Wizard 332

Chapter 332 Preparation・The Case of Shinji and His Friends

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 While Alvin and his friends were having a meeting at the Beltz house, Shinji and Renka were visiting a horse breeding farm on the outskirts of <Medio>. The horses were running freely in the fenced-in pasture, which had enough land for them to run.

 ”This is my first visit to a horse breeding ranch”

 ”I’ve only been once before, myself. And it was only on a request”

 As Shinji and the others looked around the site, they saw a number of people busily working on the horses.

 ”Anyway, let’s go to that building over there”


 Shinji and the others went to the wooden building where the rancher was supposed to be. They knocked lightly on the door and when it opened, a welcoming voice came from inside. A slightly fat man comes quickly running up to them.

 ”Welcome. How may I help you?”

 ”I need two horses. I prefer a good looking and strong horse and this one”

 ”Yes, yes, two horses…!”

 Shinji pulled out a piece of paper from his pocket, which was the power of attorney Alvin had given him. When the owner saw the power of attorney stamped with the Wolf family crest featuring a running wolf, his eyes widened.

 Naturally, the information about Alvin, who was published as an honorary knight, also included the Wolf family crest. The owner, who is a merchant, also recognized the newly announced family crest and hurriedly bowed his head.

 ”Thank you for coming! We raise our horses with great care. We hope we can provide you with a horse that meets your expectations!”

 The owner, who thought that the new Wolf family must not have a horse farm of their own yet, was eager not to miss this opportunity, and Shinji and Renka couldn’t help but laugh at the owner’s change of pace.

 (I guess nobles are different…)

 The shopkeeper, who was humble to Shinji and Renka, walked them out of the building and asked them many questions as they walked around the ranch.

 ”So, there’s no particular fur color to choose. Then, I will select the best horse from the horses this evening. Please come back tomorrow and check on the horses”


 While Renka was looking around the magnificent and peaceful ranch, Shinji and the owner came to an agreement, and the owner bowed deeply before leaving. While watching his back, Renka takes Shinji’s hand.

 ”Thanks for the hard work, Shinji. Hey, since we’re here, why don’t we take the long way home? After all, the only time I ever come to the suburbs is when I’m training”

 ”Sounds good. We always go on dates in the city. Since we’re done with the errands requested, let’s walk home slowly”


 Shinji and Renka held hands as they left the ranch.

 ◇ ◇ ◇

 ”It’s been a while since I’ve taken a long walk in the suburbs…”

 ”I’ve been so busy the past month…”

 The members of <Running Wolves> were busy with preparations for the honorary Knight appointment ceremony and the launch of the Wolf family. Their activities as adventurers had been kept to a minimum, and they had only been able to train to the extent that their bodies did not become dull, but now that they had completed all the events, they were beginning to feel relaxed.

* * *

 ”It must be hard for both Al and Mil. Besides getting the horses, what else did we have to do?”

 ”I don’t think we have any more, do we? It’s Alvin’s job to hire people and stuff…. So we should be ready to get back into adventuring”

 The two of them walked slowly, hand in hand, talking. In the midst of this peaceful atmosphere, Shinji suddenly received a thought from Freri.

 [Shinji, summon me too]

 The nature-rich suburbs are a comfortable place for Freri, the spirit of the flower. So, he understands that Freri wants to be summoned, and he decides to ask Renka, who is walking next to him.

 ”Renka, Freri wants me to summon her… can I?”

 ”Sure, why not?”

 ”Thanks. She likes nature… sometimes she needs a breather”

 Shinji summons Freri. A magic circle unfolds on the ground as usual, and Freri appears… but…

 ”Uh…Freri, is it?”

 It was no wonder that Renka couldn’t help but mutter, for Freri had grown even more after taking in the magical power that Shinji had been given by the Goddess.

 Her youthfulness was gone, and Renka could feel the mysterious impression of a bewitching beauty. Her breasts, which were about the same size as Milis’, had grown considerably, to a level comparable to Milis’. She was still wearing a white one-piece dress, so the cleavage of her breasts could be seen.

 The tail that stretches from her well-fleshed ass is a sign of her succubus blood, and Freri does not hide it in front of Renka, who knows everything about her. This shows that she has trusted Renka with her heart.

 Although she still has a strong succubus presence, she has grown into a high-ranking spirit. She was very proud of herself, as if to say.

 ”Well… you look different. As expected from a family, there’s a hint of aunt in your face”

 In contrast to the stunned Renka, Shinji nodded his head repeatedly in agreement. Freri’s face reminded Shinji of Freri’s mother, and her large breasts also reminded him of her mother, which made him feel nostalgic.

 ”I’m surprised at how much you’ve grown all of a sudden…”

 ”It’s thanks to a reward from the Goddess. I’m glad we were able to increase our strength before Hateyama”

 After showing Shinji and Renka his new form, Freri began to wander off towards the wild flowers, not intending to disturb Shinji and the others, but simply wanting to commune with nature.

 ”Hey, Shinji, can you come to my hometown with me after we climb the Hateyama?”

 ”I wonder who Renka looks more like, her father or her mother?”

 ”Hmm, you’ll have to meet them to find out”

 Renka had avoided the topic of her parents’ home because she had learned about the difficult situation she had been in when she was a child, but after hearing about Freri’s parents, she thought it would be okay to talk about her own parents.

 In fact, there was no problem talking to Shinji about it, and Renka was able to promise to introduce him to her parents, smiling happily.

 ”Well, we better get back to Wolf’s mansion before it gets too late. Freri! We’ll be back, let me know when you’re satisfied!”


 Leaving Freri lying on the ground and playing with the flowers, Shinji leads Renka by the hand back to the Wolf mansion.

 The story moves forward in its daily cycle.

 Finally, Freri becomes a high-ranking spirit.

 She is now on the same level as Flair.

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