Wizard 311

Chapter 311 Hiyuri’s First Experience・After

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 After that, Shinji took off his pants and underwear, grabbed Hiyuri’s legs, and slowly opened them into an M-shape. The skirt of her dress rises up and Hiyuri blushes as she looks away from the embarrassing sight of her black panties.

 ”Hiyuri, look”

 Hiyuri turned her gaze back to Shinji’s voice as he positioned himself between her legs and she saw his p*nis rising majestically between her legs.

 (This is a… p*nis? …it’s big …can it really fit?)

 Hiyuri had never seen an adult male’s genitals before. And she doesn’t expect it to be this big, so she looks up at Shinji with a worried gaze. However, she realized that Shinji was not wearing a contraceptive and it made her feel a little calmer.

 ”Shinji-san, you need to wear a contraceptive….”

 ”Don’t worry. I’ve cast a contraceptive spell. So, there is no way you can have a child. And it needs to be raw to transfer the magic, okay?”

 Shinji laughed as he moved his hips and pushed the glans against the entrance to her private parts. Splat ♡ Then, the small sound of the genitals touching each other reached Hiyuri’s ears.

 ”It’s entering…”

 ”Nnn, kuhhh …♡”

 Shinji’s p*nis pushes its way through the vagina, which has never been penetrated by a man. And while tasting the pleasure of penetrating a narrow vagina, he inserts it while looking at Hiyuri’s face to make sure there is no pain.

 (It’s entering… ♡ It’s so big ♡ This is the first time…. I’ve had this feeling… ♡)

 The sensation of her vagina being pushed apart as he moves deeper and deeper into it. She doesn’t think it’s uncomfortable. Although she feels suffocated and puzzled, there is definitely an unknown pleasure.

 Then, as if blocked by something, the insertion of his p*nis stopped for a moment, but the next moment it started again with small pain.

 (My virginity…♡ I gave it away …♡)

 There was a faint pain. However, the presence of the p*nis that had reached the depths of her vagina was greater than that, and her heart was filled with the realization that she had finally had s*x.

 Also, the pain of penetration was eliminated by the sufficient amount of love juice, and the pleasure that her sensitive body picked up was greater than the pain of having her virginity breached, so Hiyuri did not have to feel any pain.

 Even so, Shinji offered words of sympathy.

 ”You worked hard. Does it hurt?”

 ”Ah… ♡ Yes… ♡ But it feels more weird than painful… ♡ It is really inside me, right? …♡”

 Hiyuri stroked the top of her own vagina to make sure it was tight, and Shinji let out a pleasant breath as her vagina tightened unintentionally.

 ”Yes, does it feel good …? ♡”

 ”Yeah… feels so good”

 Hiyuri was happy to see that the person she was about to fall in love with seemed to be feeling good. She couldn’t help but be impressed by the kindness of the man who remained motionless out of concern for her, combined with the slim but strong body of a well-trained man.

 ”I’m fine now…♡”

 ”All right. I will move …!”

 ”Nnn ♡ Kuuh ♡ Ah ♡ Fuahh ♡”

 Shinji’s hips began to move slowly back and forth. The piston movement was not stagnant and it was clear that Shinji was used to women.

 On the other hand, Hiyuri’s vagina was tightening as he slowly pulled his hips back and forth, trying not to pull out. Then, if he pushes his hips forward to pry open the tight vaginal canal, his glans will be welcomed by the vaginal folds and vice versa. Her vagina also overflows with love juice, one after another, and she begins to make stains on the bedding.

* * *

 (This feeling ♡ I’m going to love it ♡)

 Instead of hurting, she felt so good.

 The unknown pleasure that came from inside her body captivated Hiyuri’s body and affected her mind that she had been restraining herself from. Therefore, she gave up her efforts to be businesslike in favor of conveying her favor.

 ”More ♡ More ♡ Make me feel good ♡”

 Hiyuri held her legs and kept her legs in the M-bend position. Shinji, who saw Hiyuri’s begging, didn’t need to hold her legs anymore and reached for her large breasts swaying in front of her.

