Wizard 315

Chapter 315 Durin, in front of Smith・Before

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 Shinji’s hand invaded Durin’s hot pants as if trying to stop her from resisting. Since one of her hands was used to cover her mouth, she couldn’t block with her other hand, and Shinji’s finger easily reached her clit.

 Rub ♡ Shinji’s finger suddenly pinched her clitoris, and she let out an involuntary cry of pleasure.

 ”Nnn ♡ So sudden, no way ♡ Aah ♡ Aah ♡”

 The reason why Shinji is not taking it easy on her is because of Durin’s husband, Smith, who is sleeping next to her, but she doesn’t know that. Shinji’s actions are more extreme because of the euphoria of a cuckolding man who wants to make Durin, a married woman, throb with pleasure (happiness) next to her sleeping husband. TinyTL

 ”There’s nothing wrong with that, right? You invited me here because you want to feel good”

 ”After all ♡ I’m become lik’ this, Ah ♡ And there’s nothing I can do ♡”

 Durin writhed with two thoughts in her head, one wanting Shinji to stop groping her and the other wanting him to touch her more. The pink lewd crest on her vagina responded to Shinji’s magical power, and the entrance to her secret area was being groped directly by a finger that had slipped under her pants.

 (A-ahh ♡ Just touching th’ entrance ♡ Why is this happening ♡)

 The pleasure was beyond anything she could have imagined from Shinji’s gentle touch. The sweet numbness of his touch made Durin’s head swell with pleasure, and her love juices dripped endlessly from her private parts. Then, while looking down at Durin’s debauched face, which had been deprived of all resistance by a single finger, Shinji spoke again.

 ”Because it’s next to your husband that’s why you like it so much, right? The immoral feeling”

 Repeating that it’s good to be next to her husband, Durin, who was not thinking clearly, began to feel as if it was true. Then, with Shinji’s confident attitude and her body responding more than ever, she felt as if it was affirming it.

 ”No, that’s not true…… Ahn ♡”

 Durin’s denial was fading as Shinji’s middle finger entered her vagina and gently poked around inside. And the sound of her already overflowing love juices making a nasty squirting sound further stimulates her sense of shame. With that, there was no time to think about what would happen if her husband found out. As Shinji’s hand rolled up Durin’s shirt and his tongue poked at her swollen nipples, all she could do was arch her back in pleasure.

 ”Ahh ♡ Don’t poke mah nipple ♡ Mah head became blank ♡ This is bad ♡”

 Smith, who is sleeping with Freri’s sleeping powder, will not wake up even though his beloved wife is being tortured by the man next to him. And Durin, who can no longer keep her hands over her mouth, is doing her best to keep her voice down, but her volume is loud enough for Smith to hear.

* * *

 (That sleeping potion will never wake him up if he just listens to her voice. Unless she uses magic)

 But there was no way Durin could have known that. And as the waves of pleasure swept over her, Durin climaxed.

 ”It’s bad ♡ I’m ♡ going to cum ♡ Ah ♡ Cummmmmming ♡”

 Durin’s body convulsed as she climaxed from the simultaneous torture of her nipples and vagina. While feeling the vaginal walls sucking on the fingers, Durin was finally released from the wave of pleasure while Shinji removed his mouth from her nipples, which were now glistening with saliva.

 ”You’re so fast. You’ve already come. I think Durin-san is getting excited after all”

 ”Hah~……♡ Haa~……♡ N-no way……♡”

 In the aftermath of her climax, Shinji removes Durin’s hot pants, underwear and other lower body clothing. The climax had already made her clit tingle hungrily, ready to receive him.

 Shinji also takes off his clothes to reveal his p*nis. Durin’s eyes were drawn to the big erect p*nis, which was completely different from her husband’s.

 (As I though, it’s big… ♡ Just looking at it make mah inside squirm ♡)

 Durin’s body recalled the past s*x, and her womb tingled.

 ”Hyaa, t-this is too big… ♡”

 Shinji flips her over onto her back and lifts her hips up so that he can insert his p*nis into her inside. Even though the vagina is slippery, the shock of a big cock being inserted deep into the vagina in a single breath and the pleasure of the vaginal walls rubbing together causes Durin’s mouth to emit a pathetic, charming sound.

 (No way……♡ I’ve already come ……♡)

 The vagina, trembling with the joy of welcoming the long-awaited p*nis, climaxed in no time at all. Durin looks ecstatic as her hips tremble and she lies on the bed with her hands on her head, letting the pleasure of her climax wash over her.

 ”It’s so tight……. If you do not behave properly, your husband might notice”

 ”Ah! Afu~ ♡ Ah Ah ♡ Nnn ♡ D-don’t tease me ♡”

 As Durin was startled by Shinji’s words, she immediately turned around to see Smith lying in front of her. Even though they had to move away from each other a little bit, Durin could not help but make sweet noises and indulgent protests when Shinji lightly rubbed her hips back and forth against the vaginal wall.

 Durin felt an immense sense of immorality at the thought of having s*x in front of Smith. This was also due to the fact that Shinji kept repeating it to her, and she was in a state of mind where she was misinterpreting the facts.

 (No way ♡ I really ♡ can’t do this in front o’ ma husband ♡ It feels so good ♡)

 The slow pistoning movement was quickly driving Durin over the edge. And as she felt her climax coming on too fast, she stared at Smith’s face with her mouth slack and drooling.

 ”Ahhh ♡ Ahhh ♡ Ahiiiii ♡ ~~~~Nnn ♡”

 Trembled ♡ Durin’s hips bounced as she climaxed.

 Then, Shinji spilled his semen into the womb, savouring the pleasure of the vaginal folds writhing in climax and squeezing his p*nis to squeeze the semen out of it.

 Spurt ♡ Spurt ♡ Spurt ♡ Spurt ♡

 The sensation of a large amount of semen filling her womb caused Durin to experience a series of climaxes.

 ”Ahhhh ……♡”

 A weak voice echoed in the room, conveying the feeling of being truly happy. Behind Durin’s face, which was completely debauched with pleasure, Shinji laughed as he savoured the sheer pleasure.

 Durin’s cuckold s*x session.

 Shinji is so excited to be next to her husband and pleasure-torture her until she’s sloppy.

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