Wizard 322

Chapter 322 Two People and One People Confirming a Distorted Form of Love・Part Three

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 The sound of the bed creaking echoed through the room. On there, Milis lay on her back while Shinji opened her legs and placed his glans at the entrance to her private parts. Alvin, who was watching in the shadows, could tell from their movement.

 ”I’m going to insert it”

 Milis nodded at Shinji’s words.

 The look on Milis’s face showed that she wanted Shinji’s cock as soon as possible. The entrance to her clit was tingling from the careful foreplay with his fingers, and it seemed as if it was claiming that it could take it any time.

 But Shinji waited for a moment. However, Alvin didn’t stop him, so he thrust his hips forward. Shinji’s p*nis, wearing a contraceptive, occupied Milis’s vagina.

 ”Fuahhhhh ♡ Aahhhh ♡”

 Alvin’s fist clenched as Milis’s debauched voice came out from behind the curtain. Even though it was just a simple penetration, Milis’ sweet voice seemed to show him the difference between him and Shinji.

 ”It went all the way in. It was worth the effort to loosen you up. Does it hurt?”

 ”Haa~… ♡ Haa~… ♡ Nnn… ♡ It’s okay ♡”

 Alvin’s heart fluttered at the interaction as if it was the first time two lovers had s*x. Even though he understands that the words were meant for Milis.

 Jealousy burned in his heart and he continued to watch their intercourse while his love for Milis grew stronger.

 ”Okay? Then I’ll move”

 ”Yes…. ♡ Haa~ ♡ Haa~ ♡ Ah…. ♡ Nnn ♡ Ahhn ♡ Nnn ♡ Kuuh ♡”

 Alvin felt that Milis was reacting completely differently than she did when she had s*x with him. Her voice and breathing, even though Shinji had just inserted inside her, showed that she was really feeling it.

 For Milis, the slow movement of his hips was not enough compared to the fierce ones they did during cheating s*x. However, the feeling of immorality and excitement of being watched by Alvin behind the curtain made the pleasure much greater.

 (I’m ♡ having s*x in front of Al-kun ♡ It feels so good ♡)

 Shinji saw that Milis was trying hard to restrain herself from getting her hands and feet entangled with Shinji’s. And because of so, he smiled wickedly and grabbed her hips with his hands, then spread her hips apart and pushed his hips forward even harder.

 ”Ahhh ♡ It’s deep ♡ No ♡ Don’t do that ♡♡ “


 Milis’s voice sounded even sweeter as her hips pushed against his slow pistoning motion. And there was nothing she could do as the glans pushed up against her vagina, as it had been trained to do during the previous cheating s*x.

 Alvin understands from the shadows that Shinji is working on her vagina. But Alvin can’t help but watch as Shinji develops the unknown areas of her vagina that his p*nis can’t reach and makes her blossom as a woman.

 ”Oh, you seem to be weak here, don’t you?”

 ”Nnnn ♡ Haa~ ♡ Ahh ♡”

 The skillful use of his hips to poke the back of her vagina with a few light thrusts, then back off a little, then thrust harder, with a gradual increase and decrease in strength, grabbed Milis’ attention and wouldn’t let go. It felt so good that she almost forgot that this was a cuckold play.

* * *

 ”I’m cumming ♡ Shinji-san ♡ I’m cumming ♡”

 ”It’s okay. Cum whenever you want”

 ”Ahnn ♡ I’m really cumming ♡ Cumming ♡ Nnnnnn ♡ Ahh ♡ Cummmmmmming ♡”

 Milis was so overwhelmed that she can’t afford to act anymore, and even though it’s in front of Alvin, she repeats the word “cum” in a sloppy way.

 When Milis’s shadow twitches and she lets out a pleasurable moan, Alvin knows without a doubt that Shinji has made her cum.

 (It’s so easy…… I can’t even imitate that kind of blame…….)

 He realized that his lover’s (Milis) pleasure point was deep inside her vagina, and he couldn’t reach it with his own thing. However, seeing this, Alvin quickly undid his pants and underwear.

 His erect p*nis was bigger than ever, and it was filled with pre-cum. It was no wonder that he hated his own tendency to get aroused even after being made to feel so inferior.

 ”Nnn ♡ Shinji-san ♡ I’ve just cum ♡ Ah ♡ By such a cuckcold play ♡ Ah ♡ Nnn ♡ Fuu ♡ Aahh ♡ Ah ♡”

 Even though Milis was still basking in the afterglow, Shinji began to lift her right leg and place it on top of his left leg. The position so called “Matsuba Kuzushi”, where they crossed their legs, allowed them to connect more deeply and pulled Milis into even more pleasure.

 ”I want to cum too, so can you stay with me a little longer?”

 ”Yes ♡ Yes ♡ Ah ♡ This is so good ♡ Shinji-san’s ♡ This is so good ♡”

 Suddenly, Alvin became uneasy so he took a few steps forward as he watched Milis, who seemed to be completely passive and captivated by Shinji.

 Then, Alvin’s hand pulled the curtain open on either side.

 ”Ah…… ♡ Al-kun…… ♡”

 Milis’s face became the face of a slutty female who had been debauched by pleasure, and she stared at Alvin as she took Shinji’s thick p*nis and slurred her words.

 Alvin was fascinated by the sight of Milis, the woman he had dreamed of. Alvin is delighted to see that his girlfriend is still looking at him with affection even though she is in the arms of another man.

 ”Mil, you’re beautiful…… you’re amazingly erotic…….”

 ”I’m happy ♡ Ah ♡ Ah ♡ Shinji-san’s ♡ Big… ♡ Nnn ♡ I’m ♡ I’m ♡ I’m going to cum again ♡”

 Her heart was with Alvin. Her body was with Shinji.

 Milis was filled with happiness and pleasure as she rushed straight to her climax.

 Shinji also excited by the situation of having his lover, Milis, embraced and fucked in front of Alvin. It was only natural that his slamming hips became more powerful, and he began to spurt as he felt the semen welling up from his balls.

 ”Hiii ♡ Ahn ♡ Ah ♡ Ah ♡ It’s so intense… ♡”

 ”I’m going to cum……!”

 ”Ah ♡ I’m cumming too ♡ I’m cumming again ♡ Nnnnnnnnn ♡ Ah ♡ Ahhhhhhh♡”

 Shinji and Milis climaxed at the same time in front of Alvin. Milis shuddered at the sensation of the semen pouring into the contraceptive. The only thing she regrets is that she can’t get the semen directly into her womb, but she never takes her eyes off Alvin.

 Alvin also couldn’t take his eyes off his lover’s climax and just watched.

 The presence of pre-cum spilling from the exposed tip of his p*nis seemed to indicate Alvin’s level of satisfaction.

 Milis finally came in front of Alvin.

 Alvin must have been very happy to see his lover in the state he had dreamed of!

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