Wizard 327

Chapter 327 Tea Party at the Temple

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 The night of the day they moved into the Wolf residence.

 After finishing dinner, Shinji was asked by Goddess Arian to go to the temple. He tells Renka of his plan and, as usual, goes directly to the Miko room.

 What awaited Shinji in the Miko room was Miko Arian and the Evil Priestess that the <Running Wolves> had once captured. Furthermore, the presence of Goddess Arian can be sensed from the Evil Priestess, and the attitude of Miko Arian, who is refraining from standing up to her, shows that Goddess Arian is descending upon the Evil Priestess.

 Shinji’s eyes blinked at the unexpected sight.

 ”Apostle Shinji, you have come. Take a seat”

 ”… Yes”

 Shinji heard Goddess Arian’s words and looked at Miko Arian, who was sitting on a round chair, but she only smiled. Deciding that there was nothing unusual going on, Shinji took his seat quietly.

 Shinji, Miko Arian, and Goddess Arian, who was borrowing the body of the Evil Priestess, were all seated at the same table.

 ”So, what’s the situation? I thought you said that you could only borrow the body of a Miko”

 Shinji takes another look at the Evil Priestess.

 There is no significant change in her appearance.

 Her breasts are as large as Miko Arian’s and her skin is as white as he remembers. Her hair, however, is more shiny than when she was a priestess of the Evil God. Shinji does not know how she was treated after she was hypnotized and handed over to Goddess Arian, but he can imagine that she was not treated badly.

 Her clothes were too extreme to be described as religious clothes worn by sisters. Unlike ordinary nun’s clothes, her skirt was somehow slit at waist level and her thighs could be seen. Most striking of all is the hole in the chest through which the lower breast can be seen. The hole is cut out in the shape of a triangle, and it looks like a hole used in a clothed paizuri (Breastfuck).

 (Isn’t it impossible not to have an insolent thought?)

 It was the height of disrespect to look at a goddess with a lustful gaze, but Shinji felt that it could not be helped. Even though his eyes were drawn to Goddess Arian’s face, Shinji tried his best to keep his thoughts away from her face, so Goddess Arian would not feel uncomfortable.

 ”I have examined this child carefully and found that she has a powerful yorishiro constitution. It is so powerful that I, as a goddess, can borrow it. Perhaps that is why she was chosen as a priestess”

 Goddess Arian continued to speak while gently placing her hand on her chest. Yorishiro constitution is a constitution that can accept another spirit, such as a spirit or a god, into one’s body, and it is a very rare ability. It is an extraordinary ability that overturns the common belief that goddesses can only descend to winged people.

 ”This girl… Yoriko and I had many discussions. As a result, she has come to respect me and become my servant. It is thanks to her that I am able to have tea with my daughter”

 ”I’m so happy… ♪”

 ”I see…”

 Shinji chuckled as Goddess Arian smiled with compassion and Miko Arian smiled with happiness.

* * *

 ”I swear to you that I will not tell anyone about this”

 ”Fufun, it’s a good thing that Apostle Shinji is so talented”

 Shinji couldn’t believe that Goddess Arian would let a being with such a rare ability go unnoticed. For the sake of the world, Shinji thought, Goddess Arian would not hesitate to turn Yoriko into a person who respected her. TinnyTL

 He also understood that her existence and abilities should be kept secret from the Temple. If it became known that there were people with the constitution capable of descending gods, people who thought there were others like them might try to do evil. It occurred to Shinji that the fact that she could descending gods was a dangerous thing, and Goddess Arian read his thoughts and did not deny them.

 ”So, what’s the problem again?”

 ”Let’s enjoy the tea first. I have never had the opportunity to have tea with my daughter and her partner before”

 Goddess Arian was still unwilling to answer Shinji’s question, but instead clapped her hands and Flair appeared with a set of tea preparations. Shinji decided to sit down quietly while Flair hurriedly prepared the tea.

 Goddess Arian was busy, but so far she had only possessed winged daughters, and that was the only way she could appear. The next generation of Miko, the successor to Miko Arian, is still in training, and is in the process of preparing the foundation for Goddess Arian’s descent. To that extent, the phenomenon of goddess descent is not something that can be done casually, originally.

 However, with the presence of Yoriko, it became possible for the first time to descend next to her daughters. This shows how valuable she is, as she is capable of descending the Goddess with almost no practice.

 (Really, Yoriko was a good find …. I must reward the apostle Shinji for capturing her)

 The good smell of Flair’s brewed tea wafted through the air. As Flair served the teacups in front of the three and stood behind Shinji, Goddess Arian opened her mouth.

 ”Now, Apostle Shinji, tell us what happened in the Este City from your own mouth”

 ”Please do… Danna-sama… ♡”

 Shinji had no choice but to talk to Goddess Arian, who sipped her tea with a graceful gesture, and Miko Arian, whose eyes were sparkling and pure as she begged him to talk.

 ”I understand…. Now, in order”

 This is also the work of an apostle, Shinji thought with resignation, and went along with the goddess’ play.

 ◇ ◇ ◇

 ”… And that’s about it”

 When Shinji had finished his story, Goddess Arian nodded her head in satisfaction. Miko Arian, who was standing next to Shinji, listened quietly but with great interest. Shinji was the main speaker, but Miko Arian also asked many questions and it was a fruitful meeting.

 ”Thank you very much… Danna-sama…”

 ”You’re welcome”

 Goddess Arian was very happy to see her daughter and her husband (planned) smiling at each other. It was a pity that this time was already over. However, Goddess’s work would not wait. Unfortunately, Goddess Arian had to leave.

 ”It was a very meaningful time. Apostle Shinji, I appreciate it. As a reward… I’ll leave some magic to Yoriko. You may use it to grow your contracted spirits”

 ”…! Thank you very much”

 Goddess Arian’s suggestion made Shinji very happy. Freri’s growth will be very useful in fighting stronger enemies in the future. It was a blessing in disguise for Shinji that Goddess Arian was willing to make up for his lack of magic power.

 In order to retrieve that magic, the evil priestess… He needs to embrace Yoriko. Last time, Shinji thought that forcing her would make him feel bad, and that would be the only problem.

* * *

 ”I’ve already persuaded Yoriko. Besides…”

 Shinji blinked, and in that instant, Goddess Arian, who had been sitting in her chair, moved to sit next to him. Goddess Arian put her mouth to Shinji’s ear.

 ”Yoriko, who had been living a life without entertainment… She has become a girl who enjoys masturbating with a dildo that resembles your cock”

 She whispered while blowing into his ear. This sent a shiver down his spine, and Shinji hurriedly looked next to her.

 ”~~~~huh, Goddess!!”

 Goddess Arian had already returned to the realm of the gods, leaving behind only the shivering figure of Yoriko, whose white skin had turned bright red. Her face falls down in shame.

 (Where is her defiant attitude she had before? Is this the result of Goddess’s training…!?”

 Her cute attitude makes Shinji reach for her hand, but it’s Miko Arian who takes her hand.

 ”Danna-sama… Yoriko… Come to the bedroom, let’s go… ♡”

 The blush on Miko Arian’s cheeks tells them that she will join in the mating.

 Miko Arian and Yoriko. TinyTL

 It’s hard for Shinji not to get excited at the opportunity to taste two of the richest breasts he’s ever known at the same time.

 ”I understand, Arian-sama. Shinji-sama… I’m looking forward to it ♡”

 Yoriko muttered and raised her face from the floor.

 Her eyes were filled with the fire of lust, and Shinji understood that Goddess Arian’s words were true.

 Next time, a pair of big-breasted Miko Arian and the Evil Priestess….

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