Wizard 331

Chapter 331 Preparation・The Case of Alvin and His Friends

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 After leaving the Wolf mansion, Alvin and Milis visited the Beltz family annex in the <Medio> city. It was an unannounced visit, but since Alvin and Milis had been going to the Beltz house for almost a month to prepare for the honorary knight, and Christina, who was in charge of the residence, had told Alvin and the others to let them through when they arrived, they were led into the house without being stopped by the gatekeeper.

 Alvin and Milis were ushered into the reception room, where they sat side by side on the sofa and waited until Christina was ready. After a few moments of waiting, she appeared with her butler and maid.

 ”Sorry to keep you waiting. Alvin-san, Milis-san”

 ”Good morning. No, we’re the ones who came to you unexpectedly…”

 ”Good morning, Christina-san”

 Christina and Alvin greet each other with smiles as they enter the room. Christina sits down in front of them, and the maids prepare drinks and start serving.

 ”Thank you for your hard work the other day. I’m glad the appointment ceremony and party went off without a hitch. And the dance… it was a delight to dance”

 Christina smiled at Alvin, a smile so happy that a man could not help but admire it, and he felt an indescribable sense of embarrassment.

 ”I had a great time dancing with Al-kun too. I’ve never been to a party like that before…. I greeted a lot of people, but it’s hard to remember everyone’s name and face…”

 Milis spoke in a similarly charming manner. And Alvin became more and more embarrassed, but he was also happy to know that he was being cared for by two attractive women.

 In order not to reveal his feelings, Alvin takes advantage of Milis’ story.

 ”That’s me too…. I was given a list of nobles, but I don’t think I can remember them”

 This story is no stranger to Alvin. Alvin received a list of the names and faces of the heads of the family, but he didn’t think he could remember them all.

 ”Fufu, I had a hard time at first, too. …Alvin-san is now a noble. If you find it difficult to speak, you may speak as you normally do. And, if you don’t mind, you can call me Chris”

 Looking at Alvin, who was on the verge of using the casual tone he usually used with Milis, Christina made up her mind without expressing it. She danced at the party, and thinking that they were getting to know each other, she decided to make a proposal.

 ”…Okay. Thanks, Chris”

 ”You can call me whatever you want, Chris-san”

 Alvin and Milis accepted, and Christina smiled happily.

 ”Thank you, Al-sama, Mil-san…so, what did you come here to discuss today?”

 ”That’s right. I was wondering if you could introduce me to someone who might be interested in working for the Wolf family…”

 As the distance between the three of them grows closer, Alvin tells Christina about the conversation they had just had at the Wolf mansion. She listens silently to Alvin’s story and gives him a nod.

 ”…Yes, I understand. I can introduce you to the maid, the cook, and the gatekeeper. I’m just a little concerned about a few things”

 ”What do you mean? Is there a problem?”

 Christina nodded in response to Alvin’s question.

* * *

 ”It’s about Akane, the head maid. I know that Akane is a serious person. I’ve taught her how to work as a maid, and if she’s going to take the place of the head of the servant, she’s going to be the head of the gatekeeper and the cook”

 Alvin replied in the affirmative. There is no doubt that the current plan is to have Akane head the servants.

 ”Honestly, the emerging house is a very good place of employment for the second and third sons and daughters of nobles who cannot become heirs. An honorary knight is someone whose character and achievements have been recognized by the kingdom, so it’s like an endorsement that they’re a good employer. Now, do you think that a person born into a noble family would be able to work quietly under Akane, a commoner?”

 ”Is it difficult…?”

 Alvin’s feeling is that he wants to leave the house to Akane, who has been managing it for a long time. It was natural for him to want to favor the person who had done a good job so far over a new hire.

 ”I’m sure she’ll do her job well. However, it may be difficult for her to do many things. I’ll try to find the best person possible, but the rest will depend on Akane’s skills”

 ”Hmm… Then I’ll try to find one myself…”

 ”I’ll find the cook for you. The more knowledgeable them about the noble’s favorite cuisine the better…”

 ”Then I’ll find the gatekeeper and gardener. I’ll have to split the maids 50-50 and see how it goes…”

 They discussed and divided the roles. Christina, dreaming of the possibility of marrying into the Wolf family, decides together on the fundamental details of the family.

 (Al-sama…I love you ♡)

 Christina felt happy at the thought of building a family together. Milis was quiet as she watched the conversation progressing at a rapid pace.

 (That’s great… Chris-san is very reliable)

 She regrets that she can’t play a role in Alvin’s life, but she watches over him because her role is different. Because there is a clear distinction between her role to support the adventurers and Christina’s role to support the nobles, Milis is not jealous of her.

 With the fact that she was already treated as his wife, there was no way that Milis would doubt Alvin’s love for her.

 ”Chris-san, please let me know about the invitation”

 ”Of course you can. Then let’s see what’s inside”

 Milis also asked for Christina’s help. She hands her the bundle of letters she brought from the Wolf mansion, and they go through them together.

 Christina doesn’t feel bad about being asked for help. She, too, understands her role and is grateful to Milis for accepting her existence.

 Their feelings seem to be very good, as they are in complete agreement in supporting their loved ones.

 Seeing Milis and Christina discussing in a peaceful atmosphere, Alvin felt relieved.

 Discussions at the Beltz house (daily episode)

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