Wizard 318

Chapter 318 Invitation from Christina

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 It was the day after Alvin had sent his letter to the Beltz family.

 After breakfast, Alvin and the others were making plans to enjoy their vacation. While Alvin and Milis, Shinji and Renka were discussing what to do in the dining room, they heard a knock on the front door, informing them that they had a visitor.

 It was still quite early for a visitor, and Shinji and Renka couldn’t help but look at each other.

 ”Alvin! The butler of the Beltz family is here!”

 Akane, who was on her way to deal with the situation, hurried down the corridor and into the dining room. Although Akane was dressed in a maid’s uniform, but she had never learned how to be a maid, so she was running fast down the corridor.

 It was impolite act, but the butler of the Beltz family waited for Alvin at the entrance without complaint. He assumed that it was normal for a commoner to lack a proper maid.

 Rather, he was also impolite because he visited them so early in the morning without an appointment, despite being ordered to do so by the head of the house.

 ”Sorry to keep you waiting!”

 Alvin appears flustered as he approaches the front door. When the butler of the Beltz family saw Alvin, he bowed deeply to him.

 ”No, it’s me who should be apologizing for coming so early in the morning. I’m here to deliver a letter from the young lady”

 ”Eh? T-thank you very much”

 With his head still bowed to Alvin, the butler took out a letter from his pocket and presented it to him. Alvin’s eyes blinked as he realized that the butler had come to deliver the letter on the same day.

 ”Please check it”


 As asked, Alvin unsealed the letter he had received and took out the contents.

 After reading the letter, which begins with a polite greeting, he is told that he should visit the mansion tomorrow. The letter offered Alvin some advantages, such as the possibility of having an etiquette instructor. And finally, it ended with the sentence, “I look forward to meeting you”.

 Alvin is in love with Milis. However, he didn’t feel bad about the sentence that made him feel the straightforward favor from Christina, the beautiful young lady. It was not only because he did not dislike Christina, but also because he felt less resistance to her indirect favor, which was different from the direct favor that was conveyed face to face.

 However, the biggest feeling is that he can’t respond to her favor.

 ”How about your schedule?”

 ”Well. I would like to visit tomorrow as soon as possible”

 Alvin answered the butler’s question. He was not expecting such a quick reply, but after yesterday’s discussion, he had decided to stay in the city for a while instead of going on adventures. As for the honorary knights, they agreed to respect Alvin’s opinion. In any case, Alvin decided to visit the Beltz family, hoping that there would not be a shortage of time to prepare.

 ”Thank you. Well then, I shall see you tomorrow. I will be waiting for you”

 ”……Yes. Please give them my regards”

 The butler bowed politely, his expression unchanged, though he was inwardly relieved that Alvin had given him such a colorful reply. Although overwhelmed by the sophisticated behavior of the butler, Alvin managed to reply.

* * *

 ◇ ◇ ◇

 ”Alvin-san will be here tomorrow, right? Then please contact the etiquette instructor. And don’t forget to prepare some hospitality”

 ”Understood. Ojou-sama”

 The butler who had finished his report left Christina’s room in the Beltz family’s mansion in Medio. And then, the only people left in the room were Christina, her personal maid and her maid.

 ”You can go now. I’ll be resting in my room”

 ””Very well, Ojou-sama””

 The personal maids and the maids with different jobs from Akane’s bowed neatly and left the room. After the maids left the room, Christina sat down on the bed and after a short pause, she fell on her back. Her cheeks were blushing as she thought of her beloved, and she appeared to be a maiden in love.


 If she closes her eyes, she can vividly recall Alvin’s bravery in the arena. The way he wielded his sword was dignified, the look of agony on his face as he fought off attacks was cool, and the big smile on his face when he won made her heart flutter.

 Although he was a commoner at that time, Alvin’s facial expressions were full of emotion, and he attracted the attention of the other noblewomen who came to watch.

 It was not uncommon for nobles to use their power to interfere with commoners. So Christina started a rumor that the <Running Wolves> was related to the Beltz family. As a result, there were no more nobles who wanted to talk to the <Running Wolves> for fun or out of curiosity.

 Of course, there was no foolish nobleman who would dare to quarrel with the Beltz family, one of the four families that governed Oeste.

 ”Finally, me too…… ♡”

 Because she was in love with him, Christina prevented the nobles from interfering with her beloved Alvin’s adventuring activities so that he could do so without worry. Now that he was an honorary knight, Alvin could take his beloved Milis as his full wife. That way, she could become the second wife.

 That’s what Christina has been working on.

 This way, Alvin’s wishes, Milis’s wishes, and her own wishes would all be fulfilled. Christina is confident that she can make Alvin fall in love with her, and she can offer him a role that only a noble-born woman can play, such as dealing with other families.

 ”I can’t wait for tomorrow….. ♡”

 “How do I sell myself?”

 Christina rolled around on the bed, thinking of the most effective way to sell herself.

 An invitation from the Beltz family. Quick and decisive.

 Christina reappears. Finally, not only in dreams, but in reality as well……!

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