiyuri went along with my idea]

 [Phew~….. I’ll leave the management to you, okay?]

 [No problem. This one will also serve as Clara’s training]

 [I’ll do my best to live up to teacher expectations!]

 This idea was planned by Freri. Shinji, who was about to leave the village, was not so keen on this idea, as it would require him to handle the charmed Fuukei in a very timely way.

 However, as long as Clara would be watching over him, Shinji would only need to receive an interim report.

 Thus, while Freri’s goal of having Shinji take Hiyuri into his arms was fulfilled, the plan to use Hiyuri as a training ground for the apprentice succubus was carried out, a plan that was very beneficial to Freri, and Hiyuri even agreed to it.

 ”If so, feel free to….”

 Shinji took Hiyuri’s offered hand.

 Leaving the envious Folt behind, Shinji and Hiyuri headed for the futon room at the back of the reception room.


 Hiyuri-chan, you have fallen into the wrong hands.

 She will do her best from now on for her happiness.

 Fuukei tried to sell her sister, but instead, she was sold himself. From now on, he will be forced to work like a chariot horse, but he will be paid a normal salary and he will be able to lead a normal life with vacations. The same goes for Folt, for some reason she just can’t resist her!

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