Wizard 312

Chapter 312 Hiyuri Thinks About Her Wish One Day

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 Unexpectedly, Hiyuri regained consciousness.

 Hiyuri had been unconscious for about ten minutes. When she wakes up, she notices the presence of someone and slowly turns her gaze. She saw that Shinji was drinking water with only his pants on.

 ”You seem to have awakened. Do you want a drink?”

 He asked Hiyuri while lightly shaking the glass of water he brought from the reception room. Shinji’s attitude was natural, but Hiyuri, who had just finished her first experience, felt embarrassed and averted her gaze.

 And so, Hiyuri, hiding her naked body under the quilt, looked up at Shinji’s face.

 ”Umm, could you give me one please?”


 Hiyuri took the glass offered to her and drank the water. Shinji watched as Hiyuri quenched her thirst, which was dry due to her excessive screaming, and when she had drunk all of it, he took the glass back.

 ”Thank you very much”

 ”No problem…. Then let me explain this to you”

 Shinji’s hand touched the top of Hiyuri’s abdomen. And it’s not until he pointed it out that Hiyuri noticed the pinkish glow of the lewd crest.

 ”What is this…?”

 ”It’s a sign of my contract with you. Normally, it is hidden from view, so don’t worry”

 With that said, Shinji lightly poked it with his fingertips, and the faintly glowing lewd crest disappeared. Although, Hiyuri can use simple magic, but she is not familiar with special magic such as the lewd crest and blinked her eyes.

 ”Try to collect the magic here. Then, you could use it freely”

 ”Oh… it’s true”

 When Hiyuri did as she was told, she gathered her magic power above her vagina and a lewd crest appeared on her body again. Seeing so, Shinji sent a thought to her, who had a strange expression on her face, not knowing the effect of the lewd crest.

 [With this, we can communicate with each other. If you need me, you can call me. Although I may not be able to respond immediately depending on the time and situation]

 Hiyuri was surprised to hear Shinji’s words echoing directly in her head, even though he hadn’t spoken. Even though she actually hears the thoughts, Hiyuri is still skeptical about them.

 [Um, can you hear me?]

 [Yes, I can hear you]

 Shinji smiled at her hesitation and continued the conversation.

 ”Then. if you want to give orders to Fuukei and Folt, you can do the same thing by transfer your magic here. However, they may not follow orders that are too reckless. You can try that later”

 ”… I understand”

 After finishing what he needed to say, Shinji fell silent. When the silence came, Hiyuri unconsciously stroked her lewd crest.

 Even though she was prepared to do what she wanted, she felt guilty that she now could manipulate the two of them. And she wondered if there was any other way.

 (…No, don’t get lost. I’m sacrificing them for my happiness)

 She pushed down the guilt that was welling up inside her. However, when she turned her gaze to Shinji to disguise her aching heart, she noticed his toned body. At that moment, she had a flashback of her experience with Shinji and she couldn’t help but look at his body, something she hadn’t had time to do during intercourse.

 (He’s slim but toned… and his abs are… too)

 His body, which was forged through the harsh life of an adventurer and training, was a sign of strength and it was Hiyuri’s favorite. It’s not just that she’s consciously enhancing her own beauty, but that she’s more interested in the body than most people.

 (His technique was very powerful… ♡ Although, it was my first time, I was made to climax a lot…♡ And I felt so good… I was so happy…♡)

 The first time she surrendered her body just felt so good, and the experience had carved new pleasures into Hiyuri’s body. It’s a shame that it’s only for today, but it’s a contract, and there’s no reason to ask for a second time once the crest has been carved.

 At the very least, Hiyuri moved her foxtail and gently placed her fluffy tail on Shinji’s body. The act of offering her carefully groomed tail was a modest expression of affection from Hiyuri.

 Unable to understand the true meaning of such an incomprehensible act, Shinji stroked her tail which touched his back. Although his actions were based on a lack of time on his hands, Hiyuri felt heavenly.


 ”What is it?”

 Hiyuri looked up at Shinji with a puzzled look on her face and pulled down the covers that had been covering her breasts. Then. she put her head on Shinji’s shoulder, exposing her large, beautiful breasts.

 ”Are you satisfied…?”

 ”Yeah… it was so good”

 In fact, it was quite comfortable, Shinji thought, and Hiyuri’s cheeks flushed at his reply.

 ”Me too…♡”

 Shinji was not so dull as to not notice the fondness in Hiyuri’s eyes. But Shinji, who has no intention of returning the favor, pretends not to notice.

 ”I know it’s going to be tough, but you have to work hard”

 ”Yes…. I promise I’ll rebuild it…!”

 This reaction does not seem disappointing. Hiyuri knew that there was no future for her and Shinji no matter what. Because Hiyuri knows that the priority right now is to rebuild the village.

 (If the village can be rebuilt properly and… restored to the point where a political marriage is no longer necessary. At that time…)

 In the meantime, Hiyuri is thinking about it.

 (Let’s tell him that I want to be held again)

 But now is not the time to say it.

 Hiyuri thought that she could only speak to him on an equal footing if she did what she had to do properly.

 ◇ ◇ ◇

 The next day, Hiyuri went to her father with the evidence of Fuukei’s wrongdoing.

 It’s another story of how she, as the watcher of the deeply remorseful Fuukei (who has been brainwashed), becomes able to speak with her father on equal terms, and becomes a great help in the reconstruction of the village.

 After the events of Hiyuri-chan.

 She will have a tough job ahead of her to rebuild the village. Good luck!

 I will continue with the story.

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