Wizard 310

Chapter 310 Hiyuri’s First Experience・Before

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 While holding hands, Shinji and Hiyuri walked to the back of the reception room where the futon was laid out. And during the walk, they were silent.

 Hiyuri felt strangely embarrassed as she realized that she was going to have s*x with Shinji, so her fluffy fox tail wagged restlessly from side to side.

 Once they were near the futon, they let go of each other’s hands and faced each other.

 Hiyuri was dressed in a dress, as she was in a position to ask for Shinji’s favor. Therefore, her large breasts and cleavage were very attractive. Shinji, who saw her embarrassed, couldn’t help but be excited.

 To begin with, he wasn’t in the mood, but when he was confronted with a woman of the highest caliber, he couldn’t help but think about how he could make her happy.TinyTL

 ”It’s my first time, so please be… gentle…”

 Although it’s a contract, and she knows she has to do it with business-like manner, she can’t help but want to avoid her first experience becoming a bad memory.

 So, when Hiyuri looked up at Shinji pleadingly, it made her cheeks flushed as she reacted to the unadulterated first time.

 On the other hand, this was the first time for Shinji to embraced a beautiful woman who’s attracted the attention of all the men at a fighting tournament.

 (I have to teach her that s*x feels good)

 Shinji nodded silently, which eased Hiyuri’s anxiety somewhat. And realizing that standing up was not the way to go, he sat down on the futon and lightly grabbed Hiyuri’s shoulders.

 ”Do you want me to bring you down?”

 ”Ah… Yes”

 As Hiyuri nodded nervously at Shinji’s large hand, he pushed her down, while keeping eye contact with her. Then, the first thing he did was to kiss Hiyuri’s neck.

 ”Ah, Nnn… Ah… Nnn”

 Hiyuri’s face turned red as she exposed her neck for easier kissing. And gradually, the position of the pecking kisses moved from the neck down to the collarbone. The tickling and pleasurable caresses served to relieve the tension from Hiyuri’s body.

 But Shinji wasn’t just kissing her. He was using his lips to touch her skin and cast an aphrodisiac spell, slowly increasing the sensitivity of her body so that she would not feel uncomfortable.


 At last, Shinji’s kisses reached her upper breast. And at the same time, he began to gently touch her lower breasts with both hands, lifting them up. His caresses made Hiyuri feels the sweet, numbing sensation that she didn’t feel when she had touched them herself.

 ”You’re so sensitive”

 ”No, it’s different from usual… ♡ Is it so different when a man touches me…? ♡”

 Hiyuri accepted Shinji’s hand without any resistance. And hearing Hiyuri’s pleasant breath, Shinji decided that there was no need to hold back and began to gently squeeze her large, soft breasts, which could barely fit in his hands. Because of so, her ears stand up straight.

 ”Ahh, Ahhh ♡ The way you touch me is so nasty … ♡”

 ”Isn’t it obvious? Because we’re doing something nasty”

 The caressing began in earnest. And it’s a reward for the increased sensitivity of the body. And when a nipple hardens in his palm, Shinji pinches it with his fingers and toes. TinniTL

 ”Ahh ♡ That place ♡ Nnn, Nnnh ♡”

 ”Your nipples feel so good, right?”

 Hiyuri turned her head away and looked up at Shinji, whose expression was a generous smile, and she could do nothing but pant and moan as he continued to stimulate her nipples while keeping eye contact.

 (Shinji-san, you are so good at touching girls…♡)

 He’s a strong man, with a dangerous scent from his devious ways, and he’s good at handling girls. Hiyuri’s heart was filled with that thought of Shinji as an abusive man and it made her excited.

* * *

 (No… I can’t do this kind of relationship ♡ It’s only a one-time relationship ♡)

 Hiyuri knew her position. She knows that she will never be able to marry Shinji and that she will eventually need to get a husband as she leads the village. So, she should not fall in love with him at all.

 While she thinking so, Shinji untied her shoulder straps and sucked on her exposed breasts, making her feel loved. And it made her wants him to touch her more and more. As her heart accepts it, her body becomes more honest.

 ”Although it’s your first time, you’re so wet. Hiyuri’s body is so naughty”

 (It’s because you’re touching me ♡)

 His fingers that had dug into the skirt of her dress touched Hiyuri’s underwear. It was already wet and soggy, not only because of the increased sensitivity but also because Hiyuri wanted to connect with Shinji as soon as possible. However, Hiyuri never says anything about her feelings.

 ”It’s because Shinji-san so good at it…. ♡”

 ”Could you say something nice? I’ll relax you”

 ”Fuahh ♡ Ah, Ahh ♡ Your finger ♡”

 Seeing, the entrance to the unopened vagina is also stiff. Shinji decided to carefully loosen the entrance with his fingertips so that the insertion would not cause any pain. Hiyuri, on the other hand, felt a surge of pleasure run up her spine when Shinji inserted his fingertips.

 It was obvious to Shinji that Hiyuri was at the mercy of the pleasure and wanted more of it as her tail wagged, her ears flapped, and her face wore an expression of debauchery.

 ”Have I relaxed you enough yet …?”

 ”Whaa…♡ Nnnn…♡”

 Shinji kept his fingers in and only stopped moving. Then, he put his mouth close to Hiyuri’s ear and whispered.

 ”Do you want to cum like this? Or do you want this…?”


 Hiyuri felt a hard object against her thigh. She didn’t have to tell him what it was, and he didn’t have to tell her. tinytranslation. xyz

 Hiyuri’s instinct was to feel pleasure from the fact that the man who was going to hold her was aroused. Her vagina overflowed with love juice, which was naturally transmitted to Shinji.

 (Hiyuri, you have quite a lot of love juice…)

 Despite being undeveloped and unused, the vagina was more than wet enough to sloppily drip love juice. Shinji was planning to make her cum once in the foreplay, but if she was this wet, it would be no problem to insert her.

 (It’s not every day I could cum inside for the first time in s*x)

 With that in mind, Shinji waited for Hiyuri’s words.

 ”….Please insert it…♡”

 Hiyuri wanted to connect with him as soon as possible.

 With that intention in mind, Hiyuri begged Shinji to insert it. So, to answer her and excited by her request, Shinji pulled his fingers out of her tight vagina.

 While inserting, Shinji licks his finger, which is moistened with Hiyuri’s love juice and it made Hiyuri’s face turns red.


 Hiyuri-chan introduction.

 She seems to have the constitution to get wet well despite being undeveloped.

 Next time, Hiyuri-chan will be on stage.

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