Wizard 323

Chapter 323 Two People and One People Confirming a Distorted Form of Love・Part Four

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 After a long ejaculation, Shinji slowly pulled his p*nis out of Milis’ vagina. The contraceptive was full of thick semen, but his cock remained strong even after his ejaculation.

 Alvin’s gaze met Shinji’s and Milis’s as they stared at each other, not to show the difference in vigor between them, but as if it were a matter of course.

 ”Is it Alvin’s turn?”

 ”Oh, no… that’s…”

 Alvin was so excited by his lover’s lasciviousness that he had not considered the next step at all. Moreover, Alvin couldn’t give a clear answer as he was engulfed in the atmosphere of Shinji’s carefree smile, which was different from his usual aloofness.

 But while Shinji was looking into Alvin’s unsettled eyes, he cast a hypnotic spell to induce him to think.

 ”It’s not good to leave Alvin out of the group, right? Milis also wants to be with his boyfriend (Alvin)”

 ”Yes……♡ Al-kun, come here ……♡”

 Shinji deliberately instructed Milis to invite him, and Milis followed suit, extending her hand to Alvin’s. With the lusty atmosphere after the first round, there was no way Alvin could resist Milis’s temptation.

 [Ensure that you make him happy]

 [… ♡ Y-yes… ♡]

 With stagger foot, Alvin approached Milis, and Shinji got off the bed to switch places with Alvin. Then, seeing Alvin take his place between Milis’ legs, Shinji left the bed without saying a word and closed the curtain.

 (Well, take your time. Although I don’t think he’ll ever be able to fill Milis’ body)

 Milis’s body, which until just now had been connected to the best cheating cock in the world, could not possibly be satisfied with Alvin’s cock. So Shinji instructed Milis with a thought.

 ”Ah, kuh, Mil… your inside is so good…”

 ”Haa~ ♡ Ah ♡ Al-kun ♡ Al-kun ♡”

 The pressure inside Milis’s vagina after climaxing was so great that Alvin immediately started screaming in shame, and unlike Shinji, Milis tightened her vagina around Alvin’s moderately sized p*nis to provide her lover with the ultimate pleasure.

 Alvin’s hips shuddered uncontrollably.

 ”Al-kun… ♡ Kiss me ♡”

 ”Mil……, Mil, Hmm”

 ”Chu ♡ Chu ♡ Lick ♡ Slurp ♡ Nmu ♡”

 Milis asks Alvin to kiss her. Despite her cute lover’s request, Alvin is unable to move due to her tongue and vaginal pressure. Milis knows that this is the signal of impending ejaculation.

 (Al-kun ♡ cute…… ♡)

 Milis’s heart warmed when her lover, who was bigger than her in size, made her feel so good.

 Alvin should have the upper hand in missionary position, but it is Milis who takes the lead. Her legs, which are wrapped around Alvin’s waist, move, forcing Alvin to move halfway.

 ”Ugh, Mil, wait, wait a minute… I’m going to…”

 ”It’s fine ♡ Al-kun ♡ Give me lots of cum ♡”

 Milis, who was on fire from her s*x with Shinji, couldn’t stop. She wrapped her arms around Alvin’s neck and tightened her vagina as she hugged him lovingly.

* * *

 Alvin was supposed to be fucking Milis, but before he knew it, it looked like Milis was fucking Alvin.

 There was no way that Alvin could compete with Milis, who had been trained so well by Shinji. However, Alvin is not confused and feels love from Milis’ aggressive attitude towards s*x.

 ”It’s coming!”

 ”Nnn…… ♡ Haa, it’s so warm …… ♡”

 This is the proof of her love, raw s*x and vaginal ejaculation. The way she accepts Alvin’s seed with a happy smile on her face is something that can only be seen with love.

 ”I love you, Al-kun……♡ “

 ”I love you too…”

 After pulling out his p*nis, Alvin lies down next to Milis and they hug each other. If it wasn’t for the fact that Milis had been in Shinji’s arms just before, they would appear to be an ideal lover. After all, they look so happy while whispering their love to each other.

 Now that they have learned to love each other in this twisted way, there is no reason for them to stop.

 Alvin will continue to ask Milis to play “cuckold” for him.

 Though he doesn’t know that his girlfriend and wife Milis’ body has already been cuckolded……

 On the other hand, despite her love for Alvin, Milis will continue to enjoy s*x with Shinji. Because her body is already corrupted…

 [Shinji-san ♡ Al-kun seemed to be very happy ♡ so I’ll ask…… ♡ for the next time ♡]

 [I know, I know, it can’t be helped]

 Milis couldn’t imagine her life without her s*x friend (Shinji).

 The balance of nighttime power between Milis and Alvin has become Milis-chan.


 I think Milis is getting a little too aroused.

 Next up is Alvin’s, as always.

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 I’m planning to continue with part 9.

 I hope you enjoy it.

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