Wizard 326

Chapter 326 Moving to the Wolf Residence

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 The day after Alvin’s appointment as an honorary knight and the unveiling party. Alvin and the others were exhausted from the party, but they started to move from the party house to the new place without changing their schedule.

 ”We can leave all the furniture behind, right?”

 ”Yes. I’ll dispose of it all later. After all, this house will remain rented for a while”

 Alvin asks Shinji as they load their personal belongings into the carriage they borrowed from the Beltz family, and Shinji nods as he loads his belongings into the carriage as well.

 At first they had planned to bring the furniture with them to their new home, but Christina had suggested that they buy all new furniture for their new place. So, they hired a furniture vendor from the Beltz family, and the furniture would be brought in this morning. Akane has already gone to the Wolf mansion and asked for instructions on where to place the furniture.

 The furniture to be disposed of will be burned in the garden by Shinji at a later date.

 ”It all happened so fast. I didn’t think I’d be moving out so soon”

 ”Yes… When I realized it, I was already an upper-ranked, and Al was a nobleman. Or should I say Wolf-sama?”

 ”Please don’t do that…! It’s itching…!”

 As Milis mumbles to herself, Renka also loads the luggage into the carriage. She smiles teasingly at him, but Alvin rejects her.

 If the conversation is about status, Alvin and his wife Milis are nobles, while Shinji and Renka are commoners, so they should speak respectfully. However, Alvin and Milis want to talk with their friends as before.

 For this reason, Shinji and Renka have been assigned to live in the new house as guests of the Wolf family. This is an expression of their feeling that their positions are equal. The same is true for Emily, Alvin’s mentor.

 Akane is the only one who is hired by Alvin.

 It was necessary for her to be employed by the Wolf family in order to work as a maid. She learned about housemaids from the Beltz family, and went from being a person dressed as a maid to an official maid.

 Her position was that of head maid of the Wolf family. Although competence is important, Alvin thought that a person who is in charge of organizing people should be entrusted to a person he has known and trusted for a long time.

 ”Just kidding, Al”

 ”Okay, fine. Even if I become a noble, what I do is the same as before. We hunt monsters, we do quests! And climb up to Hateyama!”

 Alvin shouted loudly, full of energy.

 ”But first, we have to make sure that the Wolf family is at least respectable. We need a butler and a housemaid. We’ll need a gatekeeper too… Oh, and we’ll need a carriage for the house”

 When Shinji confronts Alvin with the reality of the situation, he slips into the back of the carriage, hanging his head.

 ”Why don’t you be the butler, Shinji? I’m sure you can handle it”

 ”I don’t want to… Look, it’s all packed up. Milis and Renka won’t fit”

 Shinji also gets in, shoving Alvin, who is talking at the entrance of the loading dock. Even though it was Alvin’s wish, Shinji’s attitude of treating him as before really made Alvin happy.

 ”All right! All right, don’t push me!”

 ”Al-kun. Hurry up!〜♪”

 ”Al! Come on!”

 Milis and Renka climbed into the back of the carriage with the same enthusiasm as Shinji. With such a noisy atmosphere, Alvin felt comfortable and smiled.

* * *

 ◇ ◇ ◇

 The mansion that would become the Wolf residence was a two-story mansion.

 First of all, the land is large.

 It is surrounded by iron bars and a simple, well-kept garden. It was the residence of a noble who had to relinquish his house for some reason, and Alvin and the others could feel that it was more than splendid enough in appearance.

 The first floor of the mansion is quite large, and the second floor is smaller than the first floor, but still has more than enough rooms.

 Immediately after the entrance, there is a hall with a staircase leading to the second floor.

 The second floor is dedicated to the Wolf family, where Alvin, the head of the family, his wife Milis, and their children will live in the future.

 On the north side of the hall, opposite the south side of the entrance hall, there is a complete set of water facilities. There are kitchen, toilet, bath and laundry rooms.

 On the east and west sides of the hall, there are many private rooms.

 Therefore, they decided to use the east side of the hall to house the people who are involved with <Running Wolves>. It contains the private rooms of Shinji, Renka, Emily, and Akane, as well as a safe and a collection of items acquired through adventuring.

 The west side of the hall will be used for the maids and other servants who will be hired in the future. Originally, Akane would have lived here, but considering her past life, Akane decided to live on the east side. Needless to say, Akane was glad not to be left out of the group.

 ”So, let’s get our stuff together!”

 ”All right. I’ll go to the dining room when I’m done”

 Shinji said as he watched Alvin and Milis walk upstairs, and Alvin responded with a wave of his hand. When Shinji and Renka went to the east area, Emily came out from her room.

 ”Both of you! The furniture is already in!”

 Emily greets them with a smiling face, seemingly in a good mood thanks to the new furniture. Emily and Akane had already arrived at the Wolf residence. It’s hard to believe that the furniture vendor of the Beltz family would do anything, but Emily had been sent to support Akane just in case.

 ”Nothing in particular?”

 ”Nothing. They just placed them there and left. It’s just like a noble family”

 Emily nodded in response to Shinji’s question. And it seems that Emily, who was watching the work, was also impressed by the quality of the work, and her expression was satisfied.

 ”Where is Akane?”

 ”Akane is in the kitchen cleaning up the utensils. As I done with my room, then I’m going to help Akane”

 ”Oh, please”

 Waving to Renka, Emily runs quickly down the hallway. Shinji quickly shouted.

 ”Emily! Don’t run!”

 ”Ah, yes~. Sorry, Shinji ♡”

 Running in a nobleman’s house is considered immodest behaviour. As a houseguest, she needs to keep up appearances. But Emily sticks out her tongue and apologizes mockingly, and Shinji sighs when he finds out that she was intentionally offended him.


 ”Because he hasn’t been paying attention to me lately. I won’t run anymore…”

 While Renka calls out her name in a dumbfounded voice, Emily walks lightly to the kitchen. Shinji and Renka looked at each other and laughed.

 ”Well, let’s do what we have to do”

 ”Fufufu, right. Let’s finish this quickly!”

 Then, they went into their respective rooms.

 They’re moving to a new house.

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