Wizard 320

Chapter 320 Two People and One People Confirming a Distorted Form of Love・Part One

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 It has been a couple of weeks since Alvin and the others started learning etiquette at the Beltz house. Despite the pressure, Alvin and the others were making good progress in learning etiquette.

 They were also introduced to the Beltz family’s tailor, who took their measurements for tuxedos and dresses and gave them advice on the latest designs. They don’t buy anything more expensive than necessary, and even the girls, Milis and Renka, don’t try to dress up too much, which makes Christina blink.TinyTL

 ”Phew, so much to think about…….”

 ”You’re right. But it was the right decision to rely on the Beltz family. There’s a lot we don’t know about aristocratic society”

 Alvin is slumped over with exhaustion, and Shinji is sitting next to him, checking over a number of documents. The content is information on vacant houses in the aristocratic district of Medio.

 When a person becomes a noble, they need to move their residence to the noble quarter. The noble quarter is a district where only nobles are allowed to live, and nobles are required to live in the noble quarter.

 Fortunately, Alvin, a Commoner turned Nobleman, was given a mansion, including land, from among the documents that Shinji has in his hands. And by relying on the Beltz family, he was able to communicate with the royal castle, which allowed him to move ahead with the talks that would normally take place after the appointment ceremony.

 ”It’s going to be my mansion and party house. Wow, it’s huge! Do we really need a house this big?”

 ”We’ll need more people to manage the house. Akane-san will have a hard time”

 Alvin exclaimed as he peeked at the documents Shinji had in his hand. It was not unreasonable to think that the mansion would have twice as many rooms as the party house they were currently using. It would be impossible for Akane to clean it by herself.

 Akane is also undergoing maid training at the Beltz household to learn how to behave as a full-fledged maid. If she doesn’t learn how to behave in a manner befitting a nobleman, she won’t be able to work in her new home. She has agreed to this, and is rapidly improving her maid skills.

 ”I think I’ll ask Christina to show me around”

 ”That might be a safe bet. Are you sure you want to do this……?”

 Shinji put the document he was holding on the desk.

 The two of them are now in Alvin’s room. The time is after dinner, which is usually the time when they spend time in their rooms or talk with their girlfriends, but not today.

 They are in Alvin’s room waiting for Milis to finish getting ready.

 ”……Oh, please”

 ”All right, if Alvin and Milis are on the same page, I won’t say anymore”

 Alvin nodded gravely, but Shinji could only smile in annoyance. The reason why Shinji was looking at the documents earlier was because he couldn’t stand to wait in silence with both of them.

 Alvin, on the other hand, had a lot of emotions swirling around in his heart: anticipation, anxiety, and excitement. Christina had confessed her feelings to him, but he had yet to respond. Since he couldn’t tell her that he had such a tendency, he felt he had no choice but to say no, but he would be lying if he said he wasn’t attracted to her personality, which was so devoted to taking care of him.

 (Mil even accepted my s*xual preference. Even now…… there’s no way I could ever hope to do this to Christina…….)

 It’s impossible to get married and not have children. Even more so if they are the daughter of a nobleman, they will try to have children for the sake of blood, and if they are the children of a good warrior like Alvin, there is no way they will not want them.

 That’s why Alvin can’t accept Christina.TinniTL

 ”Al-kun, Shinji-san”

 Milis’ voice echoed in the silence that reigned in the room. She opened the door to the room, dressed simply in the same gray long-sleeved pants she had worn for the previous massage.

 ”……I’m ready…….”

 ”Okay, thanks. Mil”

 Alvin stood up as Milis spoke, looking puzzled by the strange silence. Shinji followed, and the three of them went to Milis’s room in an indescribably tense atmosphere.

* * *

 ◇ ◇ ◇

 What was clearly different from the last time the massage was done in Alvin’s room was that the bed was partitioned with a thin white cloth like a curtain.

 Milis said it was embarrassing to be seen directly from the start, so this was a countermeasure.

 When Shinji and Milis start massaging in bed, Alvin is supposed to be on the other side of the curtain. The bed side is light and Alvin’s side is dark, so that the shadow play appears on the curtain and Alvin can intervene immediately if something happens.

 This idea was made by Freri. In addition to the fact that he couldn’t see directly, he suggested that Alvin would be more excited and pleased by the combination of shadow play and voice.

 ”Then, Al,-kun……look at it, okay?”


 From now on, Alvin would be able to see her lasciviousness through the curtains, which made Milis uneasy. She smiles cheerfully and heads for the bed behind the curtain, hoping that her beloved Alvin will do her a favor. Unaware that her mind is filled with the anticipation of pleasure, Alvin watches his lover’s back with a mixture of guilt and anticipation.

 ”So, as per our agreement”

 ”……Yes, please”

 Shinji and Alvin had agreed that there would be no kissing, penetration would be with contraceptives, and there would be nothing that Milis would not like. This is just a kind of “cuckold play” for Alvin. Alvin thought that since he was asking for something out of the ordinary, it was only natural that he would make sure that his girlfriend, Milis, would not be overwhelmed and that Shinji would not ejaculate inside her vagina.

 In fact, he had already been ejaculated on more times than he could count.

 Shinji followed Milis to the bed. If Alvin wanted to stop, this would be his last chance, but he couldn’t finally get Shinji’s back…….

 [Milis, don’t forget to set up that this is your first-time having s*x with me, okay?]

 [Yes…… I know ♡]

 While Shinji and Milis were exchanging these thoughts, they turned on the light near the bed. Then, the light on Alvin’s side went out.tinytranslation.xyz

 With that, the shadows of Shinji and Milis are clearly visible behind the curtain, and Alvin can see them sitting side by side on the bed. They were supposed to be invisible, but because he knew them so well, he could picture them clearly in his mind, even though they were only shadows.

 (This is just a shadow, right……? It’s dangerous)

 The immoral, exciting, and irresistible night was about to begin.

 The eighth part is about to end.

 Finally, in front of Alvin, …….

 I’m planning to end part 8 with this scene and the usual Alvin episode.

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