Wizard 314

Chapter 314 Durin invites Shinji

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 The night after saying goodbye to Alvin and the others.

 Durin cooked dinner at home and ate with Smith. Smith, who sweats a lot at work, takes a bath before eating, and after dinner, he has a drink before going to bed, which is his daily routine.

 ”There’s nothing better than a drink after a hard day’s work!”

 As usual, Smith had already had four cups of liquor, and Durin went along with his drinking without saying a word.

 ”Durin, give me another one!”

 ”Yes, yes. I’ll bring another in a minute”

 Durin takes the cup from Smith, who thrusts it out, and leaves the table. Smith’s house has a storage room under the kitchen floor where they keep the liquor, along with ice. It was a bit of a hassle to get it all out, but it still tasted good when it was well chilled.

 While Durin went to the kitchen to get the liquor out of the storage, Smith was picking some snacks and not looking at her. So, Durin takes out the “anti-fatigue potion” she received from Shinji’s spirit when she visited him before dinner, and puts it in Smith’s cup together with the liquor.

 Only Shinji knows that the potion is a special sleeping powder produced by the Freri.

 (It’s said to help people sleep well ‘n’ feel refreshed th’ next morning… Smith, please bear wit’ it…♡)

 After thinking so, she handed the cup of medicine to Smith with a nonchalant look on her face.

 ”Sorry fo’ th’ wait”

 ”Oh, thanks a lot!”

 Smith drinks without question. Then, after about ten minutes of conversation, Smith’s eyelids begin to droop.

 ”…Huh, I’m kind o’ sleepy today…”

 ”Hey, ye can’t sleep here”

 ”I know… Sorry, I’m going to bed…”

 After putting his cup on the desk, Smith immediately left his seat. He went to the bedroom unsteadily, but Durin hurried to support him because his steps were unsteady. She lent his shoulder to carry him to the couple’s bedroom. As soon as they arrived, Smith dived into bed and fell asleep.

 ”You’re asleep already?”

 Durin lightly shook Smith’s body, who was sleeping on the half of the double bed, but he only seemed to be breathing comfortably. She poked his cheek to see if he was sleeping soundly, and he was.

 ”It’s very effective… please bear wit’ it, dear”

 Durin stroked Smith’s cheek, feeling guilty. It’s not that she doesn’t like her husband anymore. But because of the fact that he cheated on her back, she is able to sort out her feelings about Smith’s affair.

 She wonders if Smith’s affair with the woman with the big breasts was the same way she feels now. She can’t help but though that. That is how unforgettable the experience of having s*x with Shinji was.

 As soon as she covered her husband’s body with the blanket, Durin sent a thought to Shinji.

 [Shinji-san. Ma husband is asleep]

 [I’ll be right there]

 Immediately after Shinji’s thoughts arrived, Durin felt the presence of a person behind her and turned around. There stood Shinji, who had appeared through teleport magic.

* * *

 ”I’m surprised at how quickly ye appear…”

 ”Oh. I should have said something, I’m sorry”

 Shinji apologized to Durin, whose eyes were black and white, but it was clear that he was only apologizing on the surface. However, Durin was concerned about Shinji’s presence in Smith’s bedroom, and instead of getting angry with him, she preferred to encourage him to move out of the room.

 ”Yeah. Rather, let’s go to th’ other room. Ma husband is asleep in here”

 But there was no way Shinji would obey her.

 ”No, I think it’s a good place….”

 ”Huh… No, it’s bad…!”

 By chance, he carried Durin and put her down on the empty space of the double bed. There was no way she could win against Shinji, and she couldn’t shout because it might wake Smith, so Durin could only protest weakly.

 ”N-next to ma husband…!? ♡ Ah ♡ Nnn ♡ Nnn, Nnn ♡”

 Because all that was left to do was sleep, so Durin was dressed roughly in just a shirt and hot pants. Because of her small breasts, she wasn’t wearing a bra, and when Shinji pushed her down and touched her nipples with his fingertips, she let out a sweet cry.

 Immediately, she quickly covered her mouth with one hand and tried her best not to scream.

 ”Isn’t that more exciting?”

 ”Nn… ♡ No way… ♡ Nnn ♡ Nnn ♡ Ah ♡ Ahh ♡”

 Naturally, Shinji didn’t forget to use his aphrodisiac magic to increase the sensitivity of Durin’s body. And just a little tweaking of her nipples with his fingertips made her feel it, and her nipples sprang up in a flash.

 Durin felt as if her body was affirming Shinji’s words, even though she didn’t know it was because of the magic.

 (No way ♡ I’m getting excited beside mah husband…. ♡)

 A shiver ran down on her spine as she felt a creeping sense of immorality. Her eyes also wavered between confusion and pleasure, and Shinji couldn’t miss her words.

 ”Your body is honest. It happens so fast”

 ”Fuuh ♡ Nnn ♡ I’m, I’m ♡ just by nipple ♡ Ahh ♡”

 With the skilful nipple torment that she could never experience with her husband, it made her complex about her small breasts is blown away, and Durinn’s body loses the will to resist.

 (Shinji-san’s ♡ Ma nipple ♡ Ma nipple feels so good ♡)

 Before she knew it, Durin’s body was lying on the bed being caressed. And her desire to taste the pleasure Shinji was giving her outweighing her desire to be away from her husband who was sleeping nearby.

 Finally, Durin was weakening.

 To give her even more pleasure, Shinji’s hand reaches toward her hot pants.

 Durin-chan, she’s going to give her husband a puff.

 Now she can do it without hesitation!

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