Wizard 319

Chapter 319 Preparing for the Appointment Ceremony with Christina

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 The day after the visit of the butler of the Beltz family.

 Alvin and the <Running Wolves> visited the annex of the Beltz family in the Medio City. It was a typical visit, around 10 a.m.

 When Alvin entered the guest room, he was greeted by Christina and her personal maid, and he could feel the pressure of her favor on him. On the other hand, the members of the <Running Wolves> sat next to each other on a large, well-made sofa, with Christina on the other side. The maid and butlers were stationed in the corners of the room, and the conversation began.

 ”Congratulations again, Alvin-san. It is truly wonderful to be an honorary knight!”

 ”Thank you very much, Christina-san”

 ”You don’t have to be polite. Just talk in a way that is easy to understand”

 Alvin bows his head at Christina’s praise, who smiles. Although it has been decided that he will become an honorary knight, Alvin is still a commoner and uses honorific language. However, when Christina told him that he shouldn’t use honorifics tone, he hesitated for a moment before accepting.

 ”I understand. To be honest, it helps”

 ”Yes ♪ Everyone should do the same thing. I’m not bothered; it’s just a habit of mine”

 Milis spoke softly to Christina, who was treating Shinji and the other three in the same manner as well as Alvin.

 ”Is it really okay?”

 ”Right now, we’re not in the public eye. And I understand become the honorary knights was a result of your efforts. Also, if Alvin is the one who talks normally, he must find it difficult to talk, right?”

 ”That’s true, too. Then I’ll just talk to you as usual”

 ”Thank you, Christina-san”

 Milis and Renka were grateful for Christina’s concern, and Shinji bowed his head to show his appreciation.

 After that, Christina clasped her hands together lightly and proceeded to talk.

 ”I’d like to talk about something important first. I’ve written in my letter that I’d like to give Alvin-san some guidance on etiquette, attire, etc. when he attends his appointment ceremony as an honorary knight. Do you mind?”

 ”Oh, I honestly don’t know what I’m supposed to do… So, that would be really helpful”

 ”That’s the way it should be. I’ve invited the instructor to join us, so don’t worry”

 Christina’s heart fluttered at the sight of Alvin’s troubled face as he scratched his cheek, but she kept a gentle smile on her face as she turned his attention to the butler in the corner. After bowing, the butler quietly leaves the room and goes to another room.

 In the meantime, Christina’s conversation continues.

 ”I’m thinking of having the instructor teach you the etiquette of the castle. There will be an unveiling party after the ceremony, so you’ll need to prepare formal attire”

 ”Formal attire”

 ”Tuxedos for men and dresses for women. I will call the tailor, and he will take the measurements and have him made in a hurry”

 ”Are we going to be at the party!?”

 Christina nodded at Milis’ words as if it were obvious.

 Alvin is not the only one who will be attending the unveiling party. In order to be able to see the honorary knight (Alvin), the main character, in his best light, the friends of the main character are also allowed to attend the party. Unless there is a special reason, the leader’s finery is due to the spirit of friends.

* * *

 ”In particular, since Milis-san is going to be Alvin-san’s girlfriend and legal wife, she needs to stand next to Alvin-san as his partner”

 ”Eh…. Really?”

 ”Yes, Renka-san and Shinji-san can be standing apart, but …Milis-san will be standing next to Alvin-san”

 Milis’s face paled at the unexpected role. It’s not easy for her, who is by nature a quiet person, to attract the attention of strangers. As if to reassure Milis, Christina smiled at her.

 ”There is still time. You still have time to learn, and you’ll be fine. I’ll also be on Alvin-san and Milis-side”

 ”But people will think you’re my partner because Christina-san has looked after me so well”

 When Alvin heard that she also standing beside him, he tried to refuse. After all, she’s an unmarried young lady, and it was the right thing to do to stop the misleading behavior. Even if it was an obvious gesture of her favor, Alvin had Milis, so he couldn’t respond.

 However, Christina dropped the bomb with a smile on her face.

 ”It’s not a problem. After all, I like you, Alvin-san”


 The three of them, except for Shinji, were surprised by her straightforward confession. Then, with a relaxed attitude, Christina spoke with dyed cheeks.

 ”It’s a bit embarrassing, but I’m sure you’d prefer to be straightforward rather than roundabout, right?”

 ”Oh, well, I mean, I appreciate your feeling, but …”

 ”Wait a minute. Would you mind talking to me first?”

 When Alvin tried to refuse, Christina interrupted him, and Shinji and the others could only listen to the conversation between Alvin and Christina.

 ”I know that you love Milis. That’s why I waited for you to be made an honorary knight. Now Alvin can have Milis as his first wife and me as his second wife”

 As if she were reading his mind, Christina’s words hit on Alvin’s crucial points, which made him more and more flustered, but Christina remained calm.

 ”I can be a shield to protect you from the noble society so that Alvin, whom I love, can fight as an adventurer as before. If you don’t mind me, can you please give me a chance…?”

 Christina’s sincere statement made a very good impression on Alvin. She was thinking about Alvin and Milis, and she said that she would support Alvin with Milis rather than destroying their relationship.

 It’s not just about the benefits, it’s about the future of their lives. Alvin felt that this was a more sincere and decent approach than the sudden increase in the number of women interested in becoming his second wife after the tournament.

 ”I can’t respond to you right now… but I’ll think about it … properly”

 Still, Alvin couldn’t choose to say no right then and there.


 ”Yes, thank you… ♡”

 Milis does not think that this attitude is indecisive. This is because Milis could sense Christina’s seriousness, and she smiled and nodded happily at Alvin’s reply.

 Then, at just the right moment, there was a knock at the door of the room. The butler came back with an etiquette instructor.

 ”So let’s put this aside for the moment and… begin with the introduction of the etiquette instructor….”

 Perhaps it was because she was a noblewoman that she was able to switch the subject so quickly, but she went back to talking about the preparations for the appointment ceremony as if the confession she had just made had never happened.

 That day, Christina did not make a single attempt to seduce Alvin until he and his friends returned to the party house, and as the letter said, she would do her best to prepare for the appointment ceremony.

 Despite Alvin’s worries about Christina, the preparations for the ceremony went smoothly.

 Christina-chan finally expressed her feelings.

 Now that the situation is such that she can do that!

 That being the case, she will also help to prepare for the appointment ceremony properly. With the cooperation of the Beltz family, the preparations might not be a problem.

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