Wizard 325

Chapter 325 At the Unveiling Party

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 In the royal castle of the royal capital <Nord>, a lot of people were gathered in a room. Those gathered in the luxurious hall that symbolized the wealth of the country were the nobles who served the country. In addition, the king, queen and other royalty are also here.

 However, the royalty is not the star of the show today. It’s Alvin, a new member of the nobility. Alvin, who was given the name Wolf by the king, can call himself Alvin-Wolf from this day on, and is the center of attention.

 Meanwhile, Alvin’s party members, Shinji and Renka, stand discreetly side by side against the wall, watching Alvin and Milis.

 Shinji, in a tuxedo, and Renka, in a pale-yellow dress, are arm-in-arm, and it is obvious to all that they are partners. However, none of the nobles approached them because they were commoners, and they were enjoying the royal cuisine with ease.


 The two of them enjoy their meal at a pace that does not make them appear to be overly enthusiastic. Renka’s appearance is so beautiful that it is hard to believe she is a commoner, and although the sons and daughters of the court are looking at her intently, Renka does not care. In addition, Noah-Beltz, the head of the Beltz family, is close to the two, so they can’t do anything about them.

 ”Shouldn’t you guys join him?”

 ”There’s nothing to discuss here”

 Shinji smiles back at Noah, who is smiling wryly.

 Why is Noah with Shinji and the others? Noah, as the head of the Beltz family, should have stayed close by to give the impression that he was close to them after greeting Alvin, but he delegated that role to Christina.

 ”I’m sure Alvin and Milis will be fine with Christina-sama. We also have a celebration when we return”

 After glancing once at Christina, who was standing beside Alvin and Milis, Shinji looked at Noah. Noah’s smile deepened as he saw into Noah’s mind.

 (So he’s not opposed to the idea of Alvin and my daughter getting engaged… and Shinji musn’t be completely unaware of what it means to stick by Alvin’s side in public)

 A noblewoman with a non-family member of the opposite s*x. It’s like a public declaration that they have a special relationship.

 As Alvin continued to greet the various nobles, the music in the room changed. It is an alteration to announce the time of the dance, and Alvin takes the hand of his wife, Milis, and walks to the dance floor.

 Among them, Christina is invited to dance by a nobleman’s son, but she refuses all invitations and moves to the wall. She turns her gaze to Alvin, and it is obvious who she is waiting for.

 (At a party, the first dance is like a public declaration of a good relationship. Well, there was no way Alvin could embarrass Christina-san by waiting without the first dance)

 At a party, it is common for the second wife to wait until the husband and his first wife have finished dancing. After that, the husband and the second wife will perform the first dance.

 Shinji and Renka decided not to dance in advance so as not to attract attention. It was a little disappointing for Renka, but Shinji was satisfied because he did not want Renka to be seen by other noblemen.

 ”You know, if we dance, Renka will definitely make a man fall in love with you”


 Thinking of the red face Shinji showed her when he tried to persuade her, Renka looked into his face. And Shinji who couldn’t stand the embarrassment turned his face away and Renka smiled at him.

* * *

 ◇ ◇ ◇

 (I want some food too…)

 As the dancing starts, Alvin finally has time to look around, and finds Shinji and Renka enjoying a meal in the corner of the party hall. It’s understandable that he feels jealous of the two who are eating such delicious looking food.


 ”Oh, sorry, Mil. I’ll concentrate”

 Milis, who is moving slowly, tilts her head, and Alvin hurriedly returns his gaze to Milis. The two of them, dancing hand in hand, are so well dressed that it’s hard to believe they’ve only just started. However, they are not as good as the aristocrats who are used to dancing, but no one has the tact to point that out.

 ”I understand you want to eat, but…”

 ”It’s unfair that Shinji and Renka are the only ones who eat…”

 Milis was able to read Alvin’s thoughts by looking at his face. Despite the fact that Christina has already told him that she doesn’t have time to eat, the royal palace cuisine is still very appealing to Alvin.

 ”Well… But you have to dance with Christina-san next time”

 ”Yes, I know. I know… But my number one is Mil”

 ”Thanks. Al-kun ♪”

 Until today, Christina has worked very hard for them. It is thanks to her that they are able to dance at the unveiling party after the ceremony.

 And Alvin feels indebted to her. Although marriage is a different matter, it would be a lie to say that he was not attracted to her personality, which he had come to know during his visits to the Beltz family. Nevertheless, Alvin decided not to accept her because of his own propensity, and was about to tell Christina that he could not get engaged, but Milis stopped him.

 Since Alvin was a commoner, Christina did not use her status as a noblewoman to force things, and she was a good person who accepted Milis, a commoner, as his full wife. But without a second wife, there was a possibility that someone would try to take her place, and that person might not be someone who would be as supportive as Christina.

 If Alvin are going to marry a second wife, it is also important to have a good match with his first wife. If Alvin thought that Milis would get along well with Christina, he would think twice about refusing her. This is why Alvin has yet to give Christina an answer about the engagement.

 And when Christina waits for the end of the dance without taking anyone’s hand, they can see that she is serious. But in the middle of the dance, Alvin’s ears heard a voice speaking ill of her, though he could not hear who was speaking in a really low voice.

 [Doesn’t she have any pride as a born noblewoman to give up the position of legal wife to a commoner?‘,’She’s not even engaged yet, but she’s pretending to be his fiancée‘,’It would be ridiculous if he didn’t ask her out. She simply being used]

 Alvin knows that asking her to the dance is like declaring that he has a special relationship with Christina. Still, Alvin couldn’t be so selfish as to leave her in the dark knowing that something bad would happen to her. Milis, too, could see from Christina’s behavior that she was putting Alvin before her nobility, and told Alvin to ask her to the dance.

 With Christina’s act of pride as a noblewoman and Milis’ encouragement, Alvin made up his mind.

 After one dance, Alvin and Milis return to Christina’s place. Then Alvin lets go of Milis’ hand and offers his hand to Christina.

 ”Will you dance for me?”

 ”Yes… Yes, Alvin-san ♡”

 Alvin’s hand and Christina’s hand overlap.

 As the music played to pause for the next dance song, Alvin and Christina went to the dance floor. Christina looks so happy as she takes Alvin’s hand, and Alvin can’t help but be shocked by her pretty smile that doesn’t hide her happiness.

 This is a continuation from the end of Volume 8.

 Party at the palace!

 Shinji and Renka are taking it easy, but Alvin is in trouble.

 Dancing with Christina.

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