 ”Ah ♡ Noo ♡ Don’t touch my breast ♡ Nnh ♡ Don’t pinch my nipple ♡ If you pinch them, Ahh ♡

 Hiyuri became lewder and lewder.

 And it made Shinji’s hips began to work harder as she exposed her unbelievable lasciviousness to him with just one change of mind. Then, one after another, her love juices bubbled up, making a nasty sound, and Shinji could tell that Hiyuri was really feeling it.

 ”It’s the first time, but is it really that good?”

 ”Nnn ♡ Because it’s with you… ♡ and only today… ♡ that’s why… ♡ that’s why… ♡”

 Shinji smiles at her nastily, but she stares back at him, and he can sense not only her lust but also her affection. Even though her body is captivated by pleasure, he has no intention of capturing her heart…. It’s a miscalculation because he didn’t know how Hiyuri felt.

 ”It’s just for today?”

 ”Because … ♡ Because I have ♡ I have to handle the future of the village… ♡”

 Hiyuri managed to speak as she stared back into Shinji’s eyes while he poked her inside. Shinji’s smile deepens as she continues to follow her pleasure and never loses sight of her position.

 The fact that Hiyuri’s words came from the bottom of her heart made him believe that she hadn’t lost her ability to think. And he liked the way Hiyuri was trying to remember her position and make it a night to remember.

 ”That’s right. So, it’s just for today….”

 ”Nn, Ahhhh ♡ Ah…♡ What was that… ♡ My head is so fluffy… ♡ …♡”

 The glans thrusts up the back of her vagina.

 Even though, it’s an undeveloped part of the vagina, but Hiyuri’s pleasure was stronger than her pain, and her eyes were black and white at the sudden strong pleasure. Seeing her face, Shinji grabbed Hiyuri’s hips and spoke.

 ”You can cum as much as you want”

 ”Fuehh ♡ Nnn ♡ Ah ♡ Ah ♡ Ah ♡ This is ♡ Hii ♡ so hot ♡ Ahh ♡”

 As a result of the positive reaction, Shinji came to the conclusion that he would give Hiyuri the best pleasure she has ever forgotten.

 Therefore, he changes the pace from the careful use of his hips to the s*x that is slightly rough and forceful. So, it could not help but make her feel that she was being desired as a woman.

 (Ah ♡ This is Amazing ♡ This man ♡ I can feel that I’m being penetrated by a strong man ♡)

 As Hiyuri likes strong men, she wanted to have intense s*x where she could show the difference in strength, and her body became more aroused than ever. Therefore, her uterus was open and ready for fertilization.

 Pound Pound Pound Pound!

 The sound of flesh hitting flesh became more and more intense. Hiyuri, who had climaxed many times, could feel the glans swelling inside her vagina. Her instincts told her that this was the first sign of ejaculation.

 ”Please cum inside meeeee ♡ Ahhhh~~♡”

 Spurt, Spurt, Spurtttttt ♡

 Hiyuri’s cry and Shinji’s ejaculation were almost simultaneous.

 Hiyuri came wildly, feeling happy at the sensation of so much semen pouring into her womb. Hiyuri’s face was turned upside down and her tongue was sticking out, revealing her perfect female face.

 And now, she gets the supreme pleasure that she can never experience with any other man. …

 ”Don’t forget this feeling, okay…?”


 When Shinji whispers in a gentle voice to the dazed Hiyuri, she responds him. Then, Shinji slowly stroked Hiyuri’s cheek, which was looking disheveled.

 A few moments, a lewd crest appeared on Hiyuri’s vagina. The design of the crest was slightly different from the previous ones. This is because it contains the magic to control Fuukei and Folt.

 ”I’ll give you a proper explanation when you wake up”

 Shinji muttered as he looked at the unconscious Hiyuri.


 Hiyuri’s performance.

 She knows her place in the world, and if she can’t get a favor, why not make it a one-night stand?

 Shinji-kun gave her a lewd crest (with a bonus function).

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