Wizard 328

Chapter 328 Buried by Breasts

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 Miko Arian leads Shinji into the bedroom, with Yoriko following behind him.

 Although she has heard about Shinji’s activities and behaviour from the spirits, it has been more than a month since they have had direct contact, thus Miko Arian who has let go of Shinji’s hand, immediately embraces him from the front. She buries her face in Shinji’s neck, pressing her large breasts against his chest and savouring his soothing scent. Her pure white wings swayed to show her joy as she confirms her future husband was safe after returning from battle.

 Shinji chuckles at the passionate embrace and wraps his arms around her back to hug her, leaving Yoriko to stand helplessly behind them. The three of them were supposed to be having s*x together, but Yoriko is staring at Shinji’s back with a look that tells him she doesn’t know how to do it if they still doing so, and Shinji lightly pats the Miko Arian’s back.

 ”Arian, for now, I need to collect the magic”

 ”But, please pay me a visit later…. ♡”


 Miko Arian gets Shinji’s consent and let go of his body. Then, with her hands on Shinji’s clothes, she called out to Yoriko as well.


 ”Yes. Arian-sama”

 Behind Shinji, Yoriko gets down on her knees and tries to pull down his pants and underwear. But she couldn’t do it well, because it was caught by his cock, which had begun to rise in the embrace of Miko Arian. Yoriko carefully touches the erect cock and succeeds in removing it.

 (This is the real thing… ♡)

 Behind her, Yoriko gropes and plays with Shinji’s cock to make sure it’s real. She felt that the pulsating cock was the same size as the dildo she was used to comfort herself, and that the only difference was the presence of warmth. However, this one element of warmth was enough to raise the anticipation of the real thing in Yoriko’s heart.

 Shinji was the person the former Yoriko would have hated when she still an evil priestess. It’s natural for her to want to kill him after raping her, hypnotizing her, and then handing her over to the Goddess.

 However, Goddess Arian had successfully exploited the gap in her hypnotized mind and turned the object of her faith in the evil god into herself, the Goddess. Moreover, having nothing to cling to and no voice from the heavens to hear, she could not help but be bonded to Goddess Arian.

 Then, she was given a new name, “Yoriko”, and a life where she would never starve as she had been living a desperate life of robbery and deprivation. At the same time, it was a chance for her to remember her human needs.

 With her appetite satisfied and her desire to sleep satisfied, the last thing she wanted to return to was her s*xuality.

 She remembered s*x with Shinji as the most pleasurable experience she had ever had, even though she had the body of succubus. At this point in time, Yoriko has become completely devoted to Goddess Arian, and has come to the realization that being forcibly raped by Shinji was a necessary part of her life. At the same time, she began to think that Shinji was an excellent apostle who served the Goddess, and that she should serve him as well.

 There is no way for Yoriko to realize that these thoughts are due to the imprint of hypnotic magic.

 Furthermore, the Goddess gave her a dildo the size of Shinji’s cock as she masturbated, recalling her forced s*x with Shinji and her continuous climaxes. Therefore, the Goddess adjusted Yoriko’s body and s*xual skills to Shinji’s needs without Shinji’s knowledge.

 And now, Yoriko, who rubs Shinji’s cock with a strangely familiar hand despite the fact that she is touching it for the first time, was born.

* * *

 ”Oh… You’re so good… Oh…”

 Shinji, who was stripped naked by two women, involuntarily jolted his cock. His s*xual appetite was aroused and he reached out to enjoy Miko Arian’s ample breasts in front of him, but Miko Arian gently stopped his hand. Before Shinji could become frustrated, they exchanged a few words.

 ”Danna-sama… Please lie on the bed… ♡ We’ll make you feel good… ♡”

 ”Shinji-sama’s cock are getting big and painful ♡ We’ll soothe you with Shinji-sama’s favorite breast ♡”

 ”If that’s what you want, I understand. I’ll leave it to you two…”

 Shinji lay down on the bed on his back, suppressing his anxieties. On the other hand, Miko Arian sits beside Shinji’s head, and Yoriko sits between his legs.

 Then Miko Arian reveals her own breasts and brings her pink nipples to Shinji’s mouth. Shinji does as he is invited and takes Miko Arian’s plump nipple into his mouth. Miko Arian’s make a sweet noise as Shinji’s tongue moves freely in his mouth, licking her nipples. She also pressed her upper body against Shinji’s face, attempting to calm him with her soft breasts.

 ”Danna-sama… ♡ Ah ♡ Please suck me a lot… ♡ It’s okay to be spoiled…. ♡”

 On the other hand, Yoriko was guiding her erect cock into the open slit underneath her priestess’s bosom. And with a body of succubus, she lets her ample breasts slide down from above, inviting Shinji’s cock into her cleavage.

 Her skin is so smooth and fresh that it gently crushes Shinji’s cock and makes it squirm. The gentle caresses and gentle swaying of the skin quickly began to drive Shinji’s cock over the edge.

 ”Shinji-sama, how do you feel ♡ Ah… right, you can’t talk ♡ but I can tell ♡ because your juices are coming out…♡ It’s lovely and strong ♡”

 This act made Shinji’s face was covered by the large breasts and his cock was wrapped around by other women’s breasts. Miko Arian’s sweet scent was so pleasant that he had no energy to hold back his fire. He was immersed in the pleasure that was being given to him without him having to do anything, or even ask for it.

 (It’s too good… isn’t this what paradise means…)

 Shinji’s hips lifted naturally.

 While fondling Miko Arian’s ass with his right hand, he sucked on her hardened nipples with his mouth, pinched them with his free left hand, and thrust his hips in time with Yoriko’s breasts as they moved up and down.

 ”Danna-sama…♡ Ah ♡ Geez… Nnn ♡ Please release it whenever you like… ♡”

 ”Please any time you want ♡”

 (Kuh… I’m going to cum… )

 With that, Shinji lifted his hips harder than ever. Yoriko who knew this was the signal for ejaculation squeezed his cock from both sides, tightly.

 Tremble ♡ Spurttt ♡ Spurtttt ♡

 The semen spurts out of Yoriko’s cleavage and stains the bosom of her priestess’s uniform. It’s a lot of semen for a single ejaculation, and it’s a sign that Shinji was drowning in her breast.

 After the ejaculation, Yoriko rubs up from the root to the glans while lightly holding it between her breasts so that no semen remains in the urethra.

 (It’s a lot… And the smell… ♡)

 When Yoriko lifts her breasts, Shinji’s cock is released from her cleavage. As she gazed at his trembling, semi-erect cock, the strong male scent coming from deep within his clothes made Yoriko unable to hide her excitement.

 ”Danna-sama… Thank you for your hard work… ♡”

 However, there was no way Shinji, whose vision was blocked by Miko Arian’s breasts, could notice Yoriko’s condition. Then, while pressing her nipples hard and holding Shinji’s gaze, Miko Arian puts her hands on Shinji’s cheeks and starts to kiss his face.

 ”Chu ♡ Nnn ♡ Chu ♡ Chu ♡ Nn~…. ♡”

 After the kiss, Miko Arian moved to straddle Shinji’s body. Thanks to the gentle kiss and the feeling of her breasts pressed against his chest, Shinji’s cock, became fully erect, and the entrance of Miko Arian’s secret place touched each other with a kiss. .

 ”Please cum again… Please just lay and cum inside me… ♡”

 Miko Arian lowered her hips to welcome the cock into her vagina, which was wet from Shinji’s sucking.

 It’s called foreplay.

 Yoriko-chan, who was persuaded by the Goddess, must have been influenced by Stockholm… No, she must have carefully persuaded her.

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