Wizard 313

Chapter 313 Saying Goodbye to the Este Town

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 After completing the last request at the mine, <Running Wolves> did not return to the village where Hiyuri and the others lived, but instead visited the Este Town to return to the <Medio> Town.

 Alvin and the others had planned to leave the Town and return to <Medio> in the morning on the next day, but before they return, they decided to visit Smith’s Workshop that had taken care of their equipment.

 ”What a rush. I was planning to have a drink wit’ ye once th’ mining business was settled”

 ”Sorry, Smith. I’ll make it up to you!”

 Smith, the blacksmith, who was taking a well-timed break, looked unhappy, and Alvin apologized. But the atmosphere was not sour, it was more like two best friends having a light conversation.

 ”Well, I can’t help it. Th’ situation is what it is. I’ll keep ma mouth shut until ye make a proper announcement”

 ”Please, just in case”

 In private, Alvin also told Smith that he would be made an honorary knight, which surprised Smith, who did not know all of Alvin’s achievements, but he immediately congratulated him. Since the nobles have not yet been notified, Alvin asks them to keep it a secret until the announcement is made. Needless to say, Smith readily agreed.

 The announcement to the commoners is usually made after the appointment ceremony of the honorary knight is over without a hitch.

 By announcing the fact that the country has appointed an honorary knight, it can let the commoners know that they too can become nobles if they make good achievements.

 And in addition to giving the commoners an incentive to dream of becoming the next one, it also gives the country a record of rewarding the people for their hard work.

 ”I’m not going to change th’ fact that I and Alvin are buddies. So, Let’s meet again when all this is over. I promise!”

 ”Of course! I’ll send you another letter!”

 As they shook hands firmly, Shinji and Durin were talking at a distance as if watching over them.

 ”Thank you very much for your help. Thank you for making the equipment for Al and Renka”

 ”I appreciate th’ business, too”

 Milis smiles and Durin talks amicably.

 After defeating the monsters in the mines, Renka and Shinji visited Smith’s workshop to get a new bow. Although it was not as powerful as Alvin’s greatsword, it was far more powerful than the bows she had been using.

 ”I hope you don’t mind if I ask you to do some maintenance again”

 ”O’ course. Everyone in th’ <Running Wolves> can come whenever they want because all of you ma buddies”

 Durin laughed as she glanced over at Alvin and Smith, who was making a lot of noise. Smith was certainly busy, but he had enough time to maintain his friend’s weapon.

 Then, Durin glances at Shinji. However, Shinji doesn’t participate in the conversation, he just watches the women talking.

* * *

 (I can’t believe he’s leaving early tomorrow morning……)

 The idea of leaving the Town the next morning was unwelcome to Durin, who was hoping for just one more embrace.

 (I don’t know when I’ll see him again. Because maintenance won’t be done fo’ a few months……)

 So, this was her only chance tonight. However, there was no way Durin could talk to Shinji like that in public. Although, she could use her lewd crest to send thoughts to him, but then she would have no excuse for asking him out.

 She can’t be embraced by Shinji unless she tries to contact him to have an affair.

 In the meantime, Alvin came back after saying goodbye to Smith.

 ”Thank you for your help, Durin-san!”

 ”No, no, I’m having a great time too, ‘n’ ye’re welcome to come back anytime”

 ”I will. See you soon”

 Then Alvin walked out of the store.

 ””Thank you for your time””

 Milis and Renka followed behind him. Finally, Shinji smiles.

 ”Thank you for your time”


 Shinji walks out with an attitude of no regrets. Durin, who saw her attitude, should have been grateful for the fact that he didn’t seem to have a physical relationship with her, but she felt a touch of sadness. And that was the final push.

 [Wait, wait, Shinji-san!]

 Finally, Durin sent a thought of her own. As he walked away, Shinji responded to the thought.

 [What’s wrong? I was trying to keep your husband from finding out about it……]

 [I’m glad to hear that, but it’s not…… that. I, I, I juist…… want to do it one last time……]

 Shinji, who walked with Alvin and the others, was careful not to change his expression as Durin begged.

 [Is that okay? I can’t believe you want to do it again……]

 [I can’t help it…… ♡ Because of you, I can’t get enough with ma…… husband…… ♡]

 Shinji held back a smile of joy at Durin’s heartfelt plea. As a married woman, Durin is seeking him out with her carnal desires, and it’s because she can’t get enough of her husband. As a cuckolding man, it was hard not to get excited.

 [I’ll send my spirit to you later. Just make sure you fulfill your responsibilities this evening]

 [Yes, please……♡]

 With that, Shinji will hold her. And the mere knowledge of this made Durin’s heart beat faster.

 Durin’s heartbeat quickened at the thought of having affair with Shinji, while her husband, Smith, looked at her as if something good had happened.

 There was no way he could have known that it was because she was having an affair.

 Parting words in Este Town.

 A promise to Durin. It seemed that she had reached her physical limit.

